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How To: Pack right for a weekend getaway

Whether you're sightseeing in the city or sunbathing on the beach, we've got ya covered so you can travel in style.
52 Comments | Add Yours

Hey, my 5 friends and I thing it would be REALLY cool if we all went on a road trip to Disney with 2 parents. But we don't think we should make our parents pay for everything. So is there anyway that we could make up the money to go to Disney by this summer? Thanks!


Helen S.

by free2sing-4ever on 2/9/2013 1:40:41 PM


Mod Mod Mod:
What is the right age to start wearing wedges? I know they aren't exactly heels, but they are definitely a step up from flats.

Hey girl! It really depends on the occasion! If your parents are okay with it, I'd say that you could start wearing them around age 13 for a school dance or a party that your friend is throwing. Wedges are also great for a dinner out with your family while on vacation, especially if you're going to a nice restaurant. They definitely shouldn't be worn for a trip to the mall or to school. Think about where you'll be wearing them and then go from there! You can also find a pair with a lower heel to get started!
Colleen K.

by strawberries101 on 3/26/2012 11:50:42 AM


I am going to Vancouver for 3 days,so what should I pack for that???

Hey girlie,

Try checking out the weather first, so you know what to expect! The best thing to do is pack layers, so jeans, fitted tees, long sleeved shirts, cardigans, hoodies, and jackets are all great! Canada can be cold, so a warm coat and scarf are smart. You'll also want to remember the key checklist:

- underwear (and lots of it)

- comfy shoes to walk in

- deodorant

- toothbrush

- glasses (if you use them)

- retainer (if you use one)

Those are the essentials! Pack as light as possible while also covering the basics. Also, magazines and/or an iPod can make the travel time seem like a blink of an eye Smile 
Lauren C.

by FrenchRose on 3/8/2012 10:27:23 PM


Mod Mod Hey so i am going to universal and disney and im gonna ride almost all the rides what should i bring?Thanks For your time.


Hey chica!  You should bring shorts, tank tops, comfy tennis shoes, and lotsa sunscreen!  Enjoy the trip! xoxo

Marie H.

by torivega10 on 7/23/2011 10:49:01 AM


MODMODMODMODMODMOD!!!!!!!! im going to new york to see a college for my bro but we will also be going to niagra falls. i was wondering what to wear??- please make it sensible like t shirts and tank tops and basics- because i dont have any money- its about a 4 hr drive.. please help!!! please answer on my profile!!! thanks a bunch in advance!!! Smile


Hey chica!  The weather is pretty warm there, so tanks and t-shirts are probably a great idea.  Pair them with shorts and tennis shoes, and pack sandals just in case, too. Smile  You might also wanna throw a cardigan or sweatshirt in the car, just in case you end up somewhere that's a little chilly (some restaurants turn their A/C on pretty high!).  Have a great trip! Smile

Marie H.

by volleynasticsgirl on 7/22/2011 8:41:56 PM


im going on vacay for a week and it will be a lot of beach, horses and dressy evenings. i dont hav a lot of room to pack stuff! HELP!

Helen S.

by horzegirl13 on 7/20/2011 7:51:41 PM


I am leaving tomorrow to go with my BFF to go to a lake, where they have a house. It is a lake on a town a few hours away from where I live. I don't want to pack too much. What should I bring with limited space?

Hey girl,

 You will probably need a bathing suit and cover up, along with some shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flop. Don't forget sunscreen also. You should try to lay out all your outfits on your bed before you pack them, so you bring everything that you need and don't overpack. Have fun! x0x0
Casey L.

by musicroxmyworld on 7/13/2011 2:13:26 PM


this is so useful!

by bookworm22 on 7/1/2011 1:14:05 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! so im going to my friends cabin tomorow and we will be at the beach but also "camping" what are some things i should wear?? my (secret) crush will be there so i want to look cute but be able to drive my fourwheeler. thank you!!!

Hey girlie, pack some shorts and some cute tees. You'll be comfortable, able to do anything and totally cute! 
Lauren T.

by dancerjj13 on 6/30/2011 4:37:06 PM


I am going on a roadtrip with my bf and his fam to a waterpark. I want to look cute but not too high maintenance considering he has all bros and we will not have too much time to get ready. I already have swimsuits picked out but I'm not sure what I should wear to breakfast, dinner, nights out...etc. We will be there for 3 nights and I just need all the help I can get about hair, clothes, tanning, ANYTHING! thanksSmile

Hey girl,

 You'll probably be in a swimsuit for most of the day since you're going to a waterpark, so I would suggest wearing a cute cover-up over your bathing suit to breakfast, and keeping it on until dinner. For dinner or a night out, you could wear a cute, casual sundress, or a pair of skinny jeans with a cute tank.  You can keep your hair low-maintenance by wearing it in a braid or messy ponytail. Have fun! x0x0
Casey L.

by kam2395 on 6/29/2011 3:37:17 PM

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