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August / September 2011

Cover girl Selena spills all plus what's cool now and your guide to the best school year ever...
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MOD MOD MOD! Can i get past issues like this one?

Hey girlie,

Click here and see the very last question about contacting customer service. Try writing/calling them to ask about ordering past issues. It might be possible! Smile 
Lauren C.

by BriannaM911 on 10/9/2011 8:04:17 AM


put your hand over your mouth
make a wish
post this on 10 other polls
look at your hand

by Marceline1 on 9/10/2011 6:43:59 PM



by fasion-queen52 on 9/10/2011 3:05:59 PM


Hi! When are you going to post the picture of the new cover of the Oct/Nov issue, and like what's in the mag? Like for the Aug/Sept issue, you posted it on July 8, so do you have any idea when you will post the new one? Thanks! (It doesn't matter when, cuz I know it'll be a great issue Smile but im just wondering)

Hey girl,

No definite date yet. Keep checkingggg... but here's a preview! Smile

Lauren C. Lauren C.

by oceanlover69 on 9/8/2011 8:01:34 PM


I have 2 questions
1) I listen to a lot of post-metal and screamo. My brother used to listen to it and my parents hate it with a passion! They think it's evil Tong I can't listen to disney forever! My parents don't know I listen to it. How can I listen to my music without being worried all the time?
2)I want to get my lip pierced for Christmas this year, but my mom has stated before that I can't get any piercings because she doesn't want me to look like a "wild child" How can I get her to let me get my lip pierced?

Hey babe! 

There's nothing wrong with listening to post-metal and screamo! I'd just tell your parents why you like it - do the lyrics apply to your life, or does the singer of your favorite band advocate for a charity you really like? As for your lip piercing, just know that any piercing you get is going to stay a part of your look for a while. If it's something you're really serious about, I'd go to a store that does piercings and learn all the information you can before actually getting anything pierced, and then I'd present the information to your parents. If you show them you're serious about the responsibilities of cleaning your piercing, they might be more likely to approve of it. Good luck!  
Devin A.

by selgomez1997 on 9/5/2011 12:55:21 PM


Who's the next GL cover girl for the Oct/Nov issue?

You gotta wait to see! ;) 
Lauren C.

by oceanlover69 on 9/4/2011 12:09:13 PM


I don't like Selena's hair in this pic Frown Sorry Sel

by HappyFeet16 on 9/4/2011 8:01:44 AM


MOD- what date does the next mag come out?? Thanks Smile

Hey girl,

It'll be on newsstands by the end of September! 
Lauren C.

by HappyFeet16 on 9/4/2011 8:00:57 AM


MOD!okay so i haven't been getting mine for like a year now and i know that im still subscribed because i check it to make sure like every month, what do i do?

Send an email to Brittany Taylor at

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by montanna98 on 9/3/2011 11:26:50 AM


Why don't my comments show up?

They're being moderated 

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by 12coco on 9/3/2011 9:13:17 AM

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