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Like the guy, hate his friends

I like this guy and I’m pretty sure he likes me, too. The problem is that his friends and I are like night and day...
43 Comments | Add Yours

I need advice. The guy I like is older than me, he goes to a different school (I'm homeschooled), he lives two cities away, and I know he doesn't like me. We went to an amusment park, and when we were riding a roller coaster, and I grabed his hand pretending to be frightened. He picked up my hand and put it in my lap, but very gently, so it wasnt rude or anything. So I have bottled up my feelings to get things normal again. It's just hard seeing him post on fb pictures of him and his female friends. The jury is still out on him, if you know what I mean, ( I am a thesbian. I grew up with gay people, so it doesnt really matter, you know, but I would like him to be interested in me!)So I'm not sure if that is why. Anyway, I want to demurely flirt to get him a little interested. The whole thing is confusing, and I would love some advice.


Lynae P.

by morgan0115 on 6/24/2013 1:09:55 AM


Hiya Laughing Anyways, I'm friends with this guy I met this year. Ever since two weeks ago, almost every time he sees me he gives me a hug. We don't know each other well. He gave me a big hug today right in front of my friends and one of my friends said it looked like we were dating! He was walking with me to class when my friend came up and told him that I liked him. I denied it even though I think I'm starting to like him, and he just smiled at me and said, "(insert my name), Okay," and walked into class. He also sat near me after my friend told him that (it seemed like he was always near me during that class!). I went with my friends to go take pictures of football (we're on yearbook) and he gave me a big hug then too. He hugs other girls who he's friends with too, so I'm wondering if he sees me as just a friend or something more?


Hey girlie, at this point, it's hard to tell. There's a definite possibility that he likes you as more, especially if you don't know each other very well and he still treats you like that. Try being flirty with him and see how he reacts. If he flirts back then keep hanging out with him and see where things go. 

Lauren T.

by AvatarTLA on 3/18/2013 8:39:57 PM


When I hangout with my boyfriend we are always in a group, me, my bf (D), my friend (N), her bf (M), and my boyfriends best friend (J). I always feel like I am taking J's best friend away from him. Also I try to give u my time with D so J can spend time with him but the favor is never returned (my friend and her bf are together and me D and J are together) and I always feel weird around J. When we all hangout he is always really quiet but sometimes he puts in his two cents. I really like D but I don't want ruin his friendship with J or our relationship. Help

Hey girlie,

Maybe you could try hanging out with his friend and get to know him better so it will be less awkward between you when you hang out in a group. You could also talk to your boyfriend about it when you two are alone and see how he feels about it--they might not think anything's wrong, and they might be hanging out when you're not there too. I'm sure you can work something out, and it's probably a lot less awkward than you think Smile

Meghan D.

by boy crazy<3 on 3/15/2013 9:11:32 PM


If a guy says he likes your perfume
Is that a nice complement?


Hey girlie, of course it is! It means that he noticed that you smell nice and you're even wearing perfume. 

Lauren T.

by redvelvetluv on 3/11/2013 4:42:22 PM


I like this guy and he really is nice, but his friends can be totally annoying! What should I do? Help seriously needed!

by Jilleona on 3/8/2013 8:33:56 PM


Mod mod mod
How can I be less nervous about kissing my boyfriend?


Hey Unicorn puke, relax and remember he wants to kiss you too. Did you ever think he could be a little nervous kissing you too?The more comfortable you are, the better it will be. Hope this helps! Xoxo Smile 

Lynae P.

by Unicorn puke on 3/8/2013 4:43:59 PM


I like one of my BGFs, and we hang out and have a good time, so it's totally normal for us to flirt. My BFFs say I should go out with him, but should I make the first move and risk our friendship for not only us, but the rest of our friend circle?


hey! I say you're young, no need to put labels on anything yet. Just flirt, have fun, and then you won't have to stress about your friendship 

Helen S.

by Eve W on 3/7/2013 6:50:34 PM


I like one of my BGFs, and we hang out and have a good time, so it's totally normal for us to flirt. My BFFs say I should go out with him, but should I make the first move and risk our friendship for not only us, but the rest of my friend circle?

by Eve W on 3/7/2013 5:55:54 PM


How do I change the description of my club????????

Hey girl, check out this post: "Rules of the road: Get clubbin'."  Scroll down to where it says "How do I update my club's info and post a status update?" to find the answer to your question. 

Karin E.

by Chicwithblondhair101 on 3/7/2013 12:07:11 PM


Is it weird for me to like a guy almost a year younger than me? Would it be weird to go out with him?


No, that's not weird at all! Age difference really doesn't matter, especially if it's only a year apart...if you like him, go for him! 

mailyse f.

by glgirl1199 on 3/6/2013 4:18:47 PM


I like this guy. He always hugs me, asks me about my day, puts his arm around me and pokes me in my hip. Today he came up and hugged me at lunch. But at the end of the day when I saw him he just kept staring at me so I just walked away. What does that mean? Also he hugs other girls etc. would it be ok if I asked him if he liked me and if he said no I could say don't touch me?


You won't be able to really know if he's into you until you ask him yourself! He also may be really nervous if you straight up ask him if he likes you... if you like him, maybe you should tell him that first and ask how he feels. And if he says no, than just pretend nothing happened and make sure not to act different! You don't want this to ruin your friendship!

mailyse f.

by zebranista<3 on 3/6/2013 3:45:48 PM


 You will never really be able to tell unless  he tells you yourself. Be careful though because he is your college professor! Don't let any kind of relationship disturb your education or his job! Good luck!

mailyse f.

by Nerdyprincessxo on 3/6/2013 3:39:42 PM


Mod mod mod
My crush is doing this new thing where he stares deeply into my eyes for like 15 seconds. It makes me uncomfortable, so I look away. I'm kind of a shy girl, and I get even more shy when it comes to my crush. He catches on when I look away, and he tries to make me look at him. The thing is, he's so close, and I have a mini heart attack every time he does it. The second time he did it yesterday, my lip started trembling and I looked away. I felt like the biggest idiot ever. Then, I tried to cover it up by saying "you scare me" and giggling. He said "how" and I said "I don't know, you just do". I felt horrible. He left me alone after that. What do I do?

Hey girlie! I would just come clean. Let him know that you didn't mean what he thought you meant when you said he scared you, and that you're just a shy person who's uncomfortable with him coming so close.  I'm sure he'll understand. Good luck!
Florence N.

by isabellec on 3/6/2013 12:27:26 PM


I would avoid this dude. If a guy is really putting an end to drugs and alcohol, then wait and give them a chance. But if he's pressuring you to drink, don't accept and avoid him. Nobody should pressure you to do something like that.

by dragonsrox1000 on 3/6/2013 9:41:48 AM


Do you like rock and roll music of any era?If so, then join my club "Rock music that rocks"...We will talk about anything, from 70's-modern rock! We have rock trivia, and we share our favorite bands! You can find the club by going to my profile page, and clicking on the club with the awesome electric guitar pic!

by rockchik333 on 3/6/2013 7:22:25 AM


Mod mod mod My social life is a mess right now. Two of my friends aren't talking to each other becuase one of my two friends went out with the other's crush. And i can't talk to either without bothed getting mad. Then my other friend's crush asked me out but i said no but my friend knows and wont talk to me. Then there's this 7th grader who's infatuated with me and he wont leave me alone. He told me he loved me. Then there's this guy who i used to date is trying to get back together but i like his friend but his friend thinks we are getting back together. But then my ex's friend friend likes me. And i kinda like him too. Then my other other friend's boyfriend broke up with and now her ex is flirting constantly with me and now she won't talk to me.
Why should i do about everyone? And me.

Hey girl. I'm so sorry - this sounds rough. Have you had a serious talk with any of your friends about any of this? Because it sounds like, in this situation, that'd be the best thing to do. Just let them know that all of this drama combined is really eating away at you - and at really no fault of your own. Especially talk to the friend of the guy you used to date. Let him know directly that you aren't interested in getting back together with your ex and see where thing go from there. Same with the 7th grader. Tell him know gently, but firmly, that you are very serious when you say you aren't interested and that, if he doesn't want to lose your friendship, he should back down. The friend who's crush asked you out? Tell her that you know that she's still mad, and that she has a right to be, but that you hope she doesn't stay mad at you forever because you tried to do the right thing. I'm sure she'll come around, especially when she has a chance to cool off and realize that you never intended to hurt her.

As for yourself: I know it may seem hard and overwhelming now, but try not to let all of this get to you. Mend your bridges one at a time and just keep in mind that it might take a while. Give your friends some time to calm down and move on from their respective troubles, and everything will be fine again. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Florence N.

by akaprincess on 3/6/2013 6:33:55 AM


I am offering up all of my clubs to other people, because I am not in a position to keep them running. Instead of deleting them, I would like to transfer ownership. Here are the ones that are up for grabs:

Helping Out Club
Girl 2 Girl Talk
Performing Arts Club
The Trauma/Drama of Middle School

just leave a message on my profile

by basketballcutie11 on 8/22/2011 8:31:20 AM


Should I not talk to him? Drew is also my exboyfriends best friend but my ex has clearly moved on. He doesn't even really want to talk to me. So should I stop talking to drew? Should I tell my friend I sorta like him? And when is a good time to start talking to an ex. He hurt me badly but I miss him.

Hey girl, I think you need to give the ex thing some time until you're over it emotionally. Believe it or not, space helps you get over it. As for Drew, you don't have to stop talking to him; I'd just be careful not to flirt with him. Stay on the friend line for now and be conscious of what you say to him. Make sure you aren't using him to just rise your own self esteem up or as a filler for what your ex used to be.

Alyssa B.

by Music101music on 6/21/2011 10:15:44 PM


Okay so my boyfriend(no exboyfriend) broke up with me about 4 weeks ago right before school ended and I don't have many guy friends but I do have this one drew. And I have liked drew numerous of time. He is a nice sweet guy. Well the thing is I'm talking to him right now and my friend has brought to my attention that i shouldn't be flirting because my one friend really likes him. The thing is I'm starting to like him again and I was flirting and I think he was too. I am not sure if he is my rebound guy because he is who I started liking after my exboyfriend broke up with me for the first time. I am not sure what to do. I don't have many guy friends and don't have a Way to get to know a guy since it's summer and I need someone to get my mind off my exboyfriend. What should I do about drew? I flirt and like him but my friend likes him. HELP!

Hey girl, it sounds like this BGF may just be an emotional rebound from your ex, which isn't very fair to him or your friend who likes him. I'd step back for now. I think while it's harder, you shouldn't be looking for someone to distract you from your broken heart, you should be letting it heal. It's definitely not fair to use your guy friend to do that and it's important to realize too when you cross that friend-more-than-friend line, it's very hard to go back to being friends if things don't work out.

Alyssa B.

by Music101music on 6/21/2011 9:41:32 PM


hey girlies! i have a questionn... ok so heres the 14 and going into hs next year. theres this sophmore i really like. hes so so sweet and funny and hes just like, the perfect guy for me. EXCEPT he smokes&drinks. hes always trying to get me to drink with him when we hang out. idk hes just like"c'mon, it really doesn't matter if you have a LITTLE bit of alcohol." idk what im really asking, its just that i feel bad for always saying no and wanted to hear that i was doing the right thing& wondering if anyone could relate at all. thanks soooo much!!(:

by paigedelainey on 6/19/2011 7:47:12 PM


Okay so recently i think I found love for the first time because I've never felt this way about a guy before. I just purposely go to the bathroom during 5th period because he's always outside. I want to ask him out and we only have 2 days of school left and I don't know if there would be a point too... I really like him like more than anyone else I've gone out with! Advice? Help? Anything would be appreciated thanks!!~

Hey babe! I don't know if I would call that love, but definitely a serious crush! If you're able to see him over the summer, even just at the pool or at the movie theatre then go for it! Ask him out! I hope he likes you too! Just ask him out casually and hopefully he'll be into you too! Good luck girlie! 
Jess W.

by icebreaker373 on 6/17/2011 4:05:45 PM


Hey girls!!! if you need advice on anything and everything, you can comment on my profile and i will reply ASAP. Smile i am on GL everyday. (i usually go on GL 3 to 4 times a day) i won't judge you and nothing is too personal Smile

by Bethapus on 6/15/2011 5:04:00 PM


Alright, so tomorrow, i'm going to a movie with my bf. It's going to be the last time I see him, probably ever, since he's moving really far away. It's also the day before his birthday. I want to buy/make him something as a present, but I have no clue what! Any ideas? Thanks sooo muvh!


Hey babe! It's so sweet of you to want to get him something. I think a homemade gift will mean a lot to him. You said he was moving far away, you could find fabric with a map of the US and put little dashes from where you are to where he is and make that into a pillow! Or you can make him vouchers that say things like, "One Long Phone Call Whenever You Feel Like It" or "One Hug/Kiss" or "One Birthday Skype Date." You can also make him cards for his new firsts. Like his first new friend, or his first A on a test or paper at his new school, or things like that.  When he opens them to read them the can say things like you're so proud of him for working so hard to get an A, or how you know it's hard meeting new people but just remember that he's an amazing person, just stay confident and he'll have so many new friends! I know you're going to miss each other but this can be something to remember you by.  If you want to be really over-the-top you can make him a gift basket of all or some of these things with his favorite candies, movies, books, and maybe a picture of the two of you. Keep a picture for yourself too! Good lick girlie! Hope this helps!

Jess W.

by pandagirl21 on 6/14/2011 9:12:39 AM


so I've been dating this guy, Derek, for a while, but now whenever I see him, he just ignores me and hangs out wit his friends or flirts with other girls.. does this mean I'm getting played? and what are good ways to avoid awkwardness? he's my neighbor.. /: well, thanks soo much!!

Hey girl,

Hmm...that doesn't sound much like dating to me! Personally, I'd probably get him one-on-one and ask him (maturely, not in an angry or confrontational way) if he really wants to be dating you at all. If not, it's better just to cut things off now so you both aren't wasting your energy. You should be with somebody who wants to talk to you, hang out with you, get to know you better, hang out with your friends, etc. If you're barely in contact with them, they're hardly the BF you deserve! So be honest with him and let him know you're kinda disappointed with how things are going. Then, he can either choose to turn things around and stay together, or break things off so you both can do your own thing Smile
Lauren C.

by lish22 on 6/14/2011 12:39:18 AM


so my boyfriend and i text alot because i havnt told my parents yet so we cant exactly see each other since schools over. The other day he said that his phone was about to die so he would text me later. he never texted me back that day. or the next. i texted him on the second day and he responded right away. was he ignoring me? and then later when we were having a conversation he just stopped texting me entirely without an explination which he never does. i feel really silly like im making a big deal out of nothing. we have been going out for a month today and he has never done anything like this. idk what to do! please help thanks!


Hey girlie! It's probably rough not being able to see him and you should probably talk to your parents. If you want to meet up with him go somewhere public like the pool or to a movie. I wouldn't make a big deal out of him not texting you back. He was probably just distracted or something. If it continues to happen, and more often, just ask him about it. Don't make it into something that it's not though. Or if you want to keep texting him ask him a question and if he still doesn't respond he probably just doesn't have his phone on him, not that he's ignoring you.  Good luck!

Jess W.

by dancingchick on 6/13/2011 12:12:29 PM


Mod! So I like a guy friend of mine that I only get to see like twice a year and he is like 2 yrs older than me! But anyway his mom and him saw I had a game after he was done with his. So they sat by my mom. That inning I was doing horrible, I had no idea what to do with the ball. My dad is coach and he kept screaming and after like 10 minutes I started crying on the field but you couldn't really tell until my dad started yelling "SUCK IT UP!! Stop your crying and play ball like I know you can"!! I was sooo embarassed and now I get see my crush finally afetr like a year on 4th of July because his family is a part of a group we camp with, so how am I going to face him? Hep me!!


Hey girl, I answered you question on your other post, so just refer to that! Good luck!

Jess W.

by brenlxl on 6/13/2011 10:25:12 AM


so i like this guy in my class, but we dont get to talk that often. im really worried because our summer break starts monday, so i wont get to see him. How can i try to get to know him better over summer break? we dont exactly have a lot of friends in common so its hard to like invite him to a party or something. thanks Smile

hey girlie,

FB, text messages, and email are great ways to keep in touch nowadays.  See if you can find him on FB..or if you have his number, see if you guys have any similar hobbies and invite him to a group activity or get together.  Keep it really casual, and try to be friends with him first...and see what happens! Have fun this summer! 
Ruth S.

by privygurl123 on 6/11/2011 1:25:11 PM


my bf and i have been togather from 3 years and 10 months he is from england and he moved to nova scotia canada where i live 4 years ago and we love each other more then anything and i know he is my prince charming but now he's moving to a place that is a 23 hour drive away Frown is changing his number and everything the only thing i could possibly use to keep in touch would be facebook but my parents will not let me have it plus the place he is moving to has a population of 16 000 just in the town where he is going so if i did ever go there which i propably will not because it would be LOTS of money 4 gas and my family doses not have much money i would never see him i have cried 24/7 and i can not stop and i will not see him again what should i do? thanks! Smile

hey girlie,

that is a tough situation! but it's life, and some things we can't control...but stay positive! and be GLAD you got a chance to meet this guy and spend all the time you guys have had together.  You guys can keep in touch through Skype--it's an online video chat that's free when you guys are online at the same time! And there's always text messaging and phone calls other than FB. Keeping in touch is hard, but if you both make an effort it can work.  Don't cry about it--There's this quote that says something like "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." keep that in mind! Smile
Ruth S.

by KateLig on 6/11/2011 8:54:47 AM


Yeah, that's a bad sign.

by thetruth on 6/10/2011 9:32:36 PM


Oh hi. today was my last day of primary school (6th grade) and I was one of the two people in my class crying. I was a mess, but the other girl was just crying a little. I hugged this one boy I don't like, and then I asked my crush/ friend right before he left if he can give me a hug I(because I was having a hard time) and he said yeah and gave me a full on front hug. He ignored the other girl asking him and it was just me and him there. He was also asking me things like if I was going to miss him, if we can hang out over the summer, etc. I also told him about a hangout I was planning next week and if he could go, and he said he would see if he could. But here's the stitch, people have been saying he hates me, just thinks I'm hot. So what does that mean?

hey! don't listen to talk, if he hugs you and said he wants to hang out he deserves your trust until he proves you wrong. 
Helen S.

by justadream11 on 6/10/2011 8:37:09 PM


I like this guy carter but i like his best friend Elijah to Elijah is funny nice and sweet But
Carter is Cute nice and sweet
i also like Ky
Ky is nice funny and cute not vary athletic tho
who should i pick ill always have a crush on all of them but who sounds like the best?
if i get lucky and one likes me i want to no if i should see if one who would be better likes me to. please help!
i would like the answer fast but don't rush yourself! i would it like faster only cuz carter is starting to notice me more then he notices other girls.

Hey girlie--only you know these guys, so you are the only one who can say who you like. Think about the goo and bad things about each and take things from there Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by LaBree on 6/10/2011 7:27:14 PM


I just broke up with my BF yesterdayFrown I had to end it he was 2 annoying any advice on how 2 get another guy to ask me out? I no I could probably do it myself but I've only had 2 BFs and I know i prob. shouldn't cuz I'm only in 7th grade but can someone help me PLEASE????

by soccerfreak78 on 6/10/2011 7:14:25 PM


ok so currently i dont really like any guy. sure i think some r cute, but thts about tht. the thing i need advice on though is the guy who sits nxt to me in english. in english its me another girl and 20 boys. funfun. well the kid who sits nxt 2 me constantly bouces he leg, plays w/ his pencil, and jst figits in genral wen i sit nxt 2 him. he will also watch me, particually my hands while i write or jst stare wen i read.he will also put his foot as close to mine w/out touching it, but still close. i pretty much wrk alone in tht class and dont talk to any1, and he has friends in tht class and hangs out w/ the pop. girls so i feel strange tht he does tht, and im kinda confused y he does it. any advice?

hey! guys like checking girls out, and they're rarely subtle about it. He probably thinks you're cute but doesn't have the courage to approach you directly. If you like him try flirting back and see what happens Smile 
Helen S.

by erynn14 on 6/10/2011 5:26:52 PM


So I like this guy but he is pretty socially awkward and I'm not. I like to be loud and out there and social and have a great time and he can just make things sort of awkward. But I still kind of like him! Yet, I still am not sure he'd make a good boyfriend. I just don't know what to do. Help? Also, I'm pretty sure he likes me too - we text every day and stuff. Oh! And one of my friends and him sort of went out awhile ago, like she thought they were dating but I guess to him they weren't so she was all like mad at him too cause he didn't ask her to prom and whatnot but just if he does ask me out and i do say yes, should i check with my friend to make sure things are alright b/w the 2 of them? And if so what should i say and can i like text her or should i try actually calling her? Thank you SO much! Sorry this is so long! Tong

hey! you should call your friend and ask her about it. I know from experience that not asking only leads to drama. just get to know the guy better and you'll be able to tell if he'd make a good bf. good luck! 
Helen S.

by BeatlesROK101 on 6/10/2011 5:25:41 PM


Well I have this crush on my girl friend(I think she's transgender because she looks and acts like a boy but she won't confirm anything). We pick on each other constantly and she's always saying how I want to hold her hand. Like today during the assembly at my school, her hand kept brushing against my knee and awhile ago, she only wanted me to sit next to her and she kissed my hand and kept touching me. Tonight is graduation and it's the last time I'll see her until at least August(I'm going to camp). What should I do tonight? I don't even know if she likes girls because she wont discuss her sexuality, even though she did have a girlfriend this past year. Thanks in advance Smile

hey! well if she's not ready to talk about it, you shouldn't pressure her. If you want to tell her about your feelings for her you risk messing up your friendship. Keep in touch over the summer and see how things pick up in the fall. good luck! 
Helen S.

by bandgeekgal27 on 6/10/2011 4:59:46 PM


This SAME thing happened to me no joke i heard him (my crush who was gonna ask me out) saying im going to go ask her out. And his friends talked him out of it i was pissed the rest of the day, but tried to look awesome cuz i still had hope. He didnt Frown

by oreolover123 on 6/10/2011 4:32:44 PM


so i have been with my BF for a week, hes really cute sweet funny everything ive been lookin for. we even had our first kiss together yesterday and it was so adorable Smile before that we had been hanging out for like half the day and we are the kind of couple who can sit in silence wrapped in each others arms and nothing is akward between us. whenever we are in person together or video chatting its the same way, we will usually have something to talk about or if not just being together is plenty. the problem is when we text..... we either cant find anything to talk about or if i have a convo going with him he just gives me 1 word answers and the convo drops completely. what can i do about it??

It sounds like he's not a big texter--I would just keep the convo's short and sweet through text and enjoy the time you spend together/video chatting Smile 

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by mkroberts96 on 6/10/2011 4:28:29 PM


Okay so i really like this guy and so does my bff.. we're cool with it though. anways , He told us that he likes both of us .): My bff says that she just wants to be single and that i can have him , but knowing that she still likes him would make it a little awkward. What should i do ?! please help


Hey babe! It sounds like the guy isn't too sure either. If he would let you and your BFF duke it out... I'm not so sure he's worth it. It was super nice of you BFF to withdraw, maybe you can return the favor by letting her know that when it comes to BFFs and potential BFs, she'll always win. If you do really like this guy though, double and triple check with your BFF to be positive that she's okay with it.  Good luck girlie!

Jess W.

by lilgymnast11 on 6/10/2011 3:51:47 PM


i feel your pain the hottest guy in school liked me and his friend told him it wasnt a good idea so he didnt ask me out and i had a long "chat" with his friend and my ex.
Did i mention his friend is my ex-boyfriend

by sabers13! on 6/10/2011 12:01:15 PM


well there was this guy I kinda liked, and my friends told him to ask me out and it was really awkward because we've never talked. But anyway, he said a ton of mean stuff that I was ugly and annoying and he really hurt my feelings. I don't like him anymore, but my best friend does. My other bff and her bf, and my other bff and the guy are going to go the the local theme park which is like the hangout spot. They always invite me to hang out with them, but I dont wanna hang out with him. It would be soo awkward, and he really hurt my feelings. I wanna hang out with my friends, but I dont want to be afraid of him the whole summer? what do i do????


Hey girl! I'm so sorry he said such hurtful things to you! There's no reason for that kind of meanness. And I can't believe your friend likes him. This may be awkward, but what I would do is make sure that your BFF knows how he hurt you and that he's not a nice guy. Let her know that you are still her friend but you don't want to hang out with her while she's with him. It's not an ulta matum, you would just prefer not to waste your time around jerks. Hopefully she understands and realizes that a BFF is way more important than some jerky guy. Good luck babe!

Jess W.

by Tokyogirl98 on 6/10/2011 11:53:44 AM


Same problem here!

by nerdisthewurd26 on 6/10/2011 11:12:44 AM


There's this boy in my class (I don't have a crush on him, but he would be my second crush) who's very depressed. We just got back from our camping trip yesterday and he's still sad. Someone close to him got leg surgery. Whenever I try to cheer him up, he moves away. Since I'm sort of a tomboy, he's one of my best guy friends. How can I cheer him up with out him thinking I have a crush on him or I'd bother him?


Hey girl! It's so nice of you to care about this boy, even if it's just in a friendly way.  It's too bad that he avoids you every time you try to cheer him up.  That's just the way some people deal with grief. If he won't let you talk to him you can text him, email him, or write him a letter one day just explaining that you're his friend and you're concerned about him. You can't force him to talk, but you can make sure he knows you're there for him.  For more options check out this page:!2.aspx 

Good luck!

Jess W.

by Firework on 6/10/2011 10:36:26 AM


Okay, there is this boy I like... But he's my friend's bf. I know I like him, and I think he likes me too because he texted me saying he wants to talk to me, and because he flirts with me by always wanting to walk me to the bus or just likes to stand next to me. I know I like him because I had a dream where he came to my house and I fell asleep on his stomach. If I show my feelings toward him, things could end in disaster for me, my friend, and the boy. What do I do to shake the feelings that I have toward him???
Sorry for being so long.


Hey girlie! I know this is hard for you.  You don't want to hurt your friend, but are you supposed to just let this guy go? I recommend staying away from the guy until you can control your feelings.  You don't want to be the reason why he and your friend break up.  And you definitely don't want anything to happen between you two while they're still together.  If you do really like him ask yourself what kind of guy would go after his gf's friend? Is he really the guy for you? Put yourself in your friend's shoes, you wouldn't want your bf to flirt with other girls. So if he continues what he's doing while they're still together, just be blunt and tell him that it's not fair for him to treat you that way while he's dating your friend.  Good luck!

Jess W.

by BabyGirlAlways1999 on 6/10/2011 8:57:59 AM

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