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Help me tame a mean li'l sis

My sister has turned into a monster. How can I get my sweet baby sis back?
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<3 Jamie (IAGT Prez)

by proarchergal42 on 9/11/2011 12:37:22 PM


MOD Ok, so my lil' sis is 5, but super mean to me!! And she's stubborn, which makes everything worse..... and she can also be sweet at one moment, but when she doesn't get what she wants, she turns sour!! Help!


Hey chica, sounds like someone is spoiled lol.  Since your parents have to discipline her, I would tell them. Let them know how stubborn and mean she acts. Hope this helps ya! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Sheyenne on 9/7/2011 5:37:33 PM


mod mod mod
my lil sis is driving me crazy! and i want to calm down before school starts what can i do to help de-stress my self

Hey girl,

Sometimes the only cure for people buggin' ya is to shut yourself away for a little. Take some "you" time - go into the bathroom, take a bath, give yourself a facial, paint your nails, then go into your room and read some magazines, a book, or just relax with your eyes closed. You just need some time away so you can calm down - and then you'll be able to tolerate her a little better Smile 
Lauren C.

by windheart13 on 8/26/2011 5:14:20 PM


Mod!!!!! My mom and brothers (2) are always making fun of me, and telling me that i'm fat and bratty and spoiled, and it's really starting to bug me, i've tried talking to them but they just made fun of me more, and my dad's usually out of town. The worst part is, sometimes my brothers hit me, and sit on me, they won't stop and it's leaving bruises and people are starting to ask why, but i don't want to tell them. HELP!!!


Hey girl, try talking to them again. If that doesn't help, go to another adult and talk to them, like a teacher, counselor, or neighbor.

Tory N.

by lindseyd9 on 8/24/2011 4:04:58 PM


Mod mod mod
I was the last child born (by a long shot. Both of my sisters r mid-twenties and my brothers are late twenties) im tired of my parents always saying that when there not there my brothes and sister are in charge its anoying. Im thirteen and its just not easy for me bcuz they always boss me around and talk down to me and whenever i tell them to stop they get realy mean and im tired of feeling like the youngest (even though i am lol) i wish they could just feel how i feel. How do i deal?

Hey girlie,

My mom was the youngest in her fam too by a long shot, so she always felt ganged up on or talked down to by her older bros too. The funny thing is that they're really close - practically best friends - now! It's just because the age difference seems huge at this point. Think about it: it's normal for any teen to push the boundaries and resist authority, while it's normal for any twenty-something to want to be in control and prove they're mature and "adult" as well. You're butting heads because of the ages you are.

Until you've both gotten a bit older, try to be the bigger person in this situation: try to respect them when they're "in charge" because your parents are just doing it to know you're safe - it's not that they don't trust you, but they just want you to stay safe while they're away. To avoid them bossing you around, do what you're supposed to do the first time without making them ask you again. If they talk down to you, calmly tell them you're old enough to understand what they're saying, then walk away before any kind of fight or tension builds. Remember those words: walk away. It's so much better to stay calm, friendly, and peaceful while mom and dad comes home. And plus, a good report from your bro/sis will help mom and dad trust you even more <33
Lauren C.

by watergal47 on 7/25/2011 11:30:24 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! I have a 5 yr old sis. Im 13 and ive watched her like all summer. And my parent just got me a new phone. Cause they feel bad they dont pay me and i DO a lot around the house. But then last night my mom told me to do all this stuff and i dont even remeber all of it. And me and my mom fought last night and she ended up hitting me. And i dont know if its me feeling sorrry for myself or what but i hate it because i never get to do anything. And my sis never listens to me. She is rude and yells at me.And one day say told me i wish you were my mom. I bit myself a few years back and the other day i was thinking about cutting myself(but i could NEVER do it). Im just really depressed latly and i dont feel like anyone understands. Like my parents say pple have it a lot worse than i do but its hard because im stuck inside all day and i feel like i have it hard to. Idk know what im lookin for but MOD MOD PLEASE HELP ASAP!!

hey! you're just feeling unappreciated, you need to take some you time to calm down ad re-focus Smile 
Helen S.

by ellen11 on 7/22/2011 6:52:53 PM


My little sister is 10 and acts like she is 6! I'm not kidding! If she doesn't get what she wants or someone says no to her she starts crying! She is going into grade 6 this year and still only wears tights with dresses or skirts. I know everyone grows up at their own pace but it really bothers me when she tells on me for doing nothing and I get in trouble. Whenever I'm with my Boyfriend she follows us EVERYWHERE! I've tried explaining to her how it's bothering me but she just starts yelling at ME! I include as much as I can in my life but nothing works. Every time I bring it up with my parents they also yell at me.What can I do to stop this?

Hey babe! That's a really tough one. You're right though, everyone grows up at his or her own pace. I don't get why your parents aren't more understanding though. Maybe you can help your little sis by taking her shopping. It could be a great bonding experience and you can teach her all about what's in fashion, not just skirts and dresses, which are obviously adorable if done correctly. Try to help her and if this doesn't work, spend less time at home. I'm not kidding, if you're around her less often you'll be able to take her annoying habits while you're around. She may just be one of those people who you can only handle in small doses. She's your sister though, always remember that, you love her and hopefully some day she'll grow up. If you're around home less often maybe your parents will take you more seriously too. Maybe they will start to understand that you don't like the way your sister behaves. Good luck! xoxo 
Jess W.

by emilee571 on 7/11/2011 10:47:42 AM


mod.mod.mod. Ok so my older sister and I were never really close. Im 14, shes 19, almost 20. But last year we started to get really close, and hang out. She asked me to go places with her and her friends. but now she says im annoying and stuff. how can i not be annoying and get her to like me again?

hey! maybe talk to her about why she gets frustrated with you and try to not do those things. good luck! 
Helen S.

by twirlgirl24 on 7/6/2011 4:39:44 PM


Okay so I have two cousins. Let's call them Haley and Rachel. "Haley" is 11 and "Rachel" is 9. "Rachel" is the baby of the family and gets whatever she wants. She always cries and screams and makes up lies about things that "Haley" and I do, when we really don't! Whenever we are together we are with my aunts, grandma, and grandpa and whenever we try to tell our grandma or aunts that "Rachel" is lying or she hit us (cuz she hits us a lot) they will always interrupt us and then be like "NO THATS ENOUGH I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!" When it's so unfair because "Rachel" gets all the love because we are supposedly mean to her! What can I tell "Rachel" or my Grandma to make things better?? P.S. sorry this is sooooo long!

Hey girl,

It sounds like the best thing to do is to just avoid Rachel altogether. You and your cousin should try doing stuff where Rachel can't bother you, or just try talking to your Grandma and telling her that Rachel really is mean to you, that you're not lying about this, and see if she will let just you and Haley hang out without Rachel. Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by icecreamsandwich13 on 6/30/2011 2:05:49 PM


I have been having space issues recently. I suddenly can’t stand it when people (especially my brother) sit really close to me or mess with my stuff. It’s kind of scaring me and causing problems with my family. What’s up and how do I deal with it?

Hey girl, I think what might help is just putting some extra space between you and them for now. Often you just need a break from being so close to others. Give it to yourself and you should be more comfy soon.

Alyssa B.

by #1puppylover on 6/23/2011 11:15:35 PM

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