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Speedy tips to prep for your next race

Here's how to get you from your first workout to the finish line in no time!
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MOD MOD MOD!! i know this isn't the right spot for this but, i don't know where to put it. okay, so at lunch i like to play sports but no other girls play soccer or basketball or whatever i want to play because only guys do. i dont know how to ask the guys if i want to play. i just don't know what to say!! please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx

by coldplay12 on 8/28/2011 10:22:28 PM


Thanks! I'm going to be a freshman this year and i am going to do cross country and track.

by pumpkinerin on 7/26/2011 9:52:32 AM


Mod mod mod! Can the way you "mature" and grow change your athletic abilities? ive developed more curves this year, and compared to last year, im not as good of a runner even though ive trained a lot more. it seems like it doesn't come as naturally this year. Can this be from the way my body has changed? and if so, how can i fix it?

Hey girl,

Growing can definitely change the way we carry our bodies - and this might make it harder to adjust in an athletic setting. You're not used to your new height, your new weight, or even just the way your curves have distributed themselves. But it's all about adjusting - you'll get used to your "new" bod soon! Just keep training and working hard Smile
Lauren C.

by renee95 on 7/25/2011 6:21:31 PM


Hey girls! If you are an experienced runner, an aspiring runner, or just starting out, join my new club, Run Like a Girl! Here, we'll each give running tips and tricks!

by Runnergrrl16 on 7/24/2011 7:05:41 PM


MOD!! I really want to try to get healthy. I want to eat healthier, eat less junk food, and exercise more to get in shape. My problem is that I can't get motivated! No matter how much I want to get fit, I just don't have the endurance or motivation to do it. How can I get motivated so I can not only get started but also stick to it? Thanks a bunch!


Hey chica!  What helps me is finding a realistic plan that I actually enjoy.  If you don't work out, and you try to tell yourself you're gonna work out an hour a day, it just won't work.  Try 30 minutes, a few times a week, to begin with.  Try different workouts, like swimming, running, dancing, or even brisk walks around the neighborhood, and see what gets you excited to work out.  Fun music doesn't hurt, either! Smile  Good luck! 

Marie H.

by GLreedr36 on 7/23/2011 12:00:34 PM


MOD MOD! So I want flat abs quickly, And Ive recently started doing this thing(Today I started) where I sit on a yoga ball instead of a chair and I bounce up and down and bounce around and dance while listening to upbeat music and such. I do this maybe more than half the time I do computer? Maybe a hour or more a day. How quickly will this and eating healthy get me flat abs?


Hey chica!  I can't say for sure, because every body is different!  But you can't go wrong with balanced exercised and eating, so be proud of yourself.  Smile

Marie H.

by mp3player9 on 7/22/2011 9:01:39 PM


I promised our P.E coach that I would go for soccer and was even the first one to sign up!He even said that there were no crossing outs. But then my parents said no..and disagreed.. What should I do?!! Should I e-mail him??

Hey babe! If you know why your parents don't want you to play soccer then yes, you should definitely email your coach and tell him that your parents won't let you go out for the team. (If you don't know why then talk to your parents about why they are so against it.) Maybe he can talk to your parents about it, but if your parents feel strongly against you becoming involved with a school activity, then unfortunately, you have to listen to them. Good luck! xoxo 
Jess W.

by cutiepieguru on 7/22/2011 1:52:59 AM


how come when i leave comments on peoples profiles it doesnt show?

by clumsy4567 on 7/19/2011 10:28:44 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD I am trying out for volleyball and tennis next year, which both involve coordination. How do I improve my hand-eye coordination?

Hey girl,

Improving your hand-eye coordination can be done by doing little things, like playing catch with someone or even tossing a ball up and down yourself. By practicing to catch the ball, you will definitely improve your coordination. Also, you should try just practicing tennis and volleyball with a friend to improve your skills. Good luck! x0x0

Casey L.

by lemontwist213 on 7/18/2011 3:13:10 PM


Hey mod, I'm a softball pitcher and I'm trying out at the end of August to be a pitcher on a travel team. Do you have any exercises that would help me train until the tryout? Thanks <3

Hey babe! You should definitely work on upper body workouts, but don't over-do it! You don't want to pull a muscle and be sore for the try-out. Try using some free-weights. Ab work-out will help a lot too! Good luck! xoxo 
Jess W.

by gleek97 on 7/18/2011 4:05:53 AM

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