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Freaked about getting it for the first time

I’ve heard that you can’t tell when you’re going to get your period—it just comes and suddenly you realize you feel wet. Is that true?
138 Comments | Add Yours

Okay, so i'm 14 had discharge for at least a year and no period. I'm 5'6 and 115 pounds and have back pain but i have always had that. Does my weight matter. Am i close.

by lucie5193 on 10/3/2011 6:47:58 PM


ABOUT 3 months ago I had a little blood while going to the bathroom but no blood in my underwear, then for about two days i would have tiny and i mean TINY dots, but nothing in my underwear. The same thing happened about a month ago. Is that my period? or just spotting?

Hey girlie,

Is the blood coming from the front or the back? Try to pay attention to that next time. Sometimes the "back" will bleed slightly from being irritated and it could trick ya into thinking it's your period. Usually though, if it is your period, it will last longer and become at least a lil bit heavier than this over a couple days. If you're concerned, don't be afraid to call your doc! They're professionals and have seen/heard everything - they'll be able to make you feel better Smile
Lauren C.

by georgetownroad on 10/1/2011 10:52:46 PM


the area around my belly button has been hurting really bad lately. I haven't gotten my period yet, could it be that?

Hey babe,

If it feels kinda like gas (or that achy feeling you get before you have to use the restroom - sorry, a lil gross I know), that could be period cramps! But it could also be an allergic reaction to food, a stomach bug, or something else. If it keeps on going, try giving your doc a call just to make sure everything is ok! 
Lauren C.

by georgetownroad on 10/1/2011 10:28:38 PM


Mod mod mod please help me! Two days ago I went to the bathroom to pee and when I cleaned myself there was a little bit of blood in the toilet paper. Since then every time I peed I felt a burn and when I cleaned up there was blood. Yesterday there was a little bit of blood in my pants but just like two days ago it was almost pink and very few and was just once. Since yesterday at lunch time there was never blood again. I didn´t had it if it wasn’t after pee. So I’m very confused. Is it my period that I never had before or is it blood in my urine?

by jojo00 on 10/1/2011 9:59:38 AM


Im in 8th grade and today i started getting lower stomach pains on the left side. I stayed home from school because it hurts pretty bad. Is my period coming?

by #swagoverload on 9/27/2011 4:07:44 PM


MOD MOD MDO MDO MOD!!y dont my qustions show up!!!its been 4 days now!!!

Hey girl, so sorry to hear that! Try resubmitting. It may not have submitted correctly, and a mod should be able to answer it now.

Alyssa B.

by GOALIEROCK1301 on 9/26/2011 6:23:37 PM


for my self i haven't had my period yet eather ,but when i had a girl talk you get cramps a lot when your all most there and it is scary cause you don't know what to do yet so even if you know when its almost here it still can
be a surprise

by sarahgaret on 9/18/2011 8:59:51 AM


Thank you sooo much Miss Moderator. I don't know what I would do without GirlsLife! <3

You're welcome lovely! Glad you <3 GL - we love ya too! 
Lauren C.

by ninabeanxoxo99 on 9/17/2011 10:32:47 PM


MISS MODERATOR! Okay so I'm wondering if I a getting my period soon. I'm 12 years old (very petite but so is my grandma soo yah lol) My mom got her first period when she was in 7th or 8th grade and I am in 7th grade now. I've been growing boobs and pubic hair since I was 9 and I sort of have a lotttt of pubic hair now. I also have been getting cramps in my lower stomach and back. I've been getting a lot of vaginal discharge for 8 months now. I also have underarm hair that I have to shave. Also, I have been verrrryy moody recently and crying a lottt and I like never used to cry. Another thing is that recently just when I wake up, my boobs are tender and idk whyy. I thought maybe it's because I lay on my stomach when I sleep, but I've layed on my stomach my whole life and have been growing boobs for 3 years and that never happened to me before. Sorry this is so long, but I really need your help. Please answer! Smile

Hey girlie,

You sound like you're totally healthy and right on track for your first period! Your tender boobs, mood swings, and especially the cramps are signs that it could definitely be on its way within the next week. Now, that doesn't mean you should start wearing pads in anticipation! But be prepared by carrying a pad with you in your bag wherever you go and stay alert to changes - like if your underwear feels wet like discharge and it keeps happening, it could be your period so be sure to make a stop at the restroom. Remember that there's no way to really predict when you'll get your first period so you might be waiting for a while, but these signs really do sound like it's coming soon Smile
Lauren C.

by ninabeanxoxo99 on 9/17/2011 10:12:14 PM


Mod mod Here's the problem. I have discharge for about two years ago, and it always been yellow and smelly. But know I don't have it for about three or four months, and no period! I had post a comment like that yesterday, but last night discharge came back. What that means? Is there anything wrong with me?


Hi there girly! If your discharge is yellow and has an odor, I would definitely recommend going to your doctor so that he/she can see what the issue is. It could be some type of bacteria like yeast, that is causing these symptoms. Your doctor will prescribe you medication to fix the problem...don't worry! 

Amalia E.

by jojo00 on 9/12/2011 5:37:10 AM

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