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Discharge overload

Is there any way to decrease the amount of discharge I get?
48 Comments | Add Yours

hey so ive been getting discharge for like a long time now-- maybe like for 2-3 years---and its soo gewy and gross!!!!! i just want it to stop!!!! im 12 years old, almost 13 and i still havent gotten my period...is it normal?!?! when school was in, my discharge wld come every 2-3 hours and it wld b embarrassing cuz i wld have to go to the bathroom all the time to clean it out!!!! towards the end of da year i wld get alot more than usual and i cld smell it through my pants.....SOOO EMBARASSING!!!!!! and i feel all awkward.....but now that its summer and ive been swimming alot, i havent noticed it that much, but ik im still getting it....ik my discharge is healthy....white and slightly smelly....but it wld reak during school....I JUST WANT MY PERIOD SO I DONT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE GEWY THINGS THAT GET ALL CRUSTY IN MY UNDERWARE!!!!!! Frown when do u think its gonna come?? ik u cant tell me exactly, but please help!!!!!!!!



Hey girl. I can't tell you when you are going to get your period. There is no formula to figure that one out. Most time discharge doesn't smell nearly as much as you think. If it gets really heavy try wearing a pantyliner or pad. If you think that it really smells then you might need to see a doctor. Here are some links to help you out: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2011/07/21/Discharge-overload.aspx


mary h.

by NicoleC on 7/26/2011 1:17:48 AM


please answer asap!!!!
so i am 15 and havent got my period. but thats normal in my family. today i look in my underwear and found that my discharge is brown in some spots. WHAT IS GOING ON???? please answer. i need to get this fixed!
thanks so much(:

Hey girl,

No sweat! This spotting is totally normal, and usually happens in the early days of your period - it's normally light before it gets heavy and red like we're all taught to expect. Just try wearing a pantyliner if it makes you uncomfortable and stay prepared with a pad nearby in case this is the start of your first real period Smile 
Lauren C.

by meganewds on 7/25/2011 4:47:04 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
Ok so I have been having hot flashes and headaches lately. But along with that, when I go pee I am noticing a wet spot on the bottom of my undies. Is it discharge? Thats the only thing I've noticed if it's discharge. I haven't seen anything on my tp when I wipe or anything! I am 12. Does this mean i will start my period soon if it is discharge?




Hey girl. You need to see a doctor about this. I'm not quite sure what is going on, but it will make you feel better to know for sure. As far as the wet spot goes, it may be discharge or a little of your pee leaking out.

mary h.

by minkymouse on 7/25/2011 4:05:00 PM


Hey chicas!need advice...COME TO MY ADVICE QUEEN PAGE!!!!!I give advice on any thing really and I can promise you that it will some how help your problem!!!!!!Smile

by artistchic99 on 7/23/2011 11:38:17 PM


MOD So I have had discharge for a long time... I don't know the exact amount of time. Its been so heavy to the point where I do wear panti liners because I get super itchy down there. I'm sick of it! I always feel gross and I haven't gotten my period yet. Does it stop when you get your period? And does everyone get it? Thanks!



Hey chica! Discharge is totally normal. It's part of puberty, and after you get your period, it should die down. Discharge is just your bod's way of saying that your period is on its way.


Becca G.

by bubbles4567890 on 7/23/2011 11:33:58 PM


Hey how r u today? Ok so i got my 1st period over a month ago so i'm wondering how long do i have to wait until my next period???
Thank You,
Keziyah Laughing

hey! I'm fine thanks Smile it should be another month, but the first year can be irregular so it could come sooner or later. 
Helen S.

by Princess Keziyah on 7/23/2011 7:46:09 PM


does ovulation happen 2 weeks before every period or 2 weeks after?

Helen S.

by ktisjewels on 7/23/2011 7:25:56 PM


@wildcatathlete: I still have it now and I have had my period for a good 2 years. Idk if you will have it your whole life...you probably wont in menopause..but idk! Hope that helps!

by MusicTaughtMeHowToLive on 7/23/2011 6:14:45 PM


Mod Mod Mod!
I Always Get A Lot Of Discharge, But Lately It's Been Kinda Smelly. Helpp?

hey! i think you should ask your doctor about this also, check this out: http://www.girlslife.com/post/2010/02/04/period-qa-discharge.aspx
Helen S.

by purplepeople on 7/23/2011 3:32:54 PM


I keep getting brownish discharge in my underwear. I haven't gotten my period yet but could I be getting it. I haven't had any cramps or mood swing so idk. thnx so much!

hey! everyone's different so the best answers you can get will come from your doctor Smile 
Helen S.

by frenchblondie on 7/23/2011 2:06:32 PM

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