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10 friends you need to make this year

Your besties are totally brill, but when it comes to calculator chaos, gym class and honors chem, it’s time to bring in some back up.
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Hey, Mod? Can you help me with something, please?
My best friend, whom I care for deeply, is always upset. She tells me her problems and I would listen and try to comfort her, now I've been listening to her problems for so long and tried to help ven though I couldn't do anything...I just get upset. She doubts and is very negative and when she confides in me I get mad at her for feeling so. SO we end up arguing and now I'm at the decision whether I leave her or I stay. But if I leave she's going to cut herself off from the world...and if I stay she's not going to tell me anything or even talk to me much and it just seems pointless but I care about her...but do I care enough to change my ways of getting mad?
Thank you! <3

Hey girly,

Let me just say good job for sticking by this friend. You are definitely a really good friend to her. It may be hard, but I think you will need to stick by her a little bit longer. However, if she starts to make you really angry all the time or starts to get angry at you for "not helping" you may want to try and distance yourself a bit. You don't have to stop being friends, but you can get some space. Good luck!

Catie C.

by Panda95 on 8/5/2011 3:09:04 AM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
Why does it take months to gain someone...but then you can lose him in seconds!!! I'm going through a 'break up' with my guy friend Frown
I liked him, he didn't like me, then he thought I was overreacting about that last part. How do I talk to him ???

Hey girl, I think it's important to give him time. He may not be ready to be friends again. Guys can get really weird about relationship stuff. Let him know you're good and ready to be friends with him when he is with you and then let it go for now. He'll come when he's ready.

Alyssa B.

by justadream11 on 8/4/2011 11:22:52 PM


MOD MOD MOD : Im 13 and 5'5 and i wear a size 11 shoes its so embrassing !! i wanted some suggestions on shoe brands that make your feet look smaller ... i wear converse alot and that is definetly NOT A good choice ive seen sperrys and vans on other websites ... HELP ME PLEASE !!!

Hey girl, I'd try sandals or flats to make your feet look smaller. The good news? You can get them anywhere.

Alyssa B.

by LuvinSummer on 8/3/2011 12:31:57 AM


come join my club health cuties, for everything to do with getting healthy, and fit, from exercising to having healthy skin and hairSmile everyone is welcome, and we will be electing officers soon, so join in on the quest to getting healthier!!

by cutie_pie54 on 8/2/2011 11:14:15 PM


I'm not going to be friends with someone just because they're smart or good at sports.

by fencergirl97 on 8/2/2011 9:19:48 PM


well, this year i am gonna hang out with no gossipy, back stabby girls. i am sick and tired of them. this year is going to be a new start for me! new friends, i made an oath to myself to not gossip. i have made too many mistakes last year. my advice is; dont gossip please! and dont try to be someone you're not. i have been there and back and i have learned a lot. i lied. and i feel horrible. just don't girls! sorry it might sound cheesy! Laughing

by <3luvlife<3 on 8/2/2011 9:12:54 PM


Okay, admit it: Life isn't cake. And sometimes, you need some chica to chica advice. Smile

Well, I'm your girl. I give advice on everything. And yes, this includes the topic you're wondering on.

So if you don't know what to wear that weekend, what to tell that guy, or how to fix that family problem, contact me Smile

Holla! Peace out.

by naturallywonderful on 8/2/2011 7:56:12 PM


This is just my opinion, but I don't like this because I feel like it's saying that the only reason you should befriend someone who's super-smart or a bit of a "geek" is because they have something to offer you, like homework or tech help. You shouldn't make friendship a business deal, and that goes for everyone. Make friends with someone because you actually like them-- don't seek out stock characters and stereotypes because you think they can give you something you want. That's just plain mean.

by lip_gloss12 on 8/2/2011 5:29:55 PM


i have so many different types of friends! Smile but the first month back i definitely need a fashionista and a chill chick

by fallsb-ball on 8/2/2011 3:12:42 PM


I have so many different kind of friends. It's really nice, let's you see point of views from everyone Smile

by topchef88 on 8/2/2011 1:43:25 PM

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