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Starting a new school after a summer move

I’m really nervous about making friends and getting comfortable at my new school. Can you help me out?
39 Comments | Add Yours

my lil sis might get a phone! shes 6!!!!!!!!!!! shes not responsible at all. none of her friends have one so why should she? i didnt get my phone till like 10 or 11! and it was my dads old one! my shes so irresponsible so i dont see why she should have one. who would she text anyways???.?.????? only my older sis strph and me! do you know any electronic gifts other than a phone and ipod to give to a 6 year old? im trying to convince my mom into something else

Hey girl,  I think that's your mom's call, not yours. A cell phone is useful for making calls — if your sis does an activity, for example, it's how she can let your mom know she needs a ride. You can share your reservations with your mother, but know ultimately that it's not your job to make the choice on her gifts.

Alyssa B.

by katykat3000 on 7/21/2011 10:50:53 PM


I have a chiuaua/terrier who won't do anything. Shes cute and stuff but she won't play she's not trained either I throw a ball, she lays there i run she lays there i will try to play with her but shell do nothing! how do i make her more energenic????? thanks!!

Hey girl, it's tough, but all you can do is offer to play with her and let her go from there. If she wants to play, she'll come to you.

Alyssa B.

by katykat3000 on 7/21/2011 10:44:46 PM


Mod mod mod
HeySmile so, i got the clean and clear acne stuff, and it says that 100 percent of people had clearer skin in 1 day, but I was on my period when I started and I hear acne gets worse during then, and it seems like my acne got worse, not better... I'm gonna keep using it, but I just don't understand why all my friends skin is so pretty and mine has bumps? Any tips? Thanks!!!

Hey girl, trust me when I say not everyone has clear skin – especially in a day. Clean and Clear may not work for your skin, but don't sweat it. It doesn't work for mine or a lot of other people's either. So try different products and see which one works best ttrough trial and error. 

Alyssa B.

by Shorty33 on 7/21/2011 9:37:28 PM


Wear can i find cute notebooks and folders with cute designs for school? Thank ya!

Hey girl, I'm a big fan of Target. I'd definitely check out their gear now before everyone else does — you get first pick.

Alyssa B.

by luvpink11 on 7/21/2011 9:29:20 PM


Same here! It's a new school year - better than the middle of the year though. Just talk to a girl you are near, like saying a compliment (it almost ALWAYS gets them to say at least a sentence or two and is almost guaranteed to start a convo.) Best to do this in homeroom so you know someone you can sit with at lunch.

by happydays!:-) on 7/21/2011 9:20:35 PM


I want to start wearing make up. But my sister won't allow me to! She keeps saying things like "I didn't start wearing make up until I was in 8th grade!"
PLease don't say that I should talk to my parents, just don't.
I only want to wear a little eyeliner and eyeshadow and sometimes lip gloss.
What do I do?

Hey girl, I think it's important to remember who the boss is here: your sister isn't. Ask your mom if you can and just ignore your sis. She doesn't call the shots. Don't let her.

Alyssa B.

by fungirl123 on 7/21/2011 9:17:50 PM


Need advice? I've got answers!!
Trust me, I've been there, done that!!

by jennntheswimmer on 7/21/2011 6:50:18 PM


I'm starting a new school too!

by Alle93 on 7/21/2011 4:26:48 PM


one of my friends always thinks about herself! she is always saying things like oh hey did u see my new awesome nail polish? and she gets mad when you don't care. and she also just got facebook and i don't want to add her b/c of this.... HELP

Hey girly,

Sooner of later, she'll realize that people don't like it when other people are very self-absorbed. For now, you can either have a talk with her and just tell her that you think she's way too into herself and wishes she would give you the same attention, or you can ignore her when she says these things and hope that she gets the picture. x0x0 
Casey L.

by qtpie42 on 7/21/2011 2:17:10 PM


So tomorrow I'm going to a water park with my friend. The thing is, I'm on my period. I have tried using tampons before but they hurt and I can never get them in. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I follow the package instructions and everything! I really want to use a tampon tomorrow but I don't think I will be able to properly insert it. Do you have any suggestions? I have read everything that should help but it hasn't. Also do you think it would be okay to wear a pad if I can't get the tampon in? I know pads swell up but I wear swim trunks as my bathing suit bottoms. Please Help!!! Smile

Hey girly,

It's probably not the best idea to wear a pad in the pool because it will just be uncomfortable when it gets wet, and won't really absorb that much. I know tampons can be tricky, but you just have to keep practicing and you'll get it. Make sure you're inserting them all the way, and that you can find the right place to put them in. See if your mom can help. Good luck! x0x0 
Casey L.

by belletdancer9977 on 7/21/2011 2:06:04 PM

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