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10 friends you need to make this year

Your besties are totally brill, but when it comes to calculator chaos, gym class and honors chem, it’s time to bring in some back up.
49 Comments | Add Yours

modmodmod I'm starting Middle School soon and I'm so scared! I'm afraid Ill get lost or forget my locker combination! How can I calm myself down? Please help!


 Hey girl! Remember- everyone in your class will be starting school with you, so chances are, you aren't the only person worrying about it!  If you can, head to the school a day or two before classes start to get the lay or the land a little- grab your BFF and explore.  Check out where your classes will be and where the cafeteria is.  As for your locker combo- figure out a place you can write it down where you know it won't get lost- maybe in your planner or on the back of your schedule.  Trust me- once you go in your locker a few times a day for a week or so, that number will stick with ya the rest of the year! xoxo

Kate G.

by Nialler_4_ever on 8/13/2013 4:40:11 PM


Thanks Lauren! I really appreciate the advice. I'll totally tell him that if he asks me out again, and I'll make sure not to lead him on. Thanks for your help!

by samstitute on 8/19/2012 5:39:47 PM


I know this guy who's liked me since the 5th grade... He's asked me out every year. We went out in 5th but his parents didn't like me because I was a different religion. I don't know what to do about it, because I only like him as a friend. What should I do?


Hey girlie,

If you only like him as a friend, it's best to be straight with him instead of leading him on. I know it seems easier to be like, "Well, I'll just be nice and it'll be fine" - but if you don't want to go out, tell him that. You can say it in a nice way - "That is so sweet, but I really think we should just be friends." <3 

Lauren C.

by samstitute on 8/19/2012 12:31:35 PM


Hey there! WAIT. DON'T STOP READING. This just might help you out!

I see a lot of people who are in need of some advice. Well then I'm your gal! I won't judge you for your problems and no question/problem you have is stupid. No questions will go unanswered! If you ever at any time need help just hop on over to my profile and leave a quick comment. If you want an easy way to ask me for help whenever you need it, join my advice queen page where I'll be there for you at just a click of a button.
Thanks for your time! Smile


by Nightless on 8/11/2012 10:06:33 AM


Hey there! WAIT. DON'T STOP READING. This just might help you out!

I see a lot of people who are in need of some advice. Well then I'm your gal! I won't judge you for your problems and no question/problem you have is stupid. No questions will go unanswered! If you ever at any time need help just hop on over to my profile and leave a quick comment. If you want an easy way to ask me for help whenever you need it, join my advice queen page where I'll be there for you at just a click of a button.
Thanks for your time! Smile


by Nightless on 8/11/2012 10:06:04 AM


I have or am all of those except the bgf. There's a boy in my homeroom who I get along with and everything, but my friends keep saying that we should go out and the more they say it, the more weird is it. What should I do???

by Mari_Lily98 on 3/2/2012 6:00:14 PM


i am 6... in algebra in 6th grade... but all else i have (except 2... i'm not good in gym and neither is just about anybody)

by THawesome! on 9/14/2011 7:16:33 PM


@kazthespaz- lucky ducky! I hate gym!

by basketballcutie11 on 9/5/2011 12:53:51 PM


this year i am all alone in my classes with zero of my friends, only ex-friends who i don't want to be friends with because they are inappropriate. How can i make NEW friends in class without forgetting the old?? Please HELP

Hey girl! It's tough when you don't know anyone in your classes. Think of this as an opportunity to expand your circle of friends! On the first day of school, why don't you compliment a friendly girl's cute shoes or awesome headband? That could lead to a conversation (and hopefully, a friendship) in no time! When you get more comfortable around your new friends, why don't you ask them to join in with you and your old friends at your house for a sleepover or to meet up and catch a movie? Good luck on your first day!

Devin A.

by colorqueen101 on 8/30/2011 10:12:53 AM


homecoming at the end of sept.! Havent started school yet.... 2 questions... how do i find a good guy in a month? also what kind of dresses are CHEAP!!!!... for blond hair, and im curvy... chest is big.. tummy is buldgy... thighs are fat.. so chest is big and curves in and then my lovehandels come out... then curves in a little to my hip bones and comes back out at the sart of my thighs!!! what would be a good dress thats not really ugly and seems like i am hiding my fat... my curves dont look good either... and im about 5'3 so im a squady body!! haha anyways im really kinda sad because i see all these girls with flat stomachs and everything and i do softball and eat my veggies and go walkign every morn. but tbat seems to jsut help me stay this kind of structure... so do you have a few dresses that would look good???

Hey babe,

Try not to put a deadline on this guy hunt! Keep your eyes open and make sure you let as many people (guys and girls) get to know you as possible. That means chatting about the latest homework assignment in biology, pairing up with someone new in gym, or sitting at a new table during lunch. Keep an open mind and even talk to people you wouldn't normally "click" with. You'll meet a guy that you like very soon if you take this approach Smile

As for dresses... Forever 21 is where it's at, chica! Try a halter dress that cinches at the waist (having a tie around the waist would be perf) and that flairs out from there. Make sure you also have plenty of coverage in the boobs! Choose a solid classic color like royal blue or black. It'll definitely make you feel slimmer... but try not to beat yourself up about your bod, chickie! It's beautiful because it's YOURS. Start trying on clothes you love (to figure out what works best with your curves) and walk with confidence! 
Lauren C.

by love2read11 on 8/22/2011 5:49:31 PM


going into highschool.. how do i exactly make a bgf? without my girls saying... ooooo u like him!and without my parents saying i like him!????? help... (ps i dont know anyone so... )

Hey girlie,

People normally aren't used to girls being besties with guys, so you'll probably run into the "Oooo do you have a crush on him? You'd totally make a cute couple!" convo once in a while. Just shrug off those comments and stick to your guns that you're just friends. You'll convince people in time! As for actually meeting that BGF, the best thing to do is be open and out-going in your classes. Don't be afraid to pair up with guys for lab partners, projects, or in gym. You could even join a co-ed sport (my HS had a volleyball and golf club that were boys and girls) or clubs to meet new guys. All ya gotta do is remember to talk to these guys! Let them get to know you and you'll find one you click with enough to make it BGF official Smile
Lauren C.

by love2read11 on 8/22/2011 4:55:28 PM


My bgfs are awesome when girls talk abiut them well I got my bros back

by Boobooberg on 8/18/2011 9:08:20 PM


I have all these types of friends!

by basketballcutie11 on 8/16/2011 7:05:20 AM


haha my bgfs are amazing.. they r the kind of people who dont care what others think and i can tell them anything and they help me out and never bring the situation up again... one time they even yelled at a girl because she was being a brat to me haha Smile gotta love your brothers!

by bieberlover586 on 8/13/2011 11:32:58 AM


my BGFs! their so awesome, and you can talk to them about ALMOST anything. the chill friend is also another. without the chill friend, i would go LOOPY!

by abbysea on 8/11/2011 11:31:51 PM


mod mod mod
My best friend ever moved away this summer and so we only communitcate through text. i feel like she kinda changed and she bothers me alot so i dont really want to be as close as we were. but she wants to still. she doesnt take my hints and i dont know what to do. i dont have a problem being friends i just dont want to be best friends. what can i do?

Hey girl,

She might feel like she still needs you as a best friend because the move might have been hard for her, and she wants to still feel connected to you and her "old" life.  See if you feel comfortable enough to talk to her about the things that both you, without hurting her feelings. It may be hard for you, but just imagine how she's probably feeling.  She still wants her best friend so try not to push yourself too far away. x0x0 
Casey L.

by brummitt06 on 8/10/2011 1:48:56 PM


Hey girls! If you like to read, write or both could you please join my club "Bookworms & Writers"? I am trying to reach at-least 55 members by the end of the week and right now I'm at 43. I would really appreciate your help! Smile

by LexilicousCandy on 8/9/2011 10:26:47 PM


Hey girls!
Do you need advice?
I'm here to help! (:
Just comment on my profile, and I'll comment on yours, asap!
I can give you advice on just about everything, soooo, comment please! (:


by facebooker1240 on 8/8/2011 2:12:53 PM


Hey LuvinSummer!!!

I am the exact same as you! I am 13, a little shorter than you, and have size 11 feet. I hate it! And its not just that, but my feet are SUPER wide. so i cant really wear many sandals without making them look gross. So feel blessed if you just have long feet! Smile

by squigglegiggle13 on 8/7/2011 10:32:05 PM


Love the article, Girls Life! I probably wouldnt be able to survive without my bus buddy. In the morning she is not always there, but in the afternoon she always helps me talk out my problems worries or concerns, so I go home happy and relaxed!

by parischick2 on 8/5/2011 1:36:45 PM


Hey, Mod? Can you help me with something, please?
My best friend, whom I care for deeply, is always upset. She tells me her problems and I would listen and try to comfort her, now I've been listening to her problems for so long and tried to help ven though I couldn't do anything...I just get upset. She doubts and is very negative and when she confides in me I get mad at her for feeling so. SO we end up arguing and now I'm at the decision whether I leave her or I stay. But if I leave she's going to cut herself off from the world...and if I stay she's not going to tell me anything or even talk to me much and it just seems pointless but I care about her...but do I care enough to change my ways of getting mad?
Thank you! <3

Hey girly,

Let me just say good job for sticking by this friend. You are definitely a really good friend to her. It may be hard, but I think you will need to stick by her a little bit longer. However, if she starts to make you really angry all the time or starts to get angry at you for "not helping" you may want to try and distance yourself a bit. You don't have to stop being friends, but you can get some space. Good luck!

Catie C.

by Panda95 on 8/5/2011 3:09:04 AM


mod mod mod mod mod mod mod
Why does it take months to gain someone...but then you can lose him in seconds!!! I'm going through a 'break up' with my guy friend Frown
I liked him, he didn't like me, then he thought I was overreacting about that last part. How do I talk to him ???

Hey girl, I think it's important to give him time. He may not be ready to be friends again. Guys can get really weird about relationship stuff. Let him know you're good and ready to be friends with him when he is with you and then let it go for now. He'll come when he's ready.

Alyssa B.

by justadream11 on 8/4/2011 11:22:52 PM


MOD MOD MOD : Im 13 and 5'5 and i wear a size 11 shoes its so embrassing !! i wanted some suggestions on shoe brands that make your feet look smaller ... i wear converse alot and that is definetly NOT A good choice ive seen sperrys and vans on other websites ... HELP ME PLEASE !!!

Hey girl, I'd try sandals or flats to make your feet look smaller. The good news? You can get them anywhere.

Alyssa B.

by LuvinSummer on 8/3/2011 12:31:57 AM


come join my club health cuties, for everything to do with getting healthy, and fit, from exercising to having healthy skin and hairSmile everyone is welcome, and we will be electing officers soon, so join in on the quest to getting healthier!!

by cutie_pie54 on 8/2/2011 11:14:15 PM


I'm not going to be friends with someone just because they're smart or good at sports.

by fencergirl97 on 8/2/2011 9:19:48 PM


well, this year i am gonna hang out with no gossipy, back stabby girls. i am sick and tired of them. this year is going to be a new start for me! new friends, i made an oath to myself to not gossip. i have made too many mistakes last year. my advice is; dont gossip please! and dont try to be someone you're not. i have been there and back and i have learned a lot. i lied. and i feel horrible. just don't girls! sorry it might sound cheesy! Laughing

by <3luvlife<3 on 8/2/2011 9:12:54 PM


Okay, admit it: Life isn't cake. And sometimes, you need some chica to chica advice. Smile

Well, I'm your girl. I give advice on everything. And yes, this includes the topic you're wondering on.

So if you don't know what to wear that weekend, what to tell that guy, or how to fix that family problem, contact me Smile

Holla! Peace out.

by naturallywonderful on 8/2/2011 7:56:12 PM


This is just my opinion, but I don't like this because I feel like it's saying that the only reason you should befriend someone who's super-smart or a bit of a "geek" is because they have something to offer you, like homework or tech help. You shouldn't make friendship a business deal, and that goes for everyone. Make friends with someone because you actually like them-- don't seek out stock characters and stereotypes because you think they can give you something you want. That's just plain mean.

by lip_gloss12 on 8/2/2011 5:29:55 PM


i have so many different types of friends! Smile but the first month back i definitely need a fashionista and a chill chick

by fallsb-ball on 8/2/2011 3:12:42 PM


I have so many different kind of friends. It's really nice, let's you see point of views from everyone Smile

by topchef88 on 8/2/2011 1:43:25 PM


I have two bffs, otherwise all my friends are not me. My friends are awesome, but my first bff- someone who can listen though she is much better at talking. My second bff- is the neighbor boy who lives aacross the street(He tells me and my other bff who all the guys like). At school last year there was this one boy and he was all my best friends (including me) best friend.

by Nealemk on 8/2/2011 12:41:20 PM


Hey girlies! Just wanted to let you all know that like caitlingirl1997 my BFF is my BGF! its true when u get a real BGF u can talk to each other about anything & ull always be there for each other. but the most important thing to remember when seeking out a BGF is exactly that- you want a friend, not a boyfriend! dont forget that! if u fall for him then still be friends but seek out another guyfriend that u dont like- and if ur one of those girlies who falls for half the guys in homeroom, try talking to the girls in ur group about your little "guy prob". theyll be happy to help u narrow it down to just 1 or 2 guys to crush on. when trying to make friends with a guy remember not to flirt but to just be friendly & be as helpful as possible (guys usually aren't into helping each other out w/ assignments & girls, so he'll be way grateful for your help!). when u do become friends, ALWAYS remember that even if ur BFFs u still need girlies & he still needs his guys! hope this helps! <3

by sparklysydafrid on 8/2/2011 8:54:27 AM


My BFF is also my BGF....yep, my BFF is not a if you guys are looking for a BFG but you find it difficult...first realize that wearing a pound of makeup and talking to him about boys is not how you start out. Eventually if you become super duper good my BFF and I, he can talk to you about girls and you can tell him about all the cute problem, no weirdness. Just start talking and if you end up sharing intrests ask him to sit with you at lunch, or be your social studies partner, just keep the convos going and eventually he might think you're kinda cool too!

by caitlingirl1997 on 8/1/2011 11:16:34 PM


Hey' would really appreciate your advice. Ok so, I know a couple of guys on the bus and we're kinda friends but how do I make them BGFs?
Thanx a bunch! -C

Hey C,

It's all about chatting them up! By talking to them more often, you'll make both of you more comfy with each other. I think this article will really help ya with the tips you need! 
Lauren C.

by howcutegirlccd on 8/1/2011 6:06:23 PM


This is really good! Some of those people, I never would have thought of befriending! I think this is gonna help a lot! Especially since I'm going into High School and I don't know very many people.

by spazzygirI on 8/1/2011 2:38:46 PM


Ok so for #7 how do I get a BGF? I mean I have guy friends in school but I never talk to them outside of school unless I like them. I don't talk to guys out of school that I don't "like" because I'm afraid they'll think I like them when I don't.
PS I tried to post this yesterday and it didn't go through. Was there something wrong with it? Frown

Hey babe! You don't need to like a guy to talk to him and if you keep the outside-of-school conversation friendly then he shouldn't assume you like him. Just find a guy you have a lot in common with and talk about your interests. If you both enjoy photography then spend time together going around neighborhoods taking pictures and having fun. xoxo 
Jess W.

by bratz911 on 8/1/2011 11:32:09 AM


ok i wont have #4 or 8. i dont ride the bus and i dont need a counsler. I have a bgf ( ive nown him scence kindergarden) sportie friend but i wont be doing much pe this fall cuz i have a sprained ankle but i also have a fasionestia friend, cill one, whatever 6 is, lab partner (?), and every one in but ween so i think im good this school year

by May9 on 8/1/2011 12:10:13 AM


I really can't deal without my chill friend. She can always keep my grounded.

by supersingershannon on 7/31/2011 9:45:29 PM


I want to get the Neutrogena Wave Sonic but I dont know if it's for my skin type. I have oily skin with a few blemishes and some blackheads. If u use it and it works let me know! I don't want to waste my money on it but it looks like it will help alot! And how often do I change the pads on it!? Thanks!!! Pls comment on my profile

by deedles1621 on 7/31/2011 9:31:45 PM


please check out all my clubs. the Luke Bryan Fan Club, Club Quotes, sisterhood of the outsiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

by Bootsie753 on 7/31/2011 7:59:04 PM


hahaha my handwriting is the WORST!!!

check out my new advice pg (same as my username) my profile and clubs!!

by briblue3 on 7/31/2011 6:58:49 PM


Calling all Jake Short fans!! If you <3 Jake Short (Disney channel and Nick star)...join my Jake Short Fan Club! Smile Thanks<3

by maggie183 on 7/31/2011 6:47:59 PM


how do u make a bgf

by bballrox21 on 7/31/2011 6:01:28 PM


haha umm im kinda quiet and shy so uhh.... probably not gonna make ALL those friends ;P

by juicyfruit101 on 7/31/2011 4:55:47 PM


I have 2 friends that cover all of the different types of friends Smile but I have one of each too.
(I make friends easily) ;P

by toostie82 on 7/31/2011 4:33:17 PM


No sporty sistah necessary this year. I'm a junior and I never have to take PE again!!

by kazthespaz on 7/31/2011 3:34:02 PM


The pic is cute!!

Hey chicas,If you need advice on anything really I'm here 4 u!I answer questions on topics from boys to hair styles to drawing and much more!!!!!no question is too embarrassing or humiliating so come on down to my advice queen page and you wont be dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by artistchic99 on 7/31/2011 3:21:59 PM


bahahaha love the pic ;)

by adviceseeker on 7/31/2011 2:22:32 PM


i dont to do 3 or 10 lol those are me

by ellybelle98 on 7/31/2011 1:48:25 PM

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