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When it comes to nipples, what's normal?

This is really embarrassing, but...
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MOD MOD MOD!!!I have inverted nipples SOMETIMES. I have inverted nipples a lot but they are still out sometimes too. What is that called?

Hey babe,

I'm not really an expert on this kind of stuff so I don't know what it would specifically be called. Rest assured, there's nothing wrong with them! Breasts can go through a lot of changes. 
Kelly G.

by chloe4137 on 6/20/2012 12:42:12 AM


I have inverted nipples SOMETIMES. I have inverted nipples a lot but they are still out sometimes too. What is that called?

by chloe4137 on 6/20/2012 12:41:28 AM


also the one with the thing on it gets really sensitive and sometimes burns

by kstar813 on 6/18/2012 1:28:25 PM


3 Questions:
1. i am about to turn twelve. I guess i started puberty at nine cause thats when my boobs started getting pointy and sticking out. Now i wear the same bra i wore 3 years ago (34A )Should i be concerned???
2. THis to me is totally awkward and disgusting but there is this little thing on my breast. It is like a very short hair but is too thick and straight to be hair. It looks kind of like a little tiny black needle stuck in my chest with a light brown (lighter than my skin) circle around it. What could it be. It was never there before.

Hey girl!

So first, if you're still comfortable in that same bra and you think it fits well, then it's fine to keep wearing it. I'm not exactly sure what the thing on your breast is, so I think you should ask your mom or a doctor about that, just to be safe. 
Rachael A.

by kstar813 on 6/18/2012 1:24:09 PM


hey i hve these brown dots in a clump on my boob and i dont know what it is and it is not dirt

by kelly1234 on 12/4/2011 8:31:49 PM


It can also be possible to have nipples that are different in size. One of my good friends is so embarrassed about it. Its the areola part not the nipple itself. I told her she shouldnt be worried about it and I didnt think it looked that bad.

by luckykel on 8/9/2011 7:57:58 PM


ok so im 13 i am a double d almost into a triple d but anyway i always worried because it took a long time for one of my nipples to come out it just like popped out in 6th grade or what ever but one is still inverted but the one that like not inverted is like really little and ive talked to my mom and doctor they say its normal but i dont feel like other girls if i only have one nipple that not even barely there ugh i feel weird like atleast if i had both nipples n they were little i woudlnt care but havin one inverted n one that not really nothin sucks

by MariiBabii on 8/8/2011 6:56:32 AM


I am now allowed to wear makeup to cover my pimples, but its the only make up i'm allowed to wear so I don't know much about it. What brands are the best? I heard about this one that helps prevent pimples. Should I get that one?

Hey girl,

Yes, Neutrogena makes concealer that also has pimple-fighting ingredients, so check that out and look for other brands that sell similar products! x0x0 
Casey L.

by cornpie21 on 8/4/2011 2:48:37 PM


Hey, so my mom's side of the family have C cups, and my dad's side also have C cups, but im still an A cup. I know my breasts are still growing because I'm fifteen, but im scared I'll stay a 32A forever even though my genes aren't. Is that even a possibility?
Thanks! xoxo Brenna Smile

Hey girl,

 Your genes do have some effect on your breast size, but they're not the only factor. You weight also has to do with it, plus you're still developing so you've got some time before you fully settle into your body. x0x0
Casey L.

by treezr4hugging on 8/4/2011 12:18:07 PM


i have B cup boobs and there prolly not going to grow much more, but my nipples havent grown at all! my sis (shes 4 years older with C cups) says i have "boy nipples" which is true because they are REALLy small and look like they havent grown AT ALL since when i was flat chested. what happened to the stage where my nipples grew? or have i jus not reached that stage yet? thanks i been wondering about this!

Nipple size varies from person to person! Some have big some have small. Nothing is wrong with these different sizes. So dont worry about it Smile they may grow some but they also may stay the same. Dont fret. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by awesomeful on 8/3/2011 9:13:06 PM

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