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I am a certified babysitter, and I used to babysit these kids who loved me, and their mom would always tip me and tell me what an awesome job I was doing. Then, last summer I went away on vacation and when I came back, I found out that the kids mom had replaced me-with my best friend!! And to make things worse, she pays my best friend over double what she payed me!! Ugh babysitting is frusterating!!

by jennntheswimmer on 7/28/2011 5:08:58 PM


School, for me at least, starts pretty soon; I have a little more than a month left. Im starting highschool, &I really want to buy some new stuff to start the upcoming four years fresh. This includes some new makeup [since mine is old &pretty much unusable ], clothes, accecories, shoes,&even some room stuff [ academic stuff ]. The problem is, I don't have enought money. How do I make enough to get what I'd like to? Please help! ~Thank you (:

Hey girl,

You could definitely start babysitting, which is a great way to make money. Just ask your parents if they know of any families that need babysitters, or put up fliers around the neighborhood. Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by Pink0x on 7/26/2011 1:55:08 PM


how can i earn $300 soon? i want to buy an itouch and there $300 so what can i do to earn that money??

Hey girl,

First off, try not to rush - the iTouch will always be available (at least it will be in the next year), so you don't need to raise the money RIGHT away. Instead, look at it a little more realistically - you're gonna have to do this in small steps, raising bits of money here and there until you work your way up to $300. Babysitting is the age-old recommendation to earn a little bit of cash. Keep an eye out for neighbors going on vacation around you who will need their mail taken in, plants watered, and pets taken care of. Ask mom or dad if they need any big projects tackled around the house - the basement cleaned out, the garage organized, bathrooms cleaned, etc. Try selling old clothes and toys in a family yard sale. Or try asking around at local businesses (especially if you have a relative/friends' parent who owns one) to see if they might need a part-time assistant. Save allowance, birthday/holiday gifts, and any other money that comes your way. And finally, be patient - it'll come together soon! Smile
Lauren C.

by ljlove on 7/25/2011 9:05:38 PM


I am 11 years old and I took a babysitting course and so I'm a certified babysitter.but there is one problem.I am not aloud to avertice to people I don't know and I barely have family kids that I can wat do I do because I need some money.

by Kathryn58 on 7/25/2011 8:35:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD!! i was a ballet and tap dancer when i was a little kid. after about 2 years, i was forced to quit, because my family didnt have enough money to pay for the lessons anymore. now im 13, and i started watching a show about kids that are super good dancers, and now i wish i never had to quit. i want to be a dancer again. i dont know what to do. Please help?!


Hey girl. Talk to your parents and see if they're able to send you to dance classes again. However, even if they say no don't get upset because classes aren't the only way for you to dance. It would be great to keep dancing on your own or with a group of friends. Don't let financial reasons stop you from continuing to do something you love.

kara g.

by wishuponastar97 on 7/22/2011 1:35:41 PM


mod mod mod mod
I'm just wondering if you have any ideas on how I could make a good amount of money quickly- like within a month. I need about $250. Thanks. Oh, and I wasn't old enough to get a summer job in my area and thats why I don't have one. Smile

Hey babe! The best way is to get a job, if you can babysit that would be great! Or maybe set up a dog-walking service around your neighborhood. Other than a job, there's not really a way to earn money. xoxo 
Jess W.

by gleek97 on 7/18/2011 1:52:16 PM


Just wondering,
How old do you have to be to become a GL model, do you have any jobs open, and if so, how do you sign up? If you don't have any open thats fine, I was just wondering.
Thanks! Smile

Hey babe,

Here's all the info you'll need about modeling for GL. Read up and send us your info if it sounds like something you'd like to do! Smile 
Lauren C.

by spazyjazy99 on 7/17/2011 2:51:36 PM


need some advice tips? on babysitting, general advice questions, or on fitness? join one, or two or all of my clubs! my newest one is Fitness Bootcamp. it is a 10 unit bootcamp with tips and excercises! Dear Daisy is my most popular club where you can join the Daisy family and you can come to the club when you got the blues or just need advice. i want it to feel like home.Smile i have been in training for babysitting and read the books, so you can trust me on babysitting tips! i hope you all stop by my profile and click on one of the clubs.<3luvlife<3

by <3luvlife<3 on 7/17/2011 2:20:58 AM


Lately a friend of mine has really been bugging me and she always has i just never noticed it until now. I'm usually the kind of person that doesn't mind being second i don't like being the star and she rubs it in b/c usually don't win at things, when she wins she brags and shows off. if someone (aka me) isn't listening to what she's saying she gets really mad and violent. she will kick and say extremely rude things. I liked hanging out with her but now she's just a rude person. my other friends tried to point it out and i never realized till now.... i don't want to be friends with her!!! HELP!

Helen S.

by qtpie42 on 7/15/2011 5:28:06 PM


Thanks for the steps! These will definitely help me with my babysitting buisness!

P.S. Hey girlies! Check out my advice queen page and ask for advice on just about anything. I will answer them as best as I can!


by sweetooth on 7/15/2011 11:09:17 AM

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