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On the second-to-last day of camp, I got my period. I didn’t have anything with me at the time, so I borrowed a pad from my...
27 Comments | Add Yours

omg girl! when I read your comment, i felt like i wrote it! I had the exact same "symtoms" as you! i got mine at school, but dont worry. people blow your first period WAY out of proportion! when i got mine, i was on the lunch line, and i felt a tiny little "splat" in my panty. when i went to the bathroom, i was like "what the heck? this is what everyone makes a big deal out of? WOW." it was actually kinda funny how dumb i felt for worrying so much before. : ) TIP: if your shy like me, either roll up tissue to put in ur panty for the rest of the day, or wait til their is no one in the nurse's office and then ask for a pad. just make sure you tell your mom not to tell anybody else and dont keep asking "r u okay?" cuz that is SO awkward. lolz. i suggest U by Kotex ( because they come in smaller sizes for people like us instead of the big uncomfortable ones that tend to feel like a bog ol' diaper. good luck! : )

by ROXYmodae* on 8/27/2011 10:37:03 PM


omygosh i had mine the last week of camp too! small world.

by Emmy13 on 8/26/2011 3:24:19 PM


So sorry! Forgot to mention me crying about the radio would be a mood swing, and when I said just now, white discharge, I meant just now, clear discharge!

by queenra on 8/2/2011 1:41:01 PM


MOD This is off subject, but before you get your period, do you get some hair under your arms? Or does that come right after? I woyuld think it comes right after since you get your perid before herimornal changes happen. PS PLEASE!, answer this question-> So, I've been getting discharge for about two years now, white yellow and just now white. My chest is size 30 in bra size and I'm eleven. I get cramps for about ten seconds, then they fade, but sometimes they stay. One time my mom put on music I didn't like, then I started crying without her knowing. My mom and sis got their period at 14 but I got all the signs! Please give me an estimate of when ill get mine! Thanks GL...Please answer~!

Hey girl,

Underarm hair does usually come towards the end of puberty, so most girls develop it after their period. And also, it's really hard to say when you're getting your period because everyone's different, but with all the signs, it definitely sounds like it'll be soon! x0x0
Casey L.

by queenra on 8/2/2011 1:28:30 PM


I'm suppose to be done with mine before I go to camp, but it still hasnt started so sadly it's coming with meFrown

by dogwammer5000 on 7/26/2011 5:49:08 PM


i'm going to sleepaway camp in 5 days and i'm supposed to get my period right before the big dance we have at the end! it stinks):

by mzroseybud on 7/26/2011 2:34:29 PM


MOD MOD MOD !!! PLZZZZ HELP! I have a medium flow i guess but at camp this week i change it every 2 hours since yesterday it leaked and i freaked out. Im so scared of it leaking
again because this is only my 3rd period and the first two were soooooo light! This might sound weird but i feel like when i sit or lay down the blood moves to whatever way is sit and since i sit in a chair most of the day wont the blood move up to past my pad?!?! Then itll leak!! Im freaking out and i am questioning a tampon?? Idk im only 12! Will it hurt? My 17 year old sis just started using them....and she said you have to get used to them and in the beggining they hurt.....IM SCARED! Help!! My mom isnt helping neither are my sisters!!

Hey girl, I'd get a heavier pad for those heavy flow days: try wearing an overnight pad, for example, or changing a lighter pad more frequently. You don't need a tampon to control it.

Alyssa B.

by Laughlots on 7/19/2011 11:33:11 PM


so I am confused. People say that you can wear a pad while swimming if you put shorts over it but like if the pad gets full of water won't it like not absorb anything else? also, When you shower does the blood like drip down you leg? thanks for the help

Hey girl,

I don't really suggest wearing a pad while swimming, only a tampon, because it can be really uncomfortable and heavy when it absorbs all that water. Also, the blood doesn't really drip down your leg when you shower, but if you feel uncomfortable, you can wear a tampon while showering. x0x0
Casey L.

by cittycat1998 on 7/19/2011 2:39:08 PM


lol sorry but it's funny. I know how you feel abiut the huge part my mom isn't that handy when it comes to things I need

by tabbycat627 on 7/18/2011 12:39:39 PM


URGENT! so I used tampons for the first time last month and have been having my period for about 5 months. I moved on because I have alot of summer vacations that I am going on soon (that include swimming) and I am now confident. I am 12, and I am going to horse riding camp in 2 weeks for a week and I am expecting my period around then. I am going with a friend that hasnt started so she doesnt understand! How can I be descrete on my period without all the 3 other girls in my room noticing? And how do I deal with my period gennerally away from home and doing lots of sports without many breaks.

by horseygirl99 on 7/17/2011 3:23:11 PM

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