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Cute bras in small sizes?

I want to wear cute bras, like all of my friends who have big boobs, but I don’t know where to look…
84 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD i am 11 and wear bras, how do i bring up shopping at pink to my mom? (I usualy get them form justice and have never shopped at pink)


Just ask her, either when you two are somewhere alone (in the car, at home) or shopping together, if it would be okay if you guys looked at getting bras at Pink instead of Justice.  Tell her why you want to shop there (you want some variety, etc.), and be willing to listen to her side.  Bring it up calmly, and hopefully you guys can at least talk about it!  Smile

Marie H.

by quinn1218 on 6/25/2011 10:07:27 AM


MOD MOD MOD 1)im 11 and wear bras, is that old enough to shop a pink? @)if so how do i talk to my mom about it??


Hey chica!  It's really up to you and your mom if you're old enough.  If you aren't wearing bras yet, just tell your mom (in a one-on-one convo, natch) that you think you might be ready to wear bras, and ask her if she will help you pick some out.  If you already wear them, next time you're shopping together, ask if you can go check out Pink together.  Good luck! 

Marie H.

by quinn1218 on 6/25/2011 9:46:42 AM


***MOD MOD MOD*** So, I've been getting this brown stuff in my underwear and when I wipe my butt, blood gets on it. The brown stuff looks like poop but idk if it is poop. Is my period or poop? Thx! Smile~JellybeanxD


Hey chica!  I'm not really sure... It is possible for your period to sometimes look a little brown or even clumpy.  Not to be too gross, but you kinda just have to see where it's coming from!  Also, if it's your period, it will keep up for a few days and then stop.  Hope that helps a bit!  xoxo

Marie H.

by jellybeanxD on 6/25/2011 7:16:47 AM


I'm not sure if I'm redy 4 a bra. I'm in 5th grade, almost 6th. So no. 1, what are some signs I need one and no. 2, how do I "crack the egg" with mom? Plz help! Thx mods!

When you develop breasts tell you mom that you feel you need a bra.

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by sweetpea185 on 6/24/2011 9:52:58 PM


actually at my school we have to dress out for gym. yes, that means taking off ur clothes in the girls locker room with everyone in there! so people do see ur underwear! and if u have ugly underwear...all the girls make fun of u!!
yes..my school is very mean..and it seemed scary at first but its just girls in there so it doesn't matter! yeah so i gotta have cute bras!

by Alykat18 on 6/24/2011 9:31:50 PM


@ Boscov's they have pretty bras for smaller boobs. Imma 36A and i have to get them in the kid's department, irritaitng because my friends are all Cs... but they have pretty ones. i have one thats grey with colored pokadots and it has pink laceyness in the band at the center. So try that. And in the womens their you can get a small womans bras and their pretty looking. and its nt that someones gnna see it, its just lik a mood booster Smile i allways feel better wen my bras all pretty... absoulety no idea y... lol mb its just me. but yea. try macys & boscovs.. + the bras r rlly cheap, like 5$. i thnk its crazy to spend 30$ on a bra... so thts bttr

by lipglossluver2 on 6/24/2011 8:30:04 PM


It was so weird. I went to Pink to get sized, because I was spilling out of my bra, and I didn't know what size I needed. They sized me down an entire cup. It was awkward, because it was like, "I grew out of those bras in the sixth grade. Uh... yeah." As it turns out, I am still the same cup size, but have a bigger rib size (thanks to marching band). XD


by clarinetluvgirly on 6/24/2011 8:15:20 PM


victorias secret pink--What would I do with them. I have been wearing pink ever since my mom let me started shopping there. I love to go to their website to see what I think would look good on me. And I like patterned bras and ones with style. Maybe someday I will grow into some of their other styles but for now its pink for me.

by luckykel on 6/24/2011 7:05:17 PM


Smile (;(:❤❥❥❦✔⎨I LOVE YOU⎬₪±∗÷ℵ♪♫♬

by sgn_dancer on 6/24/2011 6:32:45 PM


Y cant they all be plain? No1 sees ur bra or underwear sooo it should all be plain

by TeamAlice33 on 6/24/2011 6:31:53 PM

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