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Controlling parents? Snag some independence right this second.
39 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD why wont my mom let me have a facebook? practically all my friends have one. including one that recently moved to alaska, and fb is the only way i can contact her. i obvi wouldnt put anything personal, i wouldnt even put a pic of myself on. i feel way left out when my friends talk about it. i'm 13, and responsible enough. and she is always on fb. please help!!



Hey girl. Mom probably is a lil freaked about you going online and meeting sketchy people. Why not ask her if you can use it if you are friends with her and will let her see everything at first?

mary h.

by shargab on 8/9/2011 12:01:10 PM


My sister and I got in a big fight and now I refuse to talk to her. She keeps on trying to blackmail me with secrets I told her and no one else. It's to the point where when I'm 18, I never want to see her again. What do I do to tell her that blackmailing me isn't exceptable and help save my sister and I's relationship?

Hey girly,

You need to be calm with your sister and tell her to stop. Say that you would like to fix your relationship, but blackmail isn't going to help the relationship. Let her know that her attitude is pushing you away. If she doesn't stop, then you might need to call in the rents. Good luck!

Catie C.

by TheMentalistgurl on 8/5/2011 2:50:18 PM


the past couple years i got to be really good friends with a neighbor that i've known since i was three, to the point where we considered ourselves best friends, but before that i felt like when i spent time with her that there was more time that she annoyed me than didn't annoy me. our best-friendship truthfully lasted for about a year until last christmas or so. then she started to annoy me and changed a little bit (it was freshman year) so i tried to separate myself a little bit from her. i haven't hung out with her once this summer and i don't want to and a phone works both ends. she still considers me one of her best friends and would probably have a fit if i took her off as my sister on facebook. i'm not sure what to do or how to act when school starts. i want her to get the message that i just want to be simply friends and not best friends anymore if she hasn't gotten it already. helppp!!!

hey! just tell her you think it would be best if you guys made a few different friends, you'll still hang out but there won't be as much pressure. good luck! 
Helen S.

by smileysevvie on 8/3/2011 5:39:09 PM


I need you help. My dad threatens me a lot, not horrible threats, but very upsetting ones. Not only me, my whole family. He threatens to take a bunch of money out of the bank. He threatens me a lot though. He says I can go babysitting or go to friends houses. I know thats not too bad, but recently he threatened something that will 'crush' me if he does it. He says that I can't go to a different school if i don't PICK UP. I get not going to friends or babysitting, but him threatening my education, I think that is a limit.
So I will get to the point. How can I deal with my dad. Often they are empty threats, but other times its true. I hate the idea I can't get to this school. What can I do to calm do and do what he says and not "sass" back??
AND PLEASE dont say, sit down ad talk to him because I tried that and he yelled at me for all the reasons he was threatening me for. And THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR HELPING ME AND GIVING ME ADVISE Smile

Hey girl,

First off, try to figure out what you're doing to prompt him to make these threats. That's NOT to say that your dad is right by threatening you, but try to figure out what triggers his anger. Is it when you're talking back? When you haven't done your chores? When you haven't listened to a request he's made? Figure this out, then try to avoid doing those things that make him mad. But like I said, that still doesn't mean it's right for him to say these things to you. If he does it to your whole family, you should definitely have a chat with your siblings and your mom. Discuss this with them and try asking them how they deal with it. It's tough to change dad's behavior (because like you said, he yells at you when he feels attacked) but learning how to deal with it could really help <3
Lauren C.

by icegal on 8/1/2011 7:16:39 PM


well i don't have a phone or facebook!

by rdorrow on 8/1/2011 5:02:32 PM


I have a Facebook and my mom is soo controlling over the people that I've added. I add people that I know really well(no strangers or people I barely know, etc.)but she gets soo mad. Yesterday I added two people that I knew really well and just wanted to know who they have been (I haven't met them in a while) and Mom forced me to un-friend them just because they were adults. It seems like she just wants to have more friends than me and it's not fair at all!! I told her why I added them, but she STILL wouldn't let me have them as friends. Why is she doing this?

Hey girlie, ask her why. Try to understand where she's coming from to find a compromise that makes you both happy. 
Lauren T.

by aneesha289 on 7/28/2011 7:15:24 PM


MODDD! I volunteer at an animal shelter and last year I fell in love with these rats. They are so cute and I asked my parents for them; volunteering to pay for everything, take really good care of them and make sure to still get done all my homework proving that they wouldn't be a distraction. They said no. a year later, after i made sure to be responsible, the answer is still no but they won't even tell me the reason! Is there any way to get them to realize that I can handle them even if they don't want them in the house?

Hey girlie, if they don't want them in the house there's not much you can do to change their minds. See if you can compromise and ask for a different pet that they'd feel more comfortable with instead. 
Lauren T.

by liltiger on 7/28/2011 7:01:48 PM


The trick is to give your parents the feeling that you are responsible. My parents are letting me do things that i wasnt even allowed to think about doing last year. But sometimes there are special conditions like where you live or who you hang out with that makes them more protective. I think we will all be like that when we grow up and have kids, I think its normal to do that.

Things like having a bf, going to certain movies, having my own phone and hanging out with friends at night are things my mom and dad wouldnt even let me do until recently.

by luckykel on 7/28/2011 6:22:19 PM


That really stinks! Luckily my parents don't have rules about my phone. I don't really text that much anyway though.

by Alle93 on 7/28/2011 2:13:31 PM


omg this is like what happened to me!! a while ago (like a year and a half), my sis got caught sneaking out to meet her bf and she did that by txtin him or whatever and we BOTH got out phones taken! it was soo stupid i got mines back in like a month an only 4 days later she got hers back! i didnt even do anythin it was soo retarded. and now i have my phone taken for somethin that happend to me with a guy and she never got hers taken!

by awesomeful on 7/27/2011 11:46:34 PM

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