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The scoop on body shapes

Can’t tell if you’re a pair or an apple? Read on for the 411…
119 Comments | Add Yours

yea go rulers, i'm definitely one of them haha... Smile

by MusikRox1999 on 8/31/2011 2:08:20 AM


oh,cool MOD,,,i want to say first that if you see something bad or bad written comments is because my first language is Spanish,,so Im still learning English,,,can you belive me that like 4 years ago i was telling my guy friends to shout because they were talking in english,,but just because i didnt know eEnglish..? now i like it more and thanks to an awesome teacher I began reading mags in english,,,Smile... now im trying to help one of my BFF to learn 2 Laughing

Your English is great! Don't worry Smile Reading the articles on this site and answering with your comments is a great way to test out your language skills too!
Lauren C.

by kraCy 4 TaylorLautner xD on 8/26/2011 8:24:19 PM


oh sorry for the posting my weight,,im new around here 'Smile

No prob babe, I totally understand. Welcome!! ;) 
Lauren C.

by kraCy 4 TaylorLautner xD on 8/26/2011 8:19:57 PM


rrrr why do u girls post ''MOD mod''?? im new at this

"MOD" means! It's me and a whole team of older girls who are here to approve your comments, delete vulgar/offensive language, make sure you don't share too much personal info so you stay safe, and also answer any advice questions you have Smile  "MOD" gets our attention!
Lauren C.

by kraCy 4 TaylorLautner xD on 8/26/2011 8:17:04 PM


oh cool,,,so would you help me? im kind of skinny but with some curves,i have a little butt but im not flat, in the bra size im 32B or something like that<(i sometimes feel they are big,my boobs),, my height is 5'2 and my weight is 109 pounds near to 110 Smile and i have 14 years

Hey girl,

You sound like an hourglass to me Smile And please don't post your weight around GL... it makes it too easy for girls to compare themselves, which isn't healthy! 
Lauren C.

by kraCy 4 TaylorLautner xD on 8/26/2011 8:16:02 PM


wiiiiiiiiii! finally I found a page that can help to see what kind of body is mine

by kraCy 4 TaylorLautner xD on 8/26/2011 8:11:36 PM


as soon as possible plz Smile
what am i? ok im eleven and i wiegh 150, my hieght us around 5'6'-5'7', i have size b36 boobs and sorta big butt. ??

Hey! I'm sorry, I don't think I understand your question, what do you mean by, "what am i"? 
Helen S.

by kristadakota on 8/17/2011 8:26:43 PM


**MOD MOD** Would 34 inch bust, 24 inch waist, and 36 inch hips be pear or hourglass? I don't think I'm done "growing" if you know what I mean. Smile Thanks!


Not positive, but it sounds like hourglass to me!  xoxo

Marie H.

by livi23 on 8/13/2011 2:54:51 PM


can u help me figure out which shape i am? my shoulders are the widest part of me, then my bust is several inches smaller. around my stomach kinds curves in then my hips r like the same as my bust. then my thighs r kinda wide too, but then the rest of my legs kinda curve back in if that makes sense. is this an hourglass? does weight matter in this? cuz im a lil overweight if that makes a difference....

Hey girl,

 Yes, it sounds like you're an hourglass. x0x0
Casey L.

by briblue3 on 8/10/2011 2:32:11 PM


mod mod MOD moD ok so i had my first kiss when i was in preschool and all through my life i've been kissing boys but either they tricked me or i got dare none of them have been thruthful do you think that i could clean my slate and start over or no thx mod

 Hey girl,

You can definitely clean your slate and start fresh. Just try not to revert back to your old ways, and move forward! x0x0
Casey L.

by watsmyuser on 8/9/2011 1:16:55 PM

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