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20 ways to make your best friend's day

Just ‘cause your BFF’s birthday was six months ago doesn’t mean you can’t shower her with bestie love. Show your best girl how much you care…
43 Comments | Add Yours

These are awesome ideas!

by puppylover1152 on 5/24/2011 6:18:06 PM


these things are weird... i am LOOKING at this with my bestie and she also thinks its weird and thinks it would be weird if i did these things to her

by bubblepower129 on 5/24/2011 5:59:42 PM


Hey You guys! Growing up? confused about boys? No worries! I have all the answers! Nothing is too personal. You can ask me anything from tampons to cookies to your major crush to school! I will reply ASAP(:

by melaniegrace<3 on 5/24/2011 5:19:08 PM


~If she doesn't have lunch money, offer to buy her lunch or surprise her by buying her her favorite snack.
~If she's not doing so well in a class, offer to help her study and explain to her what you're learning.
These are some things I do for my best friend..

by bublz714 on 5/24/2011 5:13:04 PM


I love the part at the beginning when it says "Just ‘cause your BFF’s birthday was six months ago doesn’t mean you can’t shower her with bestie love" bestie's birthday was today! I can't wait to use these!

by mzoffer on 5/24/2011 5:10:19 PM


I not really close to my friends, I say hi to them in person and we will joke around, then we'd leave and go say hi to other friends who we don't have classes with. Rarely would any of my friends and I go over to each others houses. I had a fight with my best friend.Frown We made up, kind of. Then she got mad because I avoided her the day before we made up because that was my last day at her school. I don't have her number anymore and we aren't friends on facebook. Another friend I tried calling her but her father picked up the phone and jumbled on about how she wasn't hear and he said that in some English, gibberish, and Spanish. I'm too scared to call again, he said something about Mexico and shes gone away so...My friend Meagan is a horrible at texting we kind of lost contact. I'm too shy to contact a lot of people. The only person I can contact I really don't like. Who else has this similar problem? Bored out of their mind, their summers killed. Comment on my profile.

by thetruth on 5/24/2011 5:07:52 PM


These are so cute ideas<3

by michipie205 on 5/24/2011 4:36:27 PM


mod mod mod
i just found out that my friend was diagnosed with depression. She used to be soo happy but lately she has had no confidence and cries herself to sleep every night. to make it worse all the guys in our grade hate her and constantly trash her along with most of the girls. what can i do?


Hey girlie! It's really great that you wanna help out your friend. The best thing you can do is to just always be there for her -- stand up for her if she's being bullied, sit with her at lunch, call her up at night to check on her. If would be great if you could take her mind off everything in her life that makes her even more sad. Take her to the movies to see that movie she's been raving about or invite her over for a sleepover if she doesn't feel like going to a party with the rest of your friends. Good luck!

Katie B.

by mrslautner2016 on 5/24/2011 3:57:25 PM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
My friend is always bragging about modeling and its getting annoying. Today she was talking about how she went to a 3 day runway show and they made her the star and she got to lead everybody out. She was also talking about how much money she made which kinda made me mad because i can't get money like she can. also was talking about how she got a $1,000 hair cut free from some British guy. Its all true just annoying how she tells literally every person she sees. should i say something or let her just keep bragging? and im also kinda jealous, she hates modeling. she has told me so many times. but id love to model. im just not tall enough for them.


Hey girlie!

 It sounds like this is not the kind of girl that you should spend time with -- she sounds very egotistical and materialistic and those are not the types of people that are fun to be around. She might not realize how much she is bragging, so you could try politely telling her that sometimes she talks about herself a little too much (make sure to be extra nice and to not come off like you're better than her!) Good luck!

Katie B.

by wednesday1408 on 5/24/2011 2:24:03 PM


No haha thanks for the answer but we have to write a note to each of them, I needed to know what I could write?
Sorry about the previous question, I didn't word it right!

Hey girlie! I would make sure to write about specific memories that you have with each of your friends because you will love to read about them when you get older! You could also write about how much each of them means to you, and what you love about them. Have fun!
Katie B.

by Butterflynom on 5/24/2011 1:59:59 PM

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