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Scared to ask Mom about makeup

I really want to wear mascara, but I’m worried about what my parents will say when I bring it up…
47 Comments | Add Yours

My mom lets me wear mascara, but im really freaked out to ask her for concealer because I have some pimples I'm really embarrassed of. She doesn't wear any make up other than coverup. I've tried to bring it up but she just shushes me and I haven't had the nerves to ask her.


Hey girlie, just go for it. If that's all that she wears, I'm sure she'll be agreeable to letting you use it too. It won't look like you're wearing makeup so I'm sure it's not something that she'll be upset about you asking. 

Lauren T.

by HarrysGirl01 on 3/3/2013 8:48:39 PM


I am in 7th grade and I wear mascara and lip gloss. everyone else wears eye shadow, even girls who aren't allowed to wear mascara. I asked my mom a couple times if i could wear it and she won't let me. I really want to , but i don't know what i could do. she says i cant wear it until im 16 Frown plz help!

Hey girl,

If your mom says no, there's not a lot you can do. Accept what she says and show her your maturity by not overreacting, and act calmly and listen to her side next time you bring it up. She'll be more likely to say yes if you show her you're mature!

Meghan D.

by harrypotterrocks77 on 4/27/2012 11:43:22 PM


MOD MOD MOD ok so here's the thing I try do my best but all I get is yelled at! Like sometimes if I squint my mom thinks I'm rolling my eyes or because I have attendantcy to hold my mouth open then she thinks I'm muttering something under my breath and when I say I didnt I get yelled at or hit because they call it"talking back"I need help my mom and my stepdad also talk about spanking me on a daily basis until my math grades are better and I " sharpin up" and " pay attention" AS IF THAT WILL HELP!! I also hear lectures on growing up and being responsible 24/7. What do I do? Please don't say just talk to them because I've tried that and it never works I don't want to live with my dad or grandma. HELP! Frown, Nirvana fan Nirvana Fan




Hey girl. Why not talk to a trust adult about this other than your rents. You could also try to be more concious of how your face looks when you aren't thinking. Like when they start talking to you conciously close your mouth and keep you eyes open. Nod to show them you are listening. Talk to your teach about the math thing and start staying after class for math help so that they will be able to see that you are trying.

mary h.

by nirvana fan on 8/9/2011 10:40:03 AM


Mod Mod Mod I'm going into high school and I want to start wearing mascara and eye shadow. I have natural medium brown hair (not light brown and not dark brown) with no highlights or anything like that. I have brown eyes, short eyelashes, and kinda pale skin. I'm a tom boy, but don't mind being girly every now and then. What color eye shadow would you recommend for me and should I get black or clear mascara? Thank you ;)



Hey girl. A lot of brands have lines specifically to bring out certain eyes colors like this one: I think either black or clear will work. You could also try navy mascara, which I've heard can make brown eyes pop. I've seen tons of different colors work for girls with brown eyes, so your choices are unlimited for eyeshadow. I usually hear blue or greens though.

mary h.

by spazzygirI on 8/4/2011 11:40:42 AM


I'm a preteen and looking to start a modeling career. My friend is a model and got me interested in it. My parents aren't supportive of it because they think I'm not serious and that we don't have enough money and time to start one. What should I do to convince my parents and start a career?

Hey girl,

The best thing to do is get a lot of information from your friend about how she got started, what jobs she's been doing, how much of a time commitment it is, how much money she/her family has had to spend on the career, etc. Gather all of those details together and present them to your parents so they know exactly what you're looking at. They still might not be in a position to help you out right now (because really, money and time are at a shortage for lots of fams right now), but at least you'll know you've done all you could to fill them in!
Lauren C.

by BeachBabe5432 on 7/25/2011 10:31:57 PM


i sometimes wear mascara to school, but hey just put it in ur backpack and bring it to school then u could put it on without ur parents knowing

by julia8918 on 7/24/2011 12:51:07 AM


MOD MOD MOD i asked this question before but u didnt anwser so just in case u didnt get it ill ask again. ok i really want to wear makeup my friend jazmine always wears makeup and her parents let her i only live with my dad and im not allowed ,so when i was at jazmines house i put makeup on and i actually felt pretty and more grown up,after i washed it all off and went back home my dad got upset cause i was wearing nail polish. I cant wear makeup or nailpolish and all my friends do i really want to wear makeup so how can i make my dad say yes to makeup and to let me be me instaed if treating me like a baby? sorry its so long Frown

Hey babe! I just got to your question! Go back and check your other post and my response should be there Smile  
Jess W.

by mozilla10 on 7/14/2011 11:15:55 AM


MOD MOD , i only live with my dad and i really want to wear make up ,my friend jazmine always wears makeup and her parents are fine with it she can wear nail polish any thing but i cant even wear nail polish or my dad will get super mad, so when i was at her house i tryed makeup on and i actually felt pretty i dont know it made me feel older,but my dad wont let me not even nail polish . All my friends wear some sort of make up and i dont , what should i do or how can i talk to him. i dont want to be a little kid anymore.

Hey babe! That's exactly what you need to tell him. Just be honest with him, say that you'll always be his little girl, but you need him to let you grow up a little. You're getting older now and you really want to try wearing nail polish (start small). Tell him that you won't go overboard, maybe just a light pink. You'd really like his approval. Also a good thing to do would be to ask your BFFs mom to help you put on makeup so that it looks super natural. Explain it to another woman that you want your dad to understand that makeup isn't a bad thing. I'm sure your dad is afraid of you growing up, and that you'll go way overboard if he gives you permission to try new things. Just reassure him that that won't happen. Good luck girlie! xoxo 
Jess W.

by mozilla10 on 7/14/2011 10:03:26 AM


Don't be scared to ask about makeup! It's just like asking for pads on your period, but if your scared about both, idk what to say! It's pretty easy to ask about makeup. It's just like asking for lip gloss or clothes! Just be sure to not use make-up as a mask! It's just for touch up! Check out my channel on Type in the user name jollyrancher996, and go to beauty tips girl talk and two minute face. It talks about makeup, and how to apply a quick amount on without rushing or being messy with it. Check out all my other videos on youtube!

by queenra on 7/14/2011 12:19:55 AM


Well you just gotta break the ice with your mom. But since it is your first time wearing make-up, take it easy and go natural. I just got out of 6th grade and i wear oil control powder, loose blush, mascara, a little bit of eyeliner, and very subtle lip gloss. I was scared to tell my mom about this too but if you just say you want to enhance your features instead of covering them up I'm sure she will understand. Smile Good Luck!

by kirstykirst123 on 6/29/2011 10:53:44 PM

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