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Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

My hair gets greasy if I don’t wash it, but I can’t help but wonder if I’m hurting my locks…
41 Comments | Add Yours

Its totally safe! I used to wash my hair every other day when i was younger but since being 13 i started washing my hair everyday and im 15 now and my hair has always been healthy and pretty.

by XxRainbowEaterzxX on 6/17/2012 5:55:11 PM


its totally fine! I wash mine everyday because my hair gets insanely greasy Im 15 so i know what its like during puberty im still going! so dont worry your hair thanks you instead!

by Flea2299 on 10/14/2011 9:34:43 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!
My hair is really thick and frizzy, so the only way to wear my hair is either up or flat ironed. Are there any other ways to wear my hair?

Hey babe! 

This is an article on how to fight frizz: 

And here's an article on some summery styles for girls with thick hair!: I personally am a fan of braids - I think they're pretty and that girls of any hair thickness can rock them! Have fun experimenting with these hair ideas! xoxox 
Devin A.

by ColosalMascara on 9/19/2011 10:22:27 AM


Mod! How can I get my hair to look/become thicker?


Hey babe,

Try getting layers cut into your hair, then styling it layer-by-layer with a blow dryer and round brush to give the illusion of a fuller head of hair. You could also try washing your hair and styling it with shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and hairsprays designed for thicker, fuller locks!

Lauren C.

by AlwaysDreamer on 8/29/2011 9:16:35 AM


Shampooing your hair everyday IS fine. I've done it all my life and I've been told I have sot, healthy hair. I also condition everyday, which helps my hair stay healthy and not get dry. Also, you can buy sprays that help absord oil. SUAVE and Suave Professionals are very inexpensive and they work really well.

by cuteychica on 8/16/2011 12:16:00 PM


I wash my hair every day, because i have greasy hair. And if i dont shower, well i feel dirty.

by polkadottednail on 8/1/2011 8:07:52 PM


MOD! So my hair is absolutely a mess!! It's dry, thick, and curly. When I start to comb it, my hair gets HUGE and my curls turn into really ugly waves.
Why? Also I can't put my hair down at all because it gets sooo fizzy. I have to wash it everyday in the morning and put it up somehow. I'm so sick of straightening my hair or just putting it up. How can I make it so it looks good down?

Try using a diffuser when drying your hair

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by ALdancer on 7/19/2011 7:19:25 PM


Wash my hair everyday. I prob shouldn't cause I hav very dry curly thick hair. But I hav 2 cause its Sooooo Pufy in the morning and very hard 2 fix so I hop in the shower and then TONS OF HAIR PRODUCTS and I'm fine!!!!!!!!!!

by Jinxycharms on 7/18/2011 10:24:37 PM


My sister dyed her hair in about8-9th grade and shes now 20 and it's still dyed. She's switched off colors, but no wonder it's called dying your hair! It kills your hair, such as breakage, and then your roots grow your natural color, so you have to dye it again! It's like it never ends! One more thing. If your hair is dead from dying it, you have to heat up that flat iron as high as it goes! Thats because if your hairs dead, little heat won't do any thing to it, since your hairs broken!

by queenra on 7/14/2011 12:05:43 AM


I'm about to dye my hair and I don't know if i should though. I was going to dye half of it blue, but someone told me it would look bad when it faded, so i decided not to, but now i'm thinking about just bleaching it. But I don't know if i want to because i still kinda have dye in my hair. So I don't want to kill my hair. I need someone elses point of view. Thanks!


Hey! I dyed my hair entirely blue this year, i went to a salon for it and they did a great job. it was really fun. i recommend it Smile

Helen S.

by Gessi:) on 7/13/2011 5:55:48 PM


Hey, you shouldn't have a problem with washing it everyday, but if you ever have a day to skip just rinse with water, because too much conditioner, and shampoo can dry out your hair but that's probably not the cause to your hair if it gets greasy right away! That all brings it up to skip a day of washing your hair every once and a while!

by queenra on 7/12/2011 12:50:30 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I dont know how to keep my hair smooth,silky and soft throughout the day! It always gets tangled but my BFFS hair stays straight and silky! Why isnt mine? Do you have any suggestions of what to do? Thanx Smile Smile

Hey girly,
Everyone's hair is slightly different and has different textures. Your hair and your bff's hair will not be the same and will get tangled differently. If you want to try and help this a little, you can find products for that kind of stuff in your local drugstore.

Catie C.

by socergirl on 7/8/2011 10:24:31 AM


I have bad dandruff! I use head n shoulders, but it only helps a little Frown Please tell me your inexpensive picks, to help cure it! Smile thanks a ton!

I love Head N Shoulders but, if that doesn't work, try Selsun Blue! If that doesn't work, ask your hairdresser for his/her professional picks Smile 
Lauren C.

by kaylarocks2000 on 7/4/2011 8:06:54 PM


I want to dye my hair dark auburn, and my hair is naturally dark brown. I have light skin and olive-colored eyes. My hair is short and curly. Do you think dark auburn will look good on me? I'm that an okay age to dye my hair? And how to I convince my mom to let me? I haven't asked her yet.

hey! I think that sounds good, but you have to just come out and ask your mom. if she says no don't worry too much, if you accept her decision she'll be more likely to listen next time you ask Smile 
Helen S.

by jackieluvz on 7/1/2011 4:40:25 PM


When I tell my friends I wash my hair everyday, they say when I get older, I will lose my hair faster... is it true? Foot

by gotta<3soccer on 7/1/2011 4:17:13 PM


Sometimes you hear its bad and sometimes you hear it isnt. Its good to now know that it isnt bad because most of the time we wash our hair everyday.

by luckykel on 6/30/2011 1:19:03 PM


Does sea salt spray for your hair really work? Does it have any harmful affects to your hair? Thanks!

Hey girl,

 Yes it really works if you want to create loose waves! And no, there are no harmful effects since it's natural. x0x0
Casey L.

by Rosalie1996 on 6/30/2011 1:02:38 PM


I have SO many split ends! They make my hair look really terrible. I try to get it cut a lot, but even after the appointment I still see a ton. The worst part is, is that I've gotten into the really bad habit of splitting them.How can I stop this habit and reduce my split ends? Thanks!

Hey girl,

To stop the habit, try to do something else with your hands besides touching your hair, like doodling in your notebook.  Also, just try to be conscious of when you're doing it, because if you realize what you're doing, you're most likely to stop.  To reduce the split ends, try using a hair mask to strengthen your strands, or ask a hair dresser other ways that you can reduce them.  Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by Rosalie1996 on 6/30/2011 1:00:17 PM


i wash my hair only wen i feel like i shud.... and thts a lot of the time. ! idk wat to do tho... cuz i always do after sports but my hairstylist said u shud like only was ur hair like 2 times a week....thts kinda gross!

by Carli52199 on 6/29/2011 4:33:59 PM


i wash my hair every other day

by tabbycat627 on 6/28/2011 6:50:25 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! How can you tell if you have split ends and residue in your hair?

Hey girlie,

Residue is really only noticeable if your hair feels heavy or greasy - it doesn't show up on your hair. As for split ends, the strands of your hair will actually look like they split into two at the bottom of you have them. The ends also tend to look like little white dots sometimes!
Lauren C.

by TeamAlice33 on 6/27/2011 5:08:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! So i heard that if you put lemon in your hair, it makes the color lighter, is that true? If it is true, then how much lemon should i have on my hair? Also, should my hair be wet or dry? And how may minutes should i have it on my hair? Also, is it damaging? Sorry for all the question!! Smile



Hey girly! While I'm no hair scientist, I've heard a lot of girls say that lemon works for them. I don't think it matters whether or not your hair is wet or dry. And, maybe just squeeze one fresh lemon on your hair, and leave it on while you're out in the sun. I haven't heard anything about it being damaging, so I think you're safe Smile


Becca G.

by lock&key on 6/25/2011 7:59:29 PM


MOD MOD MOD i have always heard that it is bad not to wash your hair every day. So my mother has me washing my hair twice a day. I hear this is bad too. She is not the type who is usually wrong. what can i say to convince her im right Sincerely, Ivy



Hey girly! Washing your hair multiple times a day will strip your hair of its natural oils... thus, damaging your hair in the long run. Typically, hair dressers and stylists advice you to wash your hair every other day, to keep it healthy. The next time you go to get a hair cut, tell your hairdresser the sitch, and ask if she can talk to your ma.


Becca G.

by britgirlivy on 6/25/2011 7:11:37 PM


Thanks MOD(:

by Kitkatgirl03 on 6/25/2011 4:15:14 PM


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by chinchilla<3er on 7/28/2010 4:36:12 PM

by Lalainya on 6/24/2011 8:05:31 AM


Mod mod mod! So my hair is really curly in the back but on the sides it only a little wavy. is there anything i can do to make all of my hair curly? and why is only the back curly?

Hey girl! I would definitely recommend using product after you shower. I have curly hair too and the curls change depending on the weather. I have found some great products that work all year round. You'll have to see what works with your hair, but I use 2 pumps of Tresemme Curling Milk then once it's through all my hair I scrunch my hair with John Frieda Curling Mousse. Flip all your hair upside down and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch!! It will really play up your curls all over! Good luck finding what products work for you babe! xoxo 
Jess W.

by cait010 on 6/24/2011 1:20:10 AM


MOD! is there anyway to make my hair permanately straight? it takes forever to straighten it in the morning and it's quite a process! my mother is a hair stylist so she could chemically treat it . but will that hurt my hair ? ? thankss ! Laughing xoxo

Hey girl, anything with chemicals is going to hurt your hair, but what your mom is offering to do is one way to make your hair permanently (or at least relatively) straight. I'd talk to her more about it and see what she thinks it'll do to your hair healthwise and if it's worth it.

Alyssa B.

by farmer's daughter(: on 6/23/2011 9:36:19 PM


MODMODMOD i don't know why, but i really worry and panic over every single thing that happens to me, including little things. Like let's say, i cut my finger and there's a weird mark, i really worry and ask my parents or friends 20 times if anything is seriously wrong, to the point where they get really annoyed. I try stopping, but i can't. What should i do?

Hey girlie, take a deep breath and relax. Not everything that happens is serious and you just need to remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.

Lauren T.

by sammy4457 on 6/23/2011 5:51:41 PM


I wash my hair everyday becuase I feel gross if I don't. I use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner though so it doesn't get dry. Is that ok?

Hey girl,

Yup, that's totally fine! x0x0 
Casey L.

by topchef88 on 6/23/2011 3:48:02 PM


Mod! Is it bad to rinse and repeat?

Hey girl,

It's not necessarily bad for your hair, but using too much shampoo or conditioner can dry it out. If you hair is extra knotty though, sometimes it's good to rinse and repeat. Hope that helps! x0x0 
Casey L.

by TeamAlice33 on 6/23/2011 3:16:57 PM


When I wake up in the morning I have terrible bed head and it takes a while to fix and straighten it. Also, my natural hair has bad waves. It looks terrible naturally. Is there any way to wake up to a tamed mane? What are easy ways to fix my terrible natural waves?

Hey girl!

You could try sleeping with your hair in a certain style, like a braid, bun, or pony, to make it a little more tamed. It will still come out wavy, but it might be a little more controllable. Also, try using de-frizz styling products at night or in the morning. Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by scooby239 on 6/23/2011 2:59:19 PM


mod mod mod. I wash my hair every other day and I seriously have an afro. i have tried pantene, herbal, suave, john frieda,dove, kirkland,suave kids and all this stuff and nothing ever works. I have tangles and I hate my hair its like beyond curly hair it is unbelievabley unmanageable and plz dont tell me to get a haircut cuz when i cut it short its ugly. I hate my hair and even everybody else thinks my hair is frizzy and nothing works on it ! PLEASE REPLY Smile)))

Hey girl,

You should try no-frizz styling products that a hairdresser can suggest for you. Those should work. x0x0 
Casey L.

by Kitkatgirl03 on 6/23/2011 1:29:20 PM


MOD! I swim on the swim team, and I go to a 2 and 1/2 hour practice every day! How should I keep my hair healthy?
P.S. My hair is really thin!

Hey girl!

  Tons of companies make shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed to remove chlorine and chemicals from your hair after you've been in the pool, so you should use that. x0x0 
Casey L.

by lindseyd9 on 6/23/2011 1:01:25 PM


Is it bad to rinse and repeat????

by TeamAlice33 on 6/23/2011 12:02:29 PM


I got into a fight with my bff about 2 years ago and ever since we've been ex-bffs, it wasnt fixable at all. So we split but we're still in the same friend group. We're going to the midnight premire of harry potter together and it's just very awkward and uncomfortable for me to be around her. She made up ALOT of nasty rumors about me (saying im abusive, slutty and weird)and told them to our close friends and people I didn't even know! But the last month of school she was acting like she didnt do anything wrong. I just don't like to be around her, but I always fake nice. I'm just not sure I can fake nice in line for 5 hours and keep my sanity. How do I deal with her??

Hey girl,

Sometimes when we don't like people, we just have to be civil with them. Since you'll be with a bunch of other friends, try just talking to them instead of her and standing on the opposite side of her.  You don't have to be buddy-buddy with her, but you don't have to be mean either.  Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by fired up on 6/23/2011 11:34:50 AM


I have dark brown hair with caramel highlights (they aren't natural). Could I try using lemon juice to make my hair a little lighter or will it turn out bad? Also, how long does it last?

Hey girl,

  Check with your hairdresser to see if the lemon juice will affect your highlights at all before you start using it. x0x0 
Casey L.

by MorgyLT10 on 6/23/2011 11:24:24 AM


MOD MOD MOD Is it okay for Indian girls to wash their everyday? My mom says its not cause she says our hair dries out or loses its luster (idk if thats true) if we do that but the problem is my hair is greasy the day after I wash it. I'm Indian and I happen to know some Indian girls who do wash their everyday. So is it okay for me to wash my hair everyday or do you have any advice for keeping it from becoming greasy? 

Hey girl,

If your hair gets greasy, then you should definitely watch it to keep it healthy. Rubbing a little baby powder on the top of your scalp (so that it's completely rubbed in and can't be seen) is a good way to make your hair look less greasy. You can also ask your hairdresser what suggestions he or she has to keep your hair from getting greasy so quickly. x0x0 
Casey L.

by Scorpio1027 on 6/23/2011 11:14:43 AM


MOD MOD MOD Im going to camp in a few weeks and i dont know what to pack! Like how many tshirts or bras i should bring!

Hey girl,

Lay out your clothes exactly how you would wear them on your bed before you pack. For example, lay out a t-shirt, pair of shorts, bra, and underwear for one day, and do the same for each day you're going. That way you'll take exactly what you need and won't overpack. It is good to bring an extra pair of underwear though. Good luck! x0x0
Casey L.

by katykat3000 on 6/23/2011 11:10:32 AM


Hey, girliesSmile I just wanted to say if you need advice on anything, I'm your girl. Honestly ANY, and I mean ANY question I will be so happy to answer, and I will really give thought to and try my best to help you out with the problem/question!! <3

by titania4_97 on 6/23/2011 10:39:38 AM


I wash my hair everyday, sometime I use dry shampoo.

by nerdisthewurd26 on 6/23/2011 9:31:11 AM


I wash my hair everyday or at least get it wet, bc then I look totally frizzy! But one thing I cant live without is HAIR PRODUCTS <3!!

by MusicTaughtMeHowToLive on 6/23/2011 9:27:51 AM

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