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How To: Pack for your hiking trip

We’ve got the best gear to keep ya lookin’ fab (and feeling energized) when you reach the summit.
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i also talk and walk in my sleep so i want to share a room with my friends but if not

by reeses150 on 9/2/2011 3:12:48 PM


i;m going camping for 2 nights overnight in november for school what should I bring

by reeses150 on 9/2/2011 3:10:38 PM


hi i am going on a 4 day camping trip
and i have already packed clothes and stuff but what about camping suplies? i already have a tent and i won't need food.
this might be a dumb question but yeah.


Hey babe! You should totally bring tongs for s'mores! And chairs to set up around the campfire. Your sleeping bag, of course. You should bring a lantern, flashlight, and extra batteries.  Have fun!! xoxo

Jess W. Lauren C.

by sailaway11 on 7/7/2011 12:42:25 PM


These are all so cute! I love the backpack especially.

by puppylover1152 on 6/29/2011 3:48:20 PM


I like the color of the water bottle (Lavendar).

by LoveToLaugh on 6/29/2011 3:33:50 PM


I am going to my friends cottage on an Island this weekend. She never told me what to pack, so right now I only have a bathing suit, towel and clothes. What should I pack???

Hey girl,

It sounds like you're packing the right things.  You should maybe throw in book if you're going to be laying on the beach, sunscreen, and a sweater for nighttime in case it gets cold. Have fun! x0x0 
Casey L.

by siaeme12 on 6/29/2011 11:44:26 AM


Cute items! I really like the Nike shirt and the backpactk. Tong

by Catlover4723 on 6/29/2011 10:35:59 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD So I have one of my closest friends who I haven't been friends with for that long, maybe about 2 years now. But I've also been trying to stay close to all of my band friends and I've been really busy with band camp and stuff so she gets mad at me for never being able to hang out cause I have band stuff! And then whenever I do hang out with my friends all of my other friends get mad, even though honestly I spend just as much time as them. What should I do?!



Hey girl. It stinks when people get jealous. Why not go out of your way to make your friends feel special when you are with them or try explaining that you really want to be with them, but you have to go to band camp?

mary h.

by acpowers on 6/29/2011 2:55:18 AM


mod mod mod
so theres this girl (my sorta friend) who always invites me over (texting me) and i really dont wanna go over because shes just sorta annoying and too dramatic and a little mean and just not the type of friend i wanna have. she just texted me to invite me over and i do wanna text her back cuz i hate it when i invite people ovr and they dont respond. what do i say?

Hey girl, just send her a text back that says while you appreciate the invite, you can't tonight because you need to study or your 'rents won't let you. Show you have different priorities as an excuse.

Alyssa B.

by oceanlover69 on 6/28/2011 10:31:17 PM


I was just wondering what some good conversation-starters would be to talk to people who I don't know that well? Thanks!

Hey girl, talk about a mutual class or popular show together. A great icebreaker for me would be asking my new friends what they thought of last week's Glee.

Alyssa B.

by applea123 on 6/28/2011 9:50:28 PM

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