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Should I shave?

I’m only in sixth grade so I KNOW my friends will make fun of me if I do...
71 Comments | Add Yours

Thanks for the advice with my crush and friends. How do I tell my mom I want to? Laughing xoxoxo


Hey! The best way is just to be straightforward with her. Say something like, mom I've been thinking a lot about it and I want to start shaving my legs. See how she responds. good luck!

Helen S.

by katie91501 on 8/31/2013 3:03:33 PM


My mom won't let me shave my legs my friends do and point out I should shave. How can I get rid of my leg hair? My legs are skinny and it's noticeable plz help!

Hey girlie,

Check out this
article for our answer to other chicas in a similar sitch!


Meghan D.

by APlovesJB on 7/4/2013 11:15:54 PM


mod mod mod OK so i just started shaving my under arms a few weeks ago on Tuesday and i started out doing it 1 a week but then after doing it 1 a week the third time i was planning on shaving Tuesday like every time but the hair grew back so fast and it was only Saturday so i had to shave it and we were going out the next day is this normal

Hey girl, yep, armpit hair can grow pretty quickly.  Think about when you want to have well-shaven pits and plan to shave before those days.  Unfortunately, shaving armpits can sometimes become a daily ritual.  Good luck!  

Karin E.

by 2cute03 on 4/15/2013 11:00:44 AM


I'm in 6th grade and i shave. i haven't even told my friends yet! afterall,they don't have to know if they don't ask. so if they ask you and you trust them,then go on ahead and tell them! after all,what are friends for?

by helloimawkward1 on 9/18/2012 6:26:14 PM


I'm in 7th grade and I've only shaved once, and it was my armpits because I love t shirts! but shorts, I've learned to live without!

by penguinpink12 on 9/18/2012 1:02:07 AM


And I also have hairy legs and arms...

by topaz1116 on 8/29/2012 3:12:18 PM


Okay, so I'm going into the eighth grade and my mom hasn't talked about shaving yet. I feel like I'm the only girl in my grade who doesn't shave but needs to. I didn't wear a single tank top all summer without a cover-up, and I felt kinda embarrassed when I went swimming. I also had a dance performance at the beginning of the summer and my dress had no sleeves. She hasn't even told me about deodorant yet I wear it without her knowing. What should I do??? My older sister started when she was thirteen (I'm thirteen in November) and I know someone who only started in the ninth grade, but I still feel really left out...


Hey girly, if your mom hasn't talked to you about these things yet, go ahead and start the convo!  Let her know that your really interested in shaving and tell her why. If you have trouble bringing it up, ask your older sister to talk to your mom with you. xoxox

Lauren I.

by topaz1116 on 8/29/2012 3:11:46 PM


I started shaving my legs in 4th grade most of he other girls stared in 3rd though

by bunnybaby on 6/26/2012 12:47:05 PM


My legs are super hairy and I'm going into 6th grade and all my friends started in 5 th grade and they are like making fun of me and I feel upset about it and my mom won't let me she thinks I'm to young or thinks I'm going to cut myself I just want to shave WHAT DO I DO!!!

by Stylegirl2 on 6/25/2012 6:07:22 PM


I am in 5th grade and I'm going to start shaving tomorrow!!! The ''normal'' or, as I prefer it, average age to start shaving is in 6th grade. A few girls in my class already shave.

by Sarah510 on 6/1/2012 8:03:37 PM

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