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4 fab smoothies to keep you cool this summer

Ditch the sugary lemonade or fat-laden ice cream and whip up some sweet smoothies.
25 Comments | Add Yours

OMG all those sound so goooooood!!!!!!!! I'm gonna have to try them out first chance I get.

by Hale Luver on 6/22/2011 8:36:10 PM


MOD MOD MOD Smile Is Capri Sun good for you? Sorry, off topic, but fruit smoothies got me wondering about fruit juices, and Capri Sun (fruit punch) is a fruity drink. 

Hey! It probably has a lot of sugar in it, real fruit juice is better for ya Smile  
Helen S.

by GLS004 on 6/22/2011 6:21:58 PM


Yumm!! Exactly what I have been looking forSmile

by Swim_chick101 on 6/10/2011 9:34:59 PM


try this: 1.5 cups raspberries, juice from one lemon, juice from 1 lime, 1 cup milk, 3 ice cubes, 1 banana. YUM!

by janerbuy on 6/7/2011 5:46:53 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD I dont know what is wrong with me! I am 5'3 and was 113 pounds and am now 117 in the course of two weeks. i have already had my period for several years. I excersize and do heavy cardio 3 times a week (tae Kwon do) as well as atleast 100 squats OR 100 leg lifts a day... i may not eat the best at all. i have high metabolism so i eat whatver i want. then suddenlly i gained and am 117. i have fat on my upper thighs and hips only. ONLY!!! i dont know waht happened. maybe my metabolism decreased. nothing is working even extra excersize. maybe im just growing but why cant i lose it. I DONT WANT HIPSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! i want my body back. none of my friends have this extra flab. PLEASE HELP


Hey girly, well four pounds isn't bad, and is probably only noticable to you, so don't fret. Since you work out so much those four pounds could be muscle forming. Keep eating healthy and working out, and see what happens in another two weeks. Smile

LYnae P.

by sayali123 on 6/4/2011 6:19:46 PM


I Love smoothies but they always take a long time to make- find the blender, slice the fruit, measure the ingredients, knowing what button to press, and cleanup! Ugh so much work for some thing so delicious!

by Scooby239 on 6/2/2011 8:54:57 PM


YumSmile especially the last 2!! If anyone needs advice, go to my profile!!!! I can help girlys:}

by Shorty33 on 5/31/2011 8:06:39 AM


Hey girls! if u need advice about family or friend problems, know that i can help u!! n also if ur getting mixed feelings about a guy or something! im also hear! u can visit my club called "ask kat"!! (:

by katv2114 on 5/30/2011 9:41:01 PM


I have a sister who is 11 years older than me, and have last seen when I was eight. Everyone's saying I'm taller than her, and I'm not sure how she feels about it. Should I make myself appear shorter? And if so, what should I wear?


Hey girl! I don't think there is any reason to make yourself seem shorter. Be comfortable in your own skin and don't worry about making her feel taller. 

Chelsea B.

by LittleMissBubbly on 5/30/2011 1:36:58 AM


I was looking for this post and it was really hard to find. In the future, where can I find this post because it wasn't in recipes

Hey girlie -- I typically use keywords  that relate to what I'm looking for in the search box Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by schodiegirl12123 on 5/28/2011 11:44:18 AM


I love smoothies but they can be fattening if you use the wrong yogurt. Some yogurt is really fattening, so not all smoothies are super healthy, but they all taste so good no matter what!

by luckykel on 5/27/2011 10:22:28 PM


MODMODMOD I usually drink Yoplait Smoothies. They come in a package and have frozen fruits and yogurt bits. You put them in a blender with a cup of milk and there's your smoothie. One package makes 2 full cups. My question is, are Yoplait smoothies more fattening than these? Can you please tell me? And I'd like to make a Strawberry-Banana smoothie like these. Got any tips?

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! ♥, Your Blog Patrol Babes 
Alyssa B.

by Faith265 on 5/26/2011 8:42:24 PM


omygoshness these looook so good!! im goin 2 the blender right now 2 try them!!

by Margo J. on 5/25/2011 6:02:21 PM


At all the water parks are amusement parks,I'm afraid too go on almost all the rides. My mom will force me until I cry sometimes! What should I do? Soon I won't be able to go in the kiddie sections.

Hey girlie. Rides aren't for everyone. Talk to your mom about it because you shouldn't have to go on rides if they make you feel uncomfortable!  
Marly Z.

by MadMaddie911 on 5/25/2011 5:39:37 PM


how come it takes a while 4 a comment to show up?

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 5/25/2011 4:31:28 PM


gonna go visit my grandparents in the summer and we get 2 go swimming in the lake. CANT WAIT 4 SSUUUMMMMMEEEEERRRRRR!!!! (P.S im also gonna try 1 of these smoothies too. they look soo yum. mmmmm!)

by DaNcInGQu33N9812 on 5/25/2011 4:29:49 PM


Hey chicas, if you love horses you should join the Horse Luvers club. You will find thing for english and western riders and learn about cool thing about and to do with horses.

by littlemissy226 on 5/25/2011 4:05:11 PM


Yumyum!!!I might feature one of these recipes in my club foodloversunite! which you should totally join if you love food!

by baconlvr711 on 5/25/2011 2:52:47 PM


MOD- My half-sister (she's 30) is getting married in 2012. Her boyfriend engaged to her in November of last year. My sister lives in California with my other half-sister, and I live in Arkansas. We only keep up on facebook. She visited in April of 2010 for a couple of days, but before that, it had been 9 years since I'd seen her. Never the less, we have still kept up in the past through email and things, so although we aren't super close, we do still keep in touch. I'll be 16 when the wedding rolls around, and I'd really like for my sister to ask me to be a bridesmaid. We haven't talked about her wedding, (in fact, it's been quite a while since we've talked), but I know she's already planning. Do you think I should be offended if I'm not asked? I mean, I know that I live far away from her, but I WILL be there during the time of the wedding, and I somehow managed to be a flowergirl in my other half-sister's wedding. How does this stuff work? Thanks for your help!

Hey girly,

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do in this situation. Your half-sis is ultimately the one who will pick who she wants as her bridesmaids. There is a good chance that you will be in that group, but if you aren't, don't be offended. It doesn't completely have to do with the strength of your relationship. It might have to do with the number of people that she wants, or maybe she has a specific connection between herself and all of the bridesmaids (ex. maybe they were all her group of friends in high school.) If she doesn't pick you, don't get angry at her or show your dissapointment, just understand that this is her day. No matter what your role is, just do your best to help make her wedding really special.

Good Luck!

Catie C.

by jen on 5/25/2011 2:32:17 PM


OMGGGG! THey sound sssoooo good dont you think??? CANT WAIT 4 SUMMERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join my clubs people!! thanx!!! cant wait to tri them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me LUCK with them ssssssssooooooo want them now cant wait 2 c who wins DWTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by May9 on 5/25/2011 12:10:46 AM


yummmm!These look great!

by rainbowsparkle98 on 5/24/2011 7:56:09 PM


If tomatoes are fruit, and smoothies are blended fruit, then isn't ketchup a smoothie?

by purplepeople on 5/24/2011 7:51:34 PM


Yummy! I have a smoothie obsession right now! They are sooo yummy but healthy!

by puppylover1152 on 5/24/2011 6:16:59 PM


Hey You guys! Growing up? confused about boys? No worries! I have all the answers! Nothing is too personal. You can ask me anything from tampons to cookies to your major crush to school! I will reply ASAP(:

by melaniegrace<3 on 5/24/2011 5:17:06 PM


yumm! i lovee smoothies! they are sweet but healthy! first comment?

check out my profile!

by mrslautner2016 on 5/24/2011 4:12:45 PM

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