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Bras are so uncomfortable!

I know I'm ready for a bra with cups, but how can I get used to the way it feels?
46 Comments | Add Yours

you should go to justice they have your size there I am 8 and wear a 32aa i buy ones from the oh so soft collection i have two from that collection because i have a soft cup and it feels like you are not even wearing a bra

by pinkcat4305 on 6/4/2013 7:05:14 PM


Hi mod
I rlly need help. Mi sis was a late bloomer so she got her first trainin bra in gr 7. I'm in gr 6 rote now and i no i need a bra now, but idk how to ask my mom. I'm scared that if i tell her that i want a bra she's going to overeact and gush over how i developed earlier then mi sis and tell my hole fam, that would b SOOO embarressing. Idk how to ask for a bra! Can u help me?!?!?!

Hey girlie,

She might gush a little because seeing their daughter grow up is kinda exciting for parents, but try to take a deep breath and let it pass. She'll get used to the idea after a little while! And if you really don't want everyone to know, tell her quietly and honestly that you are a little embarrassed and would really appreciate it if she didn't tell anyone who doesn't need to know. Tell her you trust her and you want to involve her in stuff like this (you want to be able to tell her secrets and ask for her help through your teen years), so you hope she'll understand and will respect your wishes to keep this quiet. If you're straight with her and tell her these things, I think she'll be way cool about it Smile
Lauren C.

by Soybeanlover on 5/3/2012 6:26:12 PM


I have been wearing bras since 4th grade after a while you get used to them.

by cet on 12/23/2011 3:01:00 PM


I really kinda need a bra but I don't know how to ask my mom ..... I don't have real big boobs but their not that tiny.....I also want one before school.....I don't know what to

Hey babe,

Needing a bra is a totally normal - and expected - part of growing up as a girl. Don't feel embarrassed or awkward about asking! Mom has known this was coming since you were born, so it's not gonna shock her. When you go back to school shopping (or if you don't have plans to go, ask mom to come along while you look for new jeans or something), head to the lingerie department and check out the training bras or lightly padded bras meant for tweens and teens. They'll have some really cute styles and your perf size! Grab a few and try them on, asking mom for advice. Make sure you include her and stay open about the whole thing - don't shut her out or feel awkward, and she won't feel awkward herself. It could be a fun day for the two of you! Smile
Lauren C.

by Danielle:)3 on 8/22/2011 7:20:39 PM


Ok, so I recently got back from camp, and after camp, I noticed that I had pain in my stomach and legs. A few days after, I also had pain in my breasts. I also am due to have my period next week, but I am not discharging like I usually do. I'm freaking out! I am a virgin and never had a boyfriend, but could I be pregnant? Please help!


Hey babe,

If you have not had sexual intercourse with a guy (or if your "down there" has not come in close contact with a guy's own private parts), you cannot be pregnant. And discharge changes throughout the month - it isn't necessarily always heavier before your period. Don't worry on that one Smile Still, lasting pain in your belly/legs/chest isn't normal so, if it continues, give your doc a call just to be safe <3

Lauren C.

by cheshirecat12 on 8/22/2011 5:56:30 PM


you should got to gilly hicks and get fitted!! they have a huge selection and some of them are really soft!!!you can get ones with barely any padding too so that they're comfortable

by hunnibunnilivi on 8/15/2011 9:30:19 PM


istill<3u: even though i don't wear a bra and probably wont for a loooong time, i'll try to help you out. i think you should pick a time when you and your mom are alone, or maybe the next time you go to the store, and tell her you want a bra. list the reasons why you think you need one, and she'll most likely understand. plus, you might want to get fitted, if you haven't already, to find the right size and style. good luck, girl! xoxo <3

by MusikRox1999 on 8/13/2011 3:19:08 AM


you should try a training bra first before wearing a under wire bra. i had the same problem when i was developing breasts but after a while, i got used to wearing a wired bra.

by sweetAnGel55 on 8/9/2011 10:19:05 PM


kso please you guys, help me out, im scared to ask my mom for a bra :S
im gonna be 13 on august and im going into 8th grade, and i have boobs, not big ones but im still wearing a sports bra, i only have like two pairs :S and no im not poor Tong
and im scared to ask my mom for a real bra, and everytime we go to a store and i see a bra, she just walks by it -.-
help me :S i want a bra b4 going to school !

by istill<3u on 8/5/2011 3:49:33 PM


If you find a good bra, it won't be just takes a while to find the right one for yourself.

by savannah.renae on 8/1/2011 6:03:52 PM


Good After Noon Mod!!! I really have problems with my bra so much!! It is so ridiculous how much they itch, and the tag is just like a monster beating up my back! I put on powder, and tissue it still doesn't work. Not to mention sometimes the bra hurts my boobs!! I have always had these problems since I started wearing cup bras which has been about a year and a few months. Thanks

Hey! you should get a fitting at victoria's secret or a department store, fit is key to comfort. check this out: 
Helen S.

by PlatinumDove on 7/27/2011 6:16:45 PM


MODMODMOD whats the difference between a padded bra and a cupped bra?thanx!

Hey girl,

A padded bra has some extra padding in it, and a cupped bra can also have padding, but the cup does not cover the whole boob. x0x0 
Casey L.

by waffles4eva! on 7/27/2011 1:24:44 PM


if you dont like bras you could always try wearing a tank top with a built-in bra.

by fudgemonkey on 7/27/2011 8:32:38 AM


Whats a demi bra?

Hey girl,

A demi bra just means there's less coverage, so part of your boob is exposed. x0x0 
Casey L.

by lagirl16 on 7/26/2011 3:28:49 PM


Im starting 7th grade too but I have been wearing a bra since 5th grade. I dont need a padded one but i wear one larger so its more comfortable, plus you may feel behind your other friends ( i know i have) they might have larger bras on too so yep.

by iheartlyra on 7/26/2011 2:58:06 PM


craxi comments!

by breneshamosby on 7/26/2011 1:30:00 AM


The only problem going braless in public is that people can really see what size you are, so if you are small like I am you have to wear the right shirts that dont make you look too flat chested. Padded bras are great for people like me but I wish it didnt matter so much to everyone.

by luckykel on 7/22/2011 8:10:41 PM


I was about 9 years old when I had to start wearing my first bra.. It felt very weird. I have been chunky ever since I was a baby so I have grown faster if that makes sense.. I am now 16 years old I am a DD cup... I can understand where your comming from on how its uncomfortable to wear a bra but to me it feels soo weird not to have one on.

by briannajolyn on 7/22/2011 3:46:13 PM


Is it necessary to wear a bra at home?
I'm staying at home a lot this summer, and I never wear one..I'm not very heavy in that department lol.
Would wearing a shelf bra cami be okay? or..?

Hey girlie, that's totally a personal preference! You can wear whatever you want at home and if you don't want to wear a bra that's totally ok! 
Lauren T.

by foreverme! on 7/21/2011 8:12:45 PM


I have noticed that my bras are getting too small, but I dont know how to measure for my bra size. I think there was an article on here that said how, but I couldnt find it. Could you either tell me the steps or give me the link to the article? Thanks!

Hey babe! You can also go to a store, department store or one like Victoria's Secret, and get measured there.  Run your mouse over the "Your Bod" tab then click "Boobs" for more posts that can help! xoxo 
Jess W.

by crush2010 on 7/21/2011 11:20:09 AM


One good thing about not being big chested is that I can go bra-less at at times. I just have to be careful when I am wearing loose or low cut shirts when going without a bra for obvious reasons.

Sports bras are a good start, so you could start wearing those. I wear them and so do many of my friends.

by luckykel on 7/20/2011 11:13:50 PM


I have posted this before but no answers! Frown
All the girls at my school wear lots of makeup! Ex) Bright blue mascara, lots of foundation, bronzer, etc, etc. I want to go for a more natural look. Do u have any tips on how i can pull of looking more natural?

Google "Natural Makeup for [insert skin tone]" and you'll find an array of makeup tips

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by paramoregurl on 7/19/2011 5:02:38 PM


MODMODMODMOD: when i measured myself, below my boob was 27 in, and on my boob was 29 in. so iy said i was a 32B. but the thing is when i try on 32B's it fits pretty well on my left boob but on my right it is always a little too big. then when i try on a bra that fits my right boob its always too small on my left. so should i buy bras that are a little too big on one side or too small on the other?
Thanks so much! Laughing

Hey girl,

It kinda depends how you feel and what you're most comfortable with. Also, you should go to a bra store and have them measure you and see what they say because they are experts on this stuff. x0x0 
Casey L.

by daloreanzone on 7/19/2011 3:06:05 PM


Hi I want a a Minimergency kit for periods and such but I feel weird asking my mom for stuff that like. Any advice? thanks

Hey girlie,

That's a great practical idea! It might feel awkward, but you just gotta go for it - tell her you want to prepare for your periods so you don't get caught in any awkward or embarrassing situations. Then ask her to give you some suggestions for what to put in it. By involving her and wanting her to be involved, you'll break the ice and give her a way to contribute that, hopefully, won't make her/you feel too weird Smile
Lauren C.

by LoveHappens on 7/18/2011 10:18:21 PM


Okay, so I'm 12 and my sister is 11, but she is really tall for her age. (she is 5'7 and I'm 5'0) it seems like my mom only pays attention to my sister because my sister has a bigger chest (she is a 34A and I'm a 32A) than me! I have 2 bras that fit my while my sister has about 6! It's so unfair! And whenever I ask my mom for a bra, she always says "I'm not talking about this right now!" so my question is, how can I get my mom to pay attention to me too?!? And also, this is kinda random, but I have some 34A bras and they are so much bigger in the cup than my 32A bras! Is there any reason for that? Sorry this was so long! xoxo ~awesomefulicious

Hey girlie,

34A is a naturally bigger size than 32A (it's bigger around the chest, but also a bit in the cup), so that's totally normal. And remember every brand's sizes run differently so one could be noticeably bigger because it's made differently - don't sweat it! As for mom, try not to compare yourself to your sister. By approaching mom and being like, "But SHE has more than I do!!!" she probably just wants to avoid the whining by putting it off. But by coming up to her (or writing her a heartfelt letter) and telling her that you appreciate the two bras you have, but you want to scope out the best price on another one since they're wearing out (or whatever the practical reason is for a new one), she'll definitely take ya more seriously. Make sure you HAVE a practical reason though - honestly, having two bras to switch between is more than enough, as long as they both fit!
Lauren C.

by awesomefulicious on 7/18/2011 7:04:34 PM


hey girl! I thought about bras the same way as you, but the ones I have now (with cups) are so comfy I almost forget that they're there! You just have to make sure it fits you right, and you can get it fitted if you need to and you can use extenders for the back strap. Hope that helps, and good luck!

by horsewhisperer on 7/18/2011 11:45:39 AM


okay so i'm going into 7th grade and my friends wear training bras but i bought some padded bras and they think that i'm trying to grow up to fast or trying to get attention if i wear a padded bra. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!

Hey girl,

Don't call attention to it! Just wear it with your shirts and be confident. If they ask, just say you needed more support so you're trying out a different style. It's your decision what bra to wear, not theirs, so don't sweat it Smile 
Lauren C.

by qwerty66 on 7/17/2011 4:50:17 PM


I got use to them pretty quick, sometimes there irritating, but I am just use to it!

by MusicTaughtMeHowToLive on 7/15/2011 7:51:09 PM


You get used to it after a awhile sports bras are easiest to get used to because theyre really comfy

by kammiemay on 7/15/2011 6:53:33 PM


I had to start wearing a bra when i was in the second grade! i thought they were the most uncomfortable thing in the world so i always wore oversized shirts so i wouldn't have to wear a bra haha.

by tswiftluver13 on 7/15/2011 5:39:03 PM


maybe you should wear a bra every other day to get used to them that is what i did

by atinker on 7/15/2011 5:02:33 PM


I'm a 36D, so I most definitley need a wear a bra. I just started buying fancier, colorful bras, and while the feeling they have took awhile to get used to, the feeling of finally wearing the right size bra was too good to give up. I got used to the fabric and lace fairly quickly, though.

by rockinlishy on 7/15/2011 4:33:22 PM


My mom doesn't have the guts to take me bra shopping...

by Chrys98 on 7/15/2011 4:02:21 PM


You think they're uncomfortable? I feel weird not wearing one! :O

by jackieluvz on 7/15/2011 3:46:03 PM


im probably the opposite. i find bras soo comfy. i feel so wierd without one. btw, how do i know if i need a cupped or padded bra? (im going into 7th grade and im almost 13 yrs old)

hey! it's really more about preference than necessity. get whichever is the comfiest Smile
Helen S.

by c♥nicole08 on 7/15/2011 1:58:43 PM


my bras are comfreratble

by greekprincess98 on 7/15/2011 1:42:14 PM


The first time I wore a bra it was HORRIBLE....but it got easier.

by mb1498 on 7/15/2011 1:36:52 PM


I recently stopped talking to my best friends(they're sisters) What happened was, the last few times I have had them over they have been mean to me and a lot of times they will cancel like an hour before they are suppose to come over. Their mom started to work at the school we got to this past year and before that we had to pick them up like 3 times a week for her. Their mom has serious mental issus. But I know, not feel, know that I'm their last option. I'm not in the popular crowd and their mom pushed them to be. I don't to talk to them and vis versa. They really hurt my feelings. A lot of times I want to cry because I don't have a lot of fiends because I shy. I went to a baseball game with them and the church and I was a loner. And they were very mean to me and they used to not be like this. I don't have anyone spend the night or anything like that. So my guestions are- Is it unheathly for me to not be social? And how can I be more social? Thank you so much! <3

hey! being too antisocial is never a good thing, but sometimes time alone helps you become more self-reliant. you can be more social by starting conversations with other groups to make friends Smile 
Helen S.

by Georgie 4 on 7/15/2011 1:27:39 PM


you get use to it... eventually! :p

by rach<3kampkohut on 7/15/2011 1:00:16 PM


do u love JB? if so join my club BELIEBR 4EVER!! its awesome!!! pls join!! also VP and secratary are available!! so join and run for a position by filling out an application i posted on the club!!! fill out my profile pls!! thx JB luvers!!
<3 YA Jess W.

by pink and purple girl on 7/15/2011 12:25:51 PM


My BFF doesn't wear bras with cups, and I think she really needs to because they kind of poke out from her shirt... How can I casually suggest her getting a padded bra? I've brought it up before and mentioned how nice they are and stuff but she doesn't seem to take the hint. What should I do?

Hey babe! In the nicest way possible just let her know that you can see her nipples. Tell her she should get some nipple covers or a padded bra, either option would fix that.  You're just trying to help, and she should understand that. xoxo
Jess W.

by thecupcakequeen on 7/15/2011 12:24:11 PM


ya i h8 em... but i need em Frown none of my friends wear them just me...

by pink and purple girl on 7/15/2011 12:23:47 PM


ughhh trust me i'm fifteen & i still haven't got used to bras !! My cup size is B ..i tried ALL kind of bras but mostly cotton sports bras r the most comfy !but when i'm around the house i ALWAYS go braless Tong

by haneen.pop.princess on 7/15/2011 11:03:49 AM


eh... u get used 2 it...

by muamua1j on 7/15/2011 10:23:49 AM


I have the same problem as the girl in this article. I'm going into 7th grade and people are telling me to wear a bra but I can't get used to them. I got a fitting a week ago and they told me I was a 34B and they also told me what style would suit me best, so then I bought 2 bras. ( I got sized at Lasenza )So... even though I got a fitting I still can't get used to the feel because they are very uncomfortable. Any advice? (P.S. I am going bra shopping today so what should I look for and should I go to another store and get sized again?) Thanks!

Hey babe! Until you get used to it you can wear sports bras. They're totally comfy but don't look as good. Different brands are more or less comfortable so try a bunch on a find brands that work for you. You'll get used to it, I promise. And if you're a 34B you should be wearing a bra Smile Good luck! xoxo 
Jess W.

by horsebackrider12 on 7/15/2011 10:12:36 AM


I found bras uncomfortable at first, but you get used to them after a while.

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