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Hating on my hometown

I don’t want to live in my small town anymore. What should I do?
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You need something that will inspire you! Try to find a hobby, or something that you enjoy, because it sounds like you're not having much fun right now.
For more tips, be sure to check out my advice page and ask! Smile

Have you ever gotten a stock message from the mods? They can get really busy writing awesome articles, so if you need to talk, I'm listening! I'll give you my best advice, which I have a lot of experience in giving.

Also, visit my profile for outfit ideas, if you're ever stuck on that, whether it's for a formal dinner, or for the first day bts! Thanks girls Smile

by foreverme! on 9/2/2011 6:32:14 PM


I have the exact same situation but you know, i try to find the positives of my High School. For example, we wear uniforms now(i love em), we have several clubs, and value's education..etc. My problems were the people that go there(rude, violent), the size of the school, equipment and so on. But i always remind myself that i am never alone(Jesus) and nothing is impossible with him. And i try to stay as positive as i can and remind myself that there is good and bad everywhere. So i might as well grow from this.

by peaches/cream on 8/11/2011 8:36:09 PM


Hey girls! If you like to read, write or both could you please join my club "Bookworms & Writers"? I am trying to reach at-least 55 members by the end of the week and right now I'm at 43. I would really appreciate your help! Smile

by LexilicousCandy on 8/9/2011 10:28:03 PM


MOD MOD MOD Mod Mod Mod mod mod mod
I know this is weird and all, but I dont know if im too old for this site. i'm 15yrs old, and i think i should go to a different site because this is more for kids who aren't almost driving yet. I try to look for a site like this, but I can't. I love the way the site is set up to answer questions, and wish there were more of them, but I.... just don't know. And I don't want to be thought of as a creep if im on here and 17. So, should i go to a different site? or am i okay to still be on here??
Do you know any sites that give advice like this site (for older teens? ... thanks

Hey babe,

You're definitely not too old for!! We're here to help tweens and teens of all ages, so never feel like you're "out of place" because of your age. If you've got a question, ask it Smile But I can understand that some of the topics we talk about might be too young for you at this point - I know, you're prob tired of hearing about first periods and first days of high school by now! I'll always recommend GL because we're here for you (and if you ever feel uncomfy posting about stuff, you can write a Mod on my profile), but you could also try checking out, which is sorta a "grown up" version of for teens. They have message boards, articles...all sorts of ways to learn about life and stay in touch with girls your age Smile
Lauren C.

by icegal on 8/1/2011 10:52:57 PM


MODMODMOD!!!! I always feel like I have to live up to my younger brother. Hes eleven and Im fourteen. My brothers super althletic ( and the only boy) and Im not... Im a cheerleader and all and I love it, and worked really hard to make the team.... But my dad doesnt even seem to notice and hes only been to three of my games in the last two years. Along with that my brother also has a 165 IQ. my parents are always bragging about how he learn to count when he was a year and half old and how he made 9 out of 10 on the math part of the ACT. im an ok student, but i have ADD ( its obvious but my parents wont get me tested) and i have a tough time in school sometimes. My parents are always pressuring me to be like my brother and make straight As, but i just cant. How can i show my parents that im just different, and special in my own way?


You should sit down and have a talk with your parents, and explain to them that you are your own person, and have different talents and accomplishments than your brother does. Also, tell them how it hurts your feelings when they compare the two of you


Brittany G.

Brittany G.

by cheercheercheer!! on 7/29/2011 9:53:19 PM


MOD MOD MOD My uncles family is coming over for dinner tomorrow and all of the kids steal my cousins away from me and all of the adults don't talk to me. What should I do? Please help. Khloe


You should ask them to join them in whatever they're doing, and try to spark conversations with the adults on your own


Brittany G.

Brittany G.

by cheerrox1111 on 7/29/2011 9:40:37 PM


Mod thanks Helen S.Smile

by mysterygirl17 on 7/28/2011 7:47:45 PM


Today i just found out that my cousin who is only 19 is pregnet. Me and my mom think its dumb that shes not finishing what she can in her semester of college because she obviously has 9 months. Im really worried about her because this guy whos the dad makes me feel uneasy. like i dont know how to read him. please give me some advise i know your busy...but please.

hey! try talking to your cousin about him. ask how they met, and how she got to know him. That way you can get a sense for if your cousin likes him or is nervous about him. good luck! 
Helen S.

by mysterygirl17 on 7/27/2011 8:00:28 PM


I'm with you all the way. I'm really depressed here... I even think I need therapy.

by BriannaTLC556 on 7/27/2011 2:07:48 PM


yah the huge city where i live drives me insane but im waiting till college to escape

by fudgemonkey on 7/27/2011 8:40:50 AM

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