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5 summer hair tricks you gotta try

Wrangle that mane! Here’s how to make your hair look totally amazing (and frizz free!) for the entire season.
65 Comments | Add Yours

I can't bring an entire bottle of conditioner to the beach. That'll be ridiculous.
4/5 still pretty good
Btw about that Snooki reference, I'd never want to look like her. I actually think her whole image is photoshopped.

by peppercyndaquil13 on 8/12/2012 10:16:52 PM


im DEFFENETLY freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay so here it goes, my hair used to be medium - dark brown but before school starts, i decided i wanted , very fine,small , honey colourd highlights through it.BAD IDEA!!!!!!!! my grandmother did it for me at home cause it was gonna cost 95$ at the salon. But she COMPLETLY RUINED my hair!!!! im SO upset now cause the bleach came out REALLY bleach blond and to make it worse, she put it on too much of my hair so now the whole top of my head is BLEACH BLOND!!!!!! i HATE it!!!! ill put it this way, instead of my hair being my natural medium-dark brown, it looks like im a dirty blond color except the blond in it is SUPER bleachy blond!!!!!!!!!! I dont know what to do caus i absolutly HATE my hair cause now i litterally look like im wearing a witches wig!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!Cry

Hey girlie,

Yikes! Sounds like a major hair nightmare. The best way to fix this, honestly, is to go get it professionally taken care of. I know it may be pricey, but it's worth it to do damage control. The stylists will know what they are doing and can get your hair back to normal. Good luck! 
Kelly G.

by katiegurll;) on 8/1/2012 8:41:07 AM


I have curly hair and the shine serum works wonders! Its awesome!!!!!

by hamsterfiasco on 8/3/2011 3:47:42 PM


MOD i put sun in on my hair and i have medium brown hair and i was unsmart and put it on the top of my head too so the top of my hair is a light brownish reddish so my hairs staring to grow out so it looks like i dyed it and my roots look bad and i really didnt dye it. My mom said i might be able to get a hair color kit thing from like target or walmart that is closest to my hair color. Is that a bad idea or is there anything else that i can do? ThanksSmile



Hey girl. Sun in bleaches out your hair, so coloring is a good idea. Have someone help you dye your hair. I would suggest going to a stylist. It sounds like it might be a lil difficult to do yourself.

mary h.

by FigureSkater08 on 7/27/2011 9:57:14 AM


MOD MOD MOD. i need like a new hair style. My hair is a little longer than my shoulders. with side bangs. but its straight as straight can get and REALLY had to curl. I have looked on youtube for hair tutorials and most of them are like with a curling iron. i think those are really cute but my hair wont let me curl. and i pull my bangs back in the middle, braid them, twist them to the side, and pull them to the side but i want something different. Any ideas? thank you so much in advance. Smile


Hey chica, some simple changes you could try are hair accesories, like sparkly clips or headbands, and switching up your part (like, to the side if you usually keep it in the middle).  You might also consider asking the person who cuts your hair if they can show ya how to curl it.  They might know the best way to do it for your hair type! 

Marie H.

by treehugger15 on 7/22/2011 11:52:42 PM


@Pinkie Boo... I use that everyday and it smells wicked good and definatly strengthens your hair (:

by megrocks7392 on 7/22/2011 11:56:52 AM


im totally going to get the comb and the shine syrum

by jblover257 on 7/22/2011 9:30:07 AM


I'm totally trying the first one.

by PinkieBoo on 7/19/2011 11:57:45 AM


i have slightly below shoulder length hair (about 1/2 inch above shoulder) and have lots of layers and thick side bangs. GL almost never posts any hairstyles that i can actually make with my hair. could you please put more things in this website and in your magazine too that people with short hair can do? also do you have any cute ideas of things that i can do with my hair? i have trouble thinking up things to do sometimes (beside stuff like using clips) i put it in a ponytail sometimes but thats about it... please help! thanks.

Hey girlie,

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll definitely take it into consideration when writing our future articles. As for mixing up your look, don't underestimate the power of accessories. Clips are great, but you can also try headbands and headscarves to dress things up! Use a pomade on the ends of your hair to give yourself a more piecey, edgy style. Or try giving yourself a braid headband or a couple skinny braids to frame your face for total boho chic Smile
Lauren C.

by Closetfashiondesigner on 7/18/2011 6:15:18 PM


Please help! I'm going to a pool party tonight and don't know how to wear my hair! My hair gets really messy and out of control in a ponytail or down and I can't stand it! Do you have any cute styles that won't look horrible when I get out of the water? Thanks!!

Helen S.

by abm25 on 7/15/2011 2:07:01 PM

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