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My sister hogs my parents' attention

My dad always boasts about my sis, but he barely says a word about all the great things I do. I feel invisible…
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MOD MOD MOD!!!! My best friend chloe has a little sister who always come and says "I love you mommy" but when chloe and her sister are talking and she said some things (not inapropiate) to her sister. Afterwards we ate food and watched a movie and Her sister said every thing she said to her mom. Chloe got in big trouble. It drives me crazy! I know its not my problem but what could she do or what can I do?

Hey sweetie! 

You can't step in on this, because you don't want to get involved in Chloe's family. Instead, tell Chloe that she has to tell her mom what her sister's doing and why it bothers her. Maybe you can hang out at your house for a while - you know Chloe's sister won't be there! xoxox 
Devin A.

by Sunblue45 on 10/14/2011 1:02:50 PM


My brother does the same thing . He will go up to my parents and kiss them on the cheek . ( i tried tht but my parents are like "what do yhuu want?" ) Hes an angel around them but whenever they leave the room he will do something mean to me, like throw something at me and then run away and say " mommy cat hurt me " guess wat ! im grounded now ! i just want you to know . yhurr not alone and i feel for you .

by baybiiey on 8/18/2011 7:29:41 PM


Today is my sister's b'day so I got her this really great present. I had to practice my algebra (I always mutter under my breath to figure out a problem). My sister thought I called her stupid, but I didn't! I mean, why would I do that on her birthday? I got in trouble anyways because my parents favor my younger sister just because she's cute. On her birthday, she always has a way of getting me trouble. How can I stop this? I've told my parents that I don't do that. I also have to tell my sister to stop A LOT. Thanks in advance!

Hey girl,

When you give her the present (if you haven't already), just have a little talk with her about how you think she's a great sister, but it really hurts you when she gets you in trouble. You can also say that you're trying your hardest to be a good sister too, but she's making it kinda hard. Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by aneesha289 on 8/4/2011 1:32:39 PM


MOD MOD MOD My 4 cousins from California are visiting, and theres a pool party in my neighborhood tonight which my mom might take them to, and the kids in my neighborhood are nuts about my cousins (ages 10,8,6, and 3)and it makes me feel left out if kids who don't even like ME hangout with MY cousins. The reason I feel like this is because if they go they'll go at about 7:00pm, which I have cheerleading practice tonight at 7-9, and like I said, it just feels a little aggravating that the kids who could care less about me love my cousins. What should I do? Please help! Briana


While it may be frustrating, try to focus on the fact that you have fun things to do yourself, such as cheerleading practice Smile


Brittany G.



Brittany G.

by JBfan97 on 7/26/2011 6:19:40 PM


my sister is going to be a freshman this year (im a junior) so we'll be going to the same school. were also in band together and alot of my friends have met her. and im totally cool with her hanging out with my friends and stuff but lately ive been feeling like the "ugly sister" guy friends will text me to tell me that they think my sister is hot and that they like her. and ive told them i dont like hearing that but they do it anyways to make me mad. and my girl friends will tell me that when they hang out with our guy friends all they do is talk about my sister. its getting to the point where im starting to be mean to my sister just cuz im mad that everyone thinks shes SOOOO gorgeous or beautiful. and i dont want the attention instead of her...i just feel like since were sisters everyone compares us...and im slowing turning into the "ugly sister". am i being ridiculous?

Hey girly,

You should definitely stop comparing yourself to your sister or calling yourself that. If you show these guys how beautiful you are on the inside and out, they'll see that you're just as good as she is. Don't be mean to your sister. She can't help what other people are saying about her. If you just keep your cool and act confident, people will see that you're great too. x0x0 
Casey L.

by canyouspellEMILYNN on 7/21/2011 1:51:11 PM


THAT IS THE EXACT SAME WAY I FEEL! I am older than my sister by 2 years and she needs more help then me but my dad never pays attention to me and it doesnt help when she brags about herself after the practice! I play soccer with osu and I am on force and my sister is on power and my dad always says "oh ok well ill help u" to my sister and all he talks about is her sometimes i just feel like i wanna run away he never pays attention to me and when he does i am allwayyss second
it hurts me Frown

by socergirl on 7/8/2011 10:36:46 AM


believe me....if you write that letter they'll go into your room and scream theri head off on how you're an unappreciative brat who doesn't care. i've tried it. and had my friend do it as well for the same problems. same results

by Madam Gir on 7/4/2011 4:30:23 PM


Ok well i have the same issue kind of. Like my siste ris a teenager and my parents praise her for getting like good grades and when i get good grades its just like... "oh good job" but i said something and now i dont feel so ignored. Just talk to your parents.

by kirstykirst123 on 6/29/2011 6:39:16 PM


i have the same invisibility problem, but it really only applies to my dad. he's an artist and used to be a great soccer player. we both got separate genes: i'm the artist and my sister's the soccer player. he dotes on her and how she needs to work harder and her team and soccer ALL the time, i haven't gone through a day lately without a discussion about it. i've been doing some really great work lately in art and music, but it's always about SOCCER (i have nothing against the sport itself, though). i've been extremely peeved about it lately along with the added nerves of going to music camp tomorrow, which he has not acknowledged at all within the past week. i don't even think he's coming to see my solo in the final concert. but life's not fair. get used to it.

by smileysevvie on 6/25/2011 8:30:00 PM


MODMODMOD-my twin and i are ** years old. we take turns doing the same job for chores but when she does it someone else helps her or i am told to and i have to do it by myself if it's my turn. and at school or camp she has to be with the same people i am or my mom gets mad at me. i meet someone new and she HAS to become friends with them because she can't meet people by herself. if we're at camp (it's set up to meet new people) she is glued to me. and if i tell her(nicely) to try to find friends herself she gets upset and starts crying. i can't talk to my parents because i'll get in trouble because 'she's my sister and i have to be nice'(friends) or 'i'm talking back' (helping with chores)
PLEASE HELP! Frown sorry it's so long...

Hey babe! You're right, that's seems totally unfair. You should help your sister though, especially when she has such a hard time meeting new friends and you don't. The chores things is totally unfair, but you really do have to listen to your parents. Maybe you can sit them down some time and explain to them your problems then ask for a reasonable response. Just try to have a mature, calm discussion with all of your issues. That's really the only thing to do, or just deal with it, but I don't much like that option. Good luck girlie! xoxo 
Jess W.

by SuperSquirrel on 6/24/2011 11:19:22 AM

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