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10 back-to-school beauty rules

Simple tips and tricks to keep you lookin' flawless this school year.
104 Comments | Add Yours

Mod! Does Apricot scrub make you break out??


hey! I think it depends on the brand you use and your skin type. I use it every night and it keeps me from breaking out, but that's because I have oily skin. If you have dry skin you should only use it maybe once a week, try it and see what works for you.  

Helen S.

by EmusRule on 10/6/2012 10:01:37 AM


I know! Isn't it dumb when people bug you for wearing a little bit of makeup when there are people in the room wearing WAY more than you are. Once, I was wearing gold eyeshadow and I am black so it looked natural and shimmery and these people were all like, why are u wearing makeup? And Im like, y do u care? its middle school.

by sasarahsept on 8/22/2012 12:14:33 PM


Hey there! WAIT. DON'T STOP READING. This just might help you out!

I see a lot of people who are in need of some advice. Well then I'm your gal! I won't judge you for your problems and no question/problem you have is stupid. No questions will go unanswered! If you ever at any time need help just hop on over to my profile and leave a quick comment. If you want an easy way to ask me for help whenever you need it, join my advice queen page where I'll be there for you at just a click of a button.
Thanks for your time! Smile


by Nightless on 8/11/2012 10:06:49 AM


MOD does anyone know a gentle(GENTLE=i have very sensitive skin=if i wash to much even like once a day every day or put the amount of makeup that other people put my skin goes dry as a desert) exfoliator that i can use?!I really need one!!!

Hey girl,

There's nothing wrong with sensitive skin, but everyone needs a good exfoliator! Instead of skimping on the scrub, try a thicker moisturizer after you wash. If your skin is still super dry, talk to a dermatologist!
Meghan D.

by Pinkcupcakekitties on 12/19/2011 2:01:48 PM


I have never really brushed my teeth because my mom never made me when I was young but now I want to make it a habit so I can fix my teeth . I have had cavities and caps on my teeth so I Finley lost those teeth.

by Efun on 10/11/2011 9:13:20 PM


I know chicks who were so much makeup at my school and they don't look good. They think they do. I wear NO MAKEUP! Haha and I get told from boys that I look pretty and cute. I wear my hair naturally too! So for those of you with the look better natural. And guess what! Im in SEVENTH GRADE! But I got told I looked like I was a Sophmore. Hahaha.

Natural Beauty is hot. You don't have to worry about your makeup then. You may think I'm crazy.....but look at yourself without makeup.You look drained out cuz the makeup takes all the color away from you.


Luv ya Chicas,

by Cupcake1999 on 9/21/2011 10:53:41 PM


MOD Hey Mod, so it was my second day of school today and the past two days i wore a LITTLE foundation, a little powder, a little concealer, a little blush, and curled my eyelashes. Last year i didn't own really any makeup except for a little concealing powder, which i wore to school most of the time. But today in orchestra this guy that i REALLY DON'T like and that's mean to me (the whole orchestra knows each other really well)was like "r u wearing makeup? Omg you are!" in front of the class and really loud, and i was like "just leave me alone!" Why would he say that? Hes seen girls wear WAY more than what i was! It was kinda embarrassing and bothered me though and i don't know why.... i don't know what to think... THANKS SO MUCH!<3 Smile btw i know who he likes, so its not me...thankfully! ;)


Hey girly, some guys can just be rude so ignore him. He's just insecure and needed to put the attention on someone else. Don't think about him, I'm sure you looked great! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by HaNnAh BaNaNa! on 9/7/2011 6:48:05 PM


im a competitive swimmer so i am swimming on my high school team this fall. on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays we have practice in the morning before school. we have a half hour to shower, change, and get to class. any advice on how to do my hair?

Hey girlie,

Since it's only three days a week and it's only for the fall, I would go simple - ponytails dressed up with a cute headband, a bun, or a braid in the back. It's quick and easy! 
Lauren C.

by lizziej121 on 9/4/2011 12:29:25 PM


modmodmodmodmod which is better? washing your face in the shower or over the sink? thanx in advance Smile


Hey missy, both are good. All my friends wash their faces in the shower, but I prefer the sink. So try both and see what works for you. Smile

Lynae P.

by ilikecakeandstuff on 9/3/2011 4:36:28 PM


modmodmod ok this just crossed my mind is it better to wash your face in the shower on over the sink? i was just wondering cuz i do it in the shower and most of my friends do it over the sink so yah...thanx in advance Smile


Hey chica! I'm soo sorry but I'm super busy trying to respond to everyone's comments! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! In the meantime ask some of the other GL members who offer advice help! I'm sure they'll be more than happy to dish out some advice! Thanx for understanding!!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by ilikecakeandstuff on 9/3/2011 4:24:27 PM

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