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6 moves for a beach bod

Check out these moves from master trainer Sara Haley.
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mod* do you have any exercises for strengthening your back? im a dancer, and we need strong backs (which i don't really have...) thanks!


Anything that strengthens your core (pilates, planks, or really any ab workout) is also beneficial for your back.  This workout routine works all-over, including your bacK:  You could also google "back exercises" and see what is available online - you just might want to check with your dance teacher before you start any kind of plan, who can tell you what's good for ya.  xoxo

Marie H.

by littlestarr22 on 6/25/2011 9:56:32 AM


So I am a girl who collects ALL of the fat on my body on my stomach. My arms and legs r very skinny, but(sadly) my stomach is not. I am going to stop eating sweets with sugar in them to try to cut back on the fat. But I must workout! Do you have any suggestions? Like pilates...... idk what else. I do gymnastics one hour a week too and have "dessert nights" on tuesday, thursday, and saturday courtesy of my parents. Please help! (And I am basically done growing and am shaped like my dad. He is really over-weight but is losing the extra... already 25 lbs!) Thanks!

Increase fruits, veggies and water and decrease fatty and not-so-healthy foods, but keep in mind, that your body is ever-changing and before you make any drastic changes to your diet, talk to your doctor first!

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by CheerleadingCutie on 6/24/2011 9:05:56 PM


I have a pool party at a family friends house tomorrow and my only siwmsuit is a bikini and i feel uncomfortable wearing it, but when i tell my mom she says "honey it's fine".
what should i do?  

Tell her that she may feel that it is fine, but you don't and you are the one who has to wear it Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by sareena98rama on 6/24/2011 7:58:42 PM


ModModMod So my dad wants me to start training before volleyball season starts. I'm all for it. My mom wants to start working out with me but the problem is, she doesn't work out at the same skill level as I do. My dad wants me to train really hard and go on a diet plan and everything but my mom wants to work out at an easier level. I want to get in shape for volleyball but I won't get in shape as soon if I go at my mom's pace. I don't want to tell her because she really wants to work out with me. What should I do?

Tell her about your dad's workout plan and see if she'd want to try it out with you--make sure she sees how enthused you are about his plan so she'll see how excited you are and that you don't want to leave her out Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by Girlie77 on 6/24/2011 7:20:06 PM


So my dad's assistant's daughter just moved to my town from another state, so I'm the only person in town she knows. She makes really bad choices (Drinking, Drugs, Inappropriate Stuff with Boyfriends...)And I don't like hanging out with her. I feel bad, though, because she doesn't know anyone. How do I tell her this? And I mean, REALLY bad choices, which isn't a common thing in this town, and I don't want people to think that I'm like that.

Hey!  just tell her, nicely, how you feel and I'm sure she'll understand Smile
Helen S.

by lol_girl224 on 6/24/2011 6:51:16 PM


I have a really big stomach and it makes me feel really uncomfortable when I am around people. I lost some but i just gained it back. How can I become skinnier before school starts?

Hey! just so ya know, girls’ bodies change  a ton during the teen years and weight gain is normal and restricting your diet drastically won’t actually help you lose weight. That being said I'm gonna direct you to our fitness page for all our info on healthy living Smile 
Helen S.

by scooby239 on 6/24/2011 5:35:42 PM


i think that you should have videos for these exercises! it would help way more!

hey! thanks for the suggestion Smile 
Helen S.

by peace-love on 6/24/2011 4:12:46 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!!! A couple nights ago, I had dream that one of my guy friends was making out with another girl. When I woke up, I was so mad! I didn't like him before this dream, but now I'm not so sure. I do really miss him, though. Help!

Hey girly,
It was probably just a dream. But if you miss this guy so much, give him a call or send him a text and get back in touch.

Catie C.

by CherryGirl316 on 6/24/2011 2:46:57 PM


Thanks for putting up an exercise where can follow along easily!!

by svds on 6/24/2011 2:32:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!!!!! I'm going to a class party tonight my boyfriends going to be there along with my friends i feel like he's going to get really quite when i try to talk to my bff's with him around plus i want to be alone with my bff's for a bit but i don't want to hurt his feelings. help!!!

Hey girly,
Just be really sweet and smile and tell him that you need to have a little girl time to talk about girl stuff. Then, promise to chat with him later. He'll feel the love while you get your private time with the girls.

Catie C.

by qtpie42 on 6/24/2011 1:26:30 PM

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