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Cute bras in small sizes?

I want to wear cute bras, like all of my friends who have big boobs, but I don’t know where to look…
84 Comments | Add Yours

go to justice

by pinkcat4305 on 6/4/2013 7:28:33 PM


The store Justice sells smaller bras because the store is for smaller girls. They are a little expensive.

by FaithHope123 on 8/25/2012 6:05:23 PM


Help! I'm almost 12 and have big boobs for my age. I still don't know the perfect size for them. A-cups fell and look like push-ups to me, but I have c-cups that are too big! I also have B's that still are too small! I tried to measure them, but the results came out as a D-cup! What do I do?

Hey Girl--

Finding the right bra can be super daunting! The number next to the cup size is just as important as the letter! For instance, a 34A is actually around the same size as a 32B! And different companies have slightly different sizing. Try visiting victoria's secret or another undergarment boutique for a free fitting and help finding the perfect bra for you.  
simone s.

by cheetah#1 on 7/31/2012 3:55:55 PM


I know how you feel kind of... My two best friends both are shopping at PINK. And I can't fit into PINK or afford it. Frown It makes me feel kind of really left out.

by WinnieGirlie on 7/30/2012 8:22:10 PM


How do I measure to see what size cup I am without having to get someone else to measure for me?

Hey girl!

If you go to a store that sells bras they should be able to measure you there, and there's no reason to feel uncomfortable! But if you really don't want to, then you need to grab a measuring tape to do it yourself. Put on a comfortable bra you already have. First, you should measure your band size (that's the number in the size, like 34, 36, etc.) To do this, wrap the measuring tape under your armpits, around your back, across the top of your chest (above your boobs.) If the number you get is an even number, that is your band size. If the number is an odd number (such as 33) you should add one inch to that (so your band size would be 34.) Now you need to measure your cup size. This is a little complicated so read carefully! Measure around the biggest part of your chest. When you have that number, subtract your previous band measurement from this cup measurement. For example, if your band measurement is 36 inches and your cup measurement is 37 inches, you would do 37-36=1. 

If there is a 1 inch difference, you're an A cup.

A 2 inch difference is a B cup.

A 3 inch difference is a C cup.

A 4 inch difference is a D cup.

A 5 inch difference is a DD cup. 

So, your size is your band measurement and your cup size together (like 34B, 36C, etc.) Hope this helps! 

Rachael A.

by Mia Thompson on 7/9/2012 11:06:41 AM


hi i want to know if i measured right i measured my bust is 32 and my band is 29 i got a 34b is that right?

Hey girlie,

No, these numbers don't really match up, at least with the way I've always learned how to measure. Usually, you subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement. Since yours = 3, you should probably be a C cup. But it varies from bra to bra, and it's hard to measure yourself - so you should go to a department store or Victoria's Secret to get professionally measured! That way, you know you're getting the right fit <3
Lauren C.

by movintoparis on 6/24/2012 1:23:10 AM


hi i am 12 years old and i have small boobs and i want to know some places that i can get really cute and cheap bras..(please reply fast i need you opinion!!)


Hey girl! Hope I'm
responding in time! Target has some great ones that are cute and cheap...just
what you're looking for! This link has everything you need to know for picking
the right bra! 


Catherine C.

by movintoparis on 6/22/2012 5:24:15 AM


MOD!!!MODMOD!!! I have a bra size 30 b!!! What stores have bras in my size???

 Hey girl, try Hanes or Bare Necessities. Heard Target has some, too.
Carrie R.

by Tinytina498 on 6/19/2012 11:17:18 AM


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the advice.

by aladreams9 on 6/4/2012 3:25:08 PM


I have small-ish boobs and my mom bought me two padded bras. They make my chest a little bigger. I like to wear them with tees but not tanks. In the summer, that's pretty much all I wear. My breasts look really big and I don't like it. But I don't want to tell my mom that I want a new one because she'd think the ones she got for me two months ago are two big. What can I do?
BTW, I feel awkward talking to my mom about 'girl stuff.'

Hey girl,

Don't feel awkward! This puberty thing is all about figuring things out together. It's so great she bought you two bras already - that means she isn't uncomfy with the situation and is willing to help you prepare. So go to her wearing a tank top and one of the bras, and show her what you mean - that the padded bras work fine under sweaters and shirts, but tank tops are a little more "skimpy" so you feel weird with all the padding. There are cheap tee shirt bras out there that are thin and lightweight that would be perf for summertime! Just take a deep breath and be honest about how you're feeling - and if you want, throw in that you really appreciate the other bras but you were wondering if you could grab one more. Make sure you THANK mom and just be open about how you're feeling. It'll be ok!
Lauren C.

by aladreams9 on 6/3/2012 9:53:56 AM

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