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Like the guy, hate his friends

I like this guy and I’m pretty sure he likes me, too. The problem is that his friends and I are like night and day...
43 Comments | Add Yours

I like this guy. He always hugs me, asks me about my day, puts his arm around me and pokes me in my hip. Today he came up and hugged me at lunch. But at the end of the day when I saw him he just kept staring at me so I just walked away. What does that mean? Also he hugs other girls etc. would it be ok if I asked him if he liked me and if he said no I could say don't touch me?


You won't be able to really know if he's into you until you ask him yourself! He also may be really nervous if you straight up ask him if he likes you... if you like him, maybe you should tell him that first and ask how he feels. And if he says no, than just pretend nothing happened and make sure not to act different! You don't want this to ruin your friendship!

mailyse f.

by zebranista<3 on 3/6/2013 3:45:48 PM


 You will never really be able to tell unless  he tells you yourself. Be careful though because he is your college professor! Don't let any kind of relationship disturb your education or his job! Good luck!

mailyse f.

by Nerdyprincessxo on 3/6/2013 3:39:42 PM


Mod mod mod
My crush is doing this new thing where he stares deeply into my eyes for like 15 seconds. It makes me uncomfortable, so I look away. I'm kind of a shy girl, and I get even more shy when it comes to my crush. He catches on when I look away, and he tries to make me look at him. The thing is, he's so close, and I have a mini heart attack every time he does it. The second time he did it yesterday, my lip started trembling and I looked away. I felt like the biggest idiot ever. Then, I tried to cover it up by saying "you scare me" and giggling. He said "how" and I said "I don't know, you just do". I felt horrible. He left me alone after that. What do I do?

Hey girlie! I would just come clean. Let him know that you didn't mean what he thought you meant when you said he scared you, and that you're just a shy person who's uncomfortable with him coming so close.  I'm sure he'll understand. Good luck!
Florence N.

by isabellec on 3/6/2013 12:27:26 PM


I would avoid this dude. If a guy is really putting an end to drugs and alcohol, then wait and give them a chance. But if he's pressuring you to drink, don't accept and avoid him. Nobody should pressure you to do something like that.

by dragonsrox1000 on 3/6/2013 9:41:48 AM


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by rockchik333 on 3/6/2013 7:22:25 AM


Mod mod mod My social life is a mess right now. Two of my friends aren't talking to each other becuase one of my two friends went out with the other's crush. And i can't talk to either without bothed getting mad. Then my other friend's crush asked me out but i said no but my friend knows and wont talk to me. Then there's this 7th grader who's infatuated with me and he wont leave me alone. He told me he loved me. Then there's this guy who i used to date is trying to get back together but i like his friend but his friend thinks we are getting back together. But then my ex's friend friend likes me. And i kinda like him too. Then my other other friend's boyfriend broke up with and now her ex is flirting constantly with me and now she won't talk to me.
Why should i do about everyone? And me.

Hey girl. I'm so sorry - this sounds rough. Have you had a serious talk with any of your friends about any of this? Because it sounds like, in this situation, that'd be the best thing to do. Just let them know that all of this drama combined is really eating away at you - and at really no fault of your own. Especially talk to the friend of the guy you used to date. Let him know directly that you aren't interested in getting back together with your ex and see where thing go from there. Same with the 7th grader. Tell him know gently, but firmly, that you are very serious when you say you aren't interested and that, if he doesn't want to lose your friendship, he should back down. The friend who's crush asked you out? Tell her that you know that she's still mad, and that she has a right to be, but that you hope she doesn't stay mad at you forever because you tried to do the right thing. I'm sure she'll come around, especially when she has a chance to cool off and realize that you never intended to hurt her.

As for yourself: I know it may seem hard and overwhelming now, but try not to let all of this get to you. Mend your bridges one at a time and just keep in mind that it might take a while. Give your friends some time to calm down and move on from their respective troubles, and everything will be fine again. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Florence N.

by akaprincess on 3/6/2013 6:33:55 AM


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by basketballcutie11 on 8/22/2011 8:31:20 AM


Should I not talk to him? Drew is also my exboyfriends best friend but my ex has clearly moved on. He doesn't even really want to talk to me. So should I stop talking to drew? Should I tell my friend I sorta like him? And when is a good time to start talking to an ex. He hurt me badly but I miss him.

Hey girl, I think you need to give the ex thing some time until you're over it emotionally. Believe it or not, space helps you get over it. As for Drew, you don't have to stop talking to him; I'd just be careful not to flirt with him. Stay on the friend line for now and be conscious of what you say to him. Make sure you aren't using him to just rise your own self esteem up or as a filler for what your ex used to be.

Alyssa B.

by Music101music on 6/21/2011 10:15:44 PM


Okay so my boyfriend(no exboyfriend) broke up with me about 4 weeks ago right before school ended and I don't have many guy friends but I do have this one drew. And I have liked drew numerous of time. He is a nice sweet guy. Well the thing is I'm talking to him right now and my friend has brought to my attention that i shouldn't be flirting because my one friend really likes him. The thing is I'm starting to like him again and I was flirting and I think he was too. I am not sure if he is my rebound guy because he is who I started liking after my exboyfriend broke up with me for the first time. I am not sure what to do. I don't have many guy friends and don't have a Way to get to know a guy since it's summer and I need someone to get my mind off my exboyfriend. What should I do about drew? I flirt and like him but my friend likes him. HELP!

Hey girl, it sounds like this BGF may just be an emotional rebound from your ex, which isn't very fair to him or your friend who likes him. I'd step back for now. I think while it's harder, you shouldn't be looking for someone to distract you from your broken heart, you should be letting it heal. It's definitely not fair to use your guy friend to do that and it's important to realize too when you cross that friend-more-than-friend line, it's very hard to go back to being friends if things don't work out.

Alyssa B.

by Music101music on 6/21/2011 9:41:32 PM


hey girlies! i have a questionn... ok so heres the 14 and going into hs next year. theres this sophmore i really like. hes so so sweet and funny and hes just like, the perfect guy for me. EXCEPT he smokes&drinks. hes always trying to get me to drink with him when we hang out. idk hes just like"c'mon, it really doesn't matter if you have a LITTLE bit of alcohol." idk what im really asking, its just that i feel bad for always saying no and wanted to hear that i was doing the right thing& wondering if anyone could relate at all. thanks soooo much!!(:

by paigedelainey on 6/19/2011 7:47:12 PM

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