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I wish I had curves

My body is straight up and down, and I¹m really jealous of my friends, who have boobs and hips and everything.
35 Comments | Add Yours

My friends are all busty and pretty faced and have either pear shaped or hourglass shaped bodies. I'm the only stupid, ugly one with a ruler shape. I'm ugly and I have to deal with it. My best friend was a B cup in 6th grade, while I had nothing. 7th grade small C cup I just started growing. In 8th grade she was a HUGE C cup and I was a B cup. I know that I'm ugly and I have to deal with it for the rest of my life. And hear is the catch we're in the same grade and going to 9th grade. I'm ugly because in the hallways everyone only notices my friends. I'm a piece of nothing, ruler shaped, short girl. I'm stupid and just nothing and ugly. How can I make my body grow faster and be like my friends?


Well first of all, I want you to stop talking like that. You are not nothing. And you are not ugly. What so ever. There will ALWAYS be some girl who has a bigger bust. There will ALWAYS be some girl who's skinnier or has prettier hair. I promise you that. But that doesn't mean you're ugly! What so ever! I want you to stop being so down on yourself. You have a B cup! There are some girls who are A's or AA's who would kill for a B cup! Why are you doing so down on yourself? I guarantee there are tons of pretty things about you. I want you to look into a mirror and list the things you like about yourself. I may not like the color of my eyes, but I have a pretty nice smile and i love my hair color. I also might have some acne and not have nice skin, but I love that I have small feet and a curvy body. So I'm willing to admit I have my flaws, but I still love myself because I have some things that make me pretty. You need to look at the positives hon. If you start to do that and are confident in yourself, all the boys will notice you too. I promise. xoxo kerra 

Kerra S.

by KaeyPrincess on 7/14/2012 11:06:34 PM


Hey loveTC247, don't pay your friends any mind. If you guys are just friends then who cares what they say. They probably tease you because they know how much it bothers you. Next time they start messing with you act like it doesn't affect you at all. I'm sure they'll stop. Hope this helps! Xoxo

So, I have this guy friend, Luke. And we are just friends. My other girlfriends aren't so sure. They have made up a name for us "Lulee" (Luke and Kailee) They also say things like boys and girls can't be just friends. They say it's weird that we text each other every day, and one of my friends thinks that we are secretly dating, just because I won't let her see my phone. Help!
Thanks in advance! Smile
-Kailee Lynae P.

by loveTC247 on 2/1/2012 5:12:47 PM


so i have known what sex was since 3rd grade i am in 7th grade now and I STILL have not had "the talk" should I tell my patents that I already know all this stuff or should I just wait???? Thanks! Smile

Hey girl!

I have a feeling your parents are either upset that you're growing up, or are worried about the risks of growing up today.  Depending on their own pasts, they too might feel a little uncomfortable talking about sex. If you have questions, however, your parents are the people to ask. If you see something on television or in a movie and you don't understand what it is, you can ask your mom something along the lines of, "I saw this happen on Gossip Girl and I'm not really sure what it is...can we talk about it?" Even if you didn't see something along those lines on television, you could pretend if you have a question you want to ask anyway. Good luck babes! This is a tough convo, but one we all eventually have to have with our 'rents. xoxox
Devin A.

by lovetc247 on 10/24/2011 3:54:06 PM


Don't wish for curves! Do not! I have an hourglass figure and it well it sucks. My shirts ride up! I don't have a big enough but to hold up my pants! So , pretty much curves suck. So don't go around comparing yourself to your friends or anyone else, god gave you your bod for a reason so don't worry you are perfect I guess just the way you are!

by Dreamer99 on 10/15/2011 2:17:17 AM


Hey girl, NO, THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL. Your bod isn't going to change when you do it (it changes NOTHING physically), and you shouldn't do it for that reason in the first place. Your bod is beautiful the way it is, and you should love it. When you do it, you should do it because you're emotionally ready and in love, not because you want to look different. It's so important you love yourself and the way you are.

Alyssa B.

by luckykel on 8/25/2011 10:44:19 PM


lol im lopsided. ive got boobs but no hips.

by Dancing Queen 14 on 8/2/2011 8:31:35 AM


MOD MOD MOD well I have to get 3 baby teeth pulled so I can get braces, cuz ive always been slow with losing teeth. I'm really scared though. All I know is that I'm going to be out the whole time. One of the teeth is realy loose but the other two won't budge. I really scared. What are they going to do to mee? help me please im freakin outtt Frown

Hey girl,

Dentists know what they're doing, so they'll make sure you feel no pain while they're being pulled out. Don't worry at all! x0x0
Casey L.

by Tokyogirl98 on 7/28/2011 1:20:15 AM


I'm really skinny for my age and I'm not anorexic. Like not the good kind of skinny but the like really really skinny. My mom says I just burn off calories quickly? And I have really big hands and my wrist is like half the radius of them. Is there any way I can gain more muscle or foods to help me get some meat on my bones without being unhealthy? Also I'm not good at sticking to workout routines or certain foods so do you have any suggestions to sticking to something? Thanks! Smile

The way i've found to stick to things is to really make them a part of my schedule. that way it feels weird not doing them. good luck! 
Helen S.

by sarahismspettyfer on 7/27/2011 8:32:49 PM


MOD: ok, so i don't want to date now, but the thing is: my mom will seriously not let me date until I am 16/17, and that is in groups. I just don't want to lie and hide stuff from her in the future, and she is really firm about dating issues like that. I try to remind her that I am out of about 10 girls out of 100 at my school who don't date, and that it is really gets me as an outcast sometimes. I just don't know what to do and am pretty confused. Another question 2) my mom will not let me wear bikini's or mono kinies! So I am stuck with tankinis and really, they don't look flattering. I mean,I would be fine if I had a bigger top (not so revealing) but It just looks like either I have crazy strict parents or I am really uncomfortable about my body, which is NOT the case. any way to compromise on either subjects? Thanks a ton!



Hey girl. I find it kind of hard to believe that so many of your peers are dating. It can feel like you are the only one not dating, but that is just not the case. It is good that you care about not hiding things from your parents in the future. Take your time. You don't like anyone right now. If you do start to like someone take it slow. Invite him over as a friend. Have your parents get used to him and trust him  (and you) a little more. They may change their tune if they know that you aren't hanging with a sketchy dude. Ultimately, you can't change what your parents will allow you to do when it comes to dating. My advice would be to just hang out with guys for now and see what happens.


As far as the bathing suit issue goes, I would suggest going shopping for a  new suit with your mom. I'm sure there is a flattering suit somewhere out there. Tankinis come in loads of cuts so find one that works for you.  Covering up doesn't have to mean looking frumpy. Check out some of the cute retro styles that are all over right now. Also remember that mixing and matching tops and bottoms can make a big difference!

mary h.

by hahaha2005 on 7/25/2011 1:26:34 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! i really want to go on birth control, but i dont know how to tell my mom. i just want it because its better to be safe than sorry, but i have no idea how to bring it up!!! i know it wont help to tell her all my friends are on the pill, so any help? thanks!!



Hey babe. If you don't feel comfortable asking your mom about going on the pill then you may not be ready to have sex. If you really can't ask her and must be on the pill try going at it from a different angle, like going on it for irregular periods or something like that. Talk to your doctor about. If she won't let you and you think you might need birth control you should consider forms of birth control than the pill.

mary h.

by esc123 on 7/25/2011 12:16:58 PM

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