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I wanna engineer!

Adrienne Billiau was never intimidated by the overwhelming majority of male engineers, especially in the automotive industry where she works with hybrid cars.
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i wanna be a physical rehabilitation doctor/physical therapist!Smile

by swimstarry on 12/31/2011 12:16:59 PM


way inspirational. Just because it's a male dominated career doesn't mean a girl can't kick butt at it. Like when guys say girls can't play football. Turns out, I can tackle pretty well. ;)

by angelicjade on 10/17/2011 10:14:09 PM


Hey girls! If you like to read, write or both could you please join my club "Bookworms & Writers"? I am trying to reach at-least 55 members by the end of the week and right now I'm at 43. I would really appreciate your help! Smile

by LexilicousCandy on 8/9/2011 10:28:32 PM



There should be some magazines in the pocket in the seat in front of you, including the awesome shopping magazine SkyMall (if you don't have it, I'm sorry). You can read them. Also, it's fun to read the safety brochure. Bring books, magazines, your iPod, games and, something less obvious, cards. If you're flying with someone else, you can play various games. Look up games like the super-simple War to the more complicated (and my favorite) Rummy. Or, you can play yourself with games such as Solitare. If you are lucky, there'll be a television screen in front of you, with games (even multiplayer) and movies/shows. I've been on many plane flights, and I must say-I love them!

~If you want more advice, visit my group Fashion, Beauty and Health Advice or visit my Advice Queen page Freakout911! All questions (even unrelated) are completely acceptable!~
I hope to see you soon!

by Freakout911 on 7/9/2011 6:40:22 AM


my mom told me that she had 2 abortions before me.
I cant stop crying, i just cant believe she would kill my siblings. Apparently theres a story behind it all, but I cant listen to her to tell me, not yet anyways. My mom has been dealing with depression lately(i now know it is partly because of her regret) and she thinks I think shes a bad person, and I know shes not, I'm just having a really hard time dealing with this. I feel guilty for being this ungrateful child, when my brothers or sisters are dead. Why am I alive and their not? I really just don't know how to let myself forgive her. please help.

Listen to her story and let her know you are upset, but not angry with her

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by phixxee3 on 7/9/2011 12:31:49 AM


so i was wondering also what a 00/0/1 size in jeans would be in the 20's?

I'm not sure  Have you tried Googling it?

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by retef on 7/8/2011 10:56:29 PM


MOD MOD MOD So tonight I'm leaving for a plane ride to Florida. It is about 6 hours long. Anyways, what things should I bring for the plane ride. Since it is a night flight, most people will be sleeping, but not me -- I can't sleep on planes :/ I'm going to load a few episodes of Modern Family onto my iPod, so that'll keep me busy for about 2 hours. What should I do the rest of the time? I don't really like playing cards or anything like travel games or activity books, like croosword puzzles or soduku. And I can't play anything with my parents or brother, because my parents will probably be lseeping, and my brother won't want to do anything with me because he doesn;t like me. thank you Smile

Hey girly,
You might want to pick up a couple books or some magazines. Those will definitely pass the time.

Catie C.

by oceanlover69 on 7/8/2011 2:28:55 PM


mod mod! i'm still confused on the jean sized thing. on the contest page it says sizes 24-32. i don't know what that means. i'm a size 3 usually so what size do i get? a 25?

Hey girly,
You are probably about a 24 or a 25. If you still aren't sure, take out a tape measure and measure your waist. The number you get from that will help you know what size to get.

Catie C.

by Kalulah on 7/8/2011 2:04:55 PM


MOD MOD MOD! I want to raise money for many different charities, I already got planned out what I want to do: bake cupcakes and have a sale. I want to raise money for the following charities: The Arthritis Foundation, Ameircan Cancer Society, Children's Hospital of Illinois, and the Pencils of Promise Foundation. How do I approach my parents about this idea? Thanks!

Hey girly,
The first thing to do is have a solid plan. Know where you are going to do this, how you are going to do this, everything. Then just be mature and approach them with it. Be prepared to listen to what they have to say though. They might seem like they are making your plan smaller, but they will help you be realistic and hopefully succeed.

Catie C.

by nerdisthewurd26 on 7/8/2011 1:49:46 PM


You go Adrienne!!

by dancethenightaway on 7/8/2011 1:12:04 PM

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