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5 rules for a fab room

Wanna take your room from blah to brilliant? Read on, babe!
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MOD! i am 100% sure i want to break up with him, i just don't know how to without really hurting him, any suggestions?

Tell him that you care about him, but would like to go back to being friends.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by geckocrazy123 on 6/7/2011 8:58:13 PM


MOD! my boyfriend who lives in a different state than me is way too clingy and wants to talk to me 24/7 he has a bad home life and uses my love to fill in for his neglect. i cant take his clingyness anymore and i dont know how to cut it off nicely? but im 100% sure i don't want to be with him anymore please help!!! 

Hey girlie--you need to figure out how you feel 100% before you make any serious decision.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by geckocrazy123 on 6/7/2011 8:38:52 PM


you guys always give us ideas for these "fab rooms" but these are way too high priced and totally far off from reality. is there any way you can tell us where to get the best deals. it isn't exactly like sponsering, it is helping us, which is what a mod does, isn't it?

Hey girlie--the mods don't write the articles, so we aren't in control of what's written on the site. We simply make sure that the girls' comments are appropriate and safe and answer questions.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by riel5 on 6/7/2011 8:30:53 PM


Hey! What are some cute ways for a guy to notice you or to impress him. I like this guy but I don't want to come off too, too sweet or obnoxious. Thanks!!

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by treble_clef998 on 6/7/2011 7:34:34 PM


my room is like beach themed. not hawaiian, but like a california beach themed Smile

by oceanlover69 on 6/7/2011 7:27:31 PM


im Dr. Sam i am like doctor phil but im a girl and i focus on tweens and teens come join my club
its called Dr.Sam Laughing
i give advice on......
elementary school
middle school
family issues
and much much more
come check me out Smile

by sammy8550 on 6/7/2011 6:49:20 PM


ahackbardt - Awsome! Mind if I use that idea for a bed? That's so cool! Were thiknig about re-doing my room. Great time to put this forum up!

by Cra-Z-Brunette on 6/7/2011 6:12:31 PM


For my room, I use this really cool Victorian looking design on sheets and my lamp. But I think the secret of my room looking kinda big is my bed.
My dad built it with three drawers on each side, book shelves in the headboard, and some small cubbies at the foot of the bed. I stuff all of my books, video games, art-stuff, and random trinkets in them and viola~ no clutter and instant space!!

by ahackbardt on 6/7/2011 6:02:16 PM


the room in the pic is sickk Smile , my room is hot pink with a yellow strip at the top and all my furniture is white and i have picture frames of me and my friends and my comforter is thaaa bomb

by Maddyrox92 on 6/7/2011 4:49:11 PM


3 words... Colourful, neat and YOU!

by juicyglitt27 on 6/7/2011 4:38:39 PM

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