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My bestie's BF is abusive

He pressured me and hit me. I don't want her to be next...
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Mod Mod Mod! I recently started a new school and everything's going well. There's this guy who I (and loads of other girls) think is cute and apparently he's really nice but he hangs out with all the jerks (who take drugs, he doesn't though) and he's smart but he always pretends to be dumb. Can you please give me some advice to get him to notice me without me being too pushy since I'm new and he doesn't really know me? Also, I don't know whether I want to let myself start really liking him since guys who hang out with jerks seem to be influenced by their friends a lot.. Thanks in advance xx

Hey girlie, 

It's actually GREAT that you're new! You can use that to your advantage. Ask him for directions to your next class, for help on a homework assignment for a tough teacher, to share the best restaurants in town, to introduce you to new people, etc. Play the "new girl" card for as long as you can - and you'll grow closer to him because he'll want to help you out!

He does hang out with these guys, but remember that he doesn't take drugs with them. He might enjoy hanging out with them/acting dumb sometimes, but he hasn't been influenced by certain things they do. That means he can think for himself - which is a good quality for him to have Smile
Lauren C.

by lovetodance393 on 12/15/2011 9:01:46 PM


My BF and I just got into a fight, and he told one of my friends a bunch of lies about me! That friend doesn't go to my school and neither dose my BF, but he's making all of the friends I made from him hate me! 3 of them are already mad even though I've apologized and everything! My BFF Ashlynn said their not real friends if they'll believer my BF over me. But still, I don't want to lose them! I told my BF Kaleb that I hated him and he meant nothing to me and he was dead to me. And then after our friend Claire said what he said and didn't believe me I got mad aftrr apologizing so I told her the same thing. Now everyone of his friends will hate me. Ashlynn said who cares since I'll probably never see them again. But I still feel really bad! What should I do? Please help!


by JBfan97 on 8/26/2011 9:39:23 PM


Mod! Mod!Mod!Mod!! ok so theres this guy i have a crush on and i think he likes me back so i added him on facebook. well i was messing arround and my brother notesed that im friends with him(hes friends with him too on there) and he asked why i was friends with him. so i told him kinda the truth, that he is friends with one of my friends on there so i added on of his friends. hes going to see him today and im affraid that hes going to say something and make it worse! please help!


Hey girl! Hopefully he wont say anything! Maybe your brother will find out if he likes you back!


xoxo tory

Tory N.

by Ndadgirl on 8/22/2011 1:32:33 PM


Hey i LOVE to give advice so hit me up with all your tough situations <3 <3 <3

by bostonbaby on 8/18/2011 9:37:14 PM


mod mod mod
whenever i wear cream eyeshadow it gets all clumpy from me blinking. it looks really gross after like 15 minutes cuz of it. how can i make that stop?

Hey girl!

Try using an eyeshadow primer before you put the cream shadow on! 
Katelyn L.

by munchkin112096 on 8/18/2011 1:50:39 PM


Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with my crush and some of our friends (He's also my BGF)I was wondering what to wear?? First we are all going to a bts social for our grade than the movie we might be outside so . . . Thanks!!

Hey girl!

I would say keep it simple. Movies are pretty casual and you don't want to look too dolled up. Either a cute pair of shorts with a cute top or a casual sundress would be your best bet. Have fun! 
Katelyn L.

by phoebeloren00 on 8/18/2011 3:56:46 AM


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by briana13 on 8/17/2011 10:29:51 PM


Dont worry, once your bestie sees what happens when she doesnt listen she will see the consequences.

by tezzyrose on 8/17/2011 10:07:47 PM


I have a lot of drama with my friends. So much that they barely talk to me anymore. This school year I wanna start with a clean slate, but they're REALLY stubborn and like to hold a grudge. What can I do to make it right with them?
P.S. What does MOD mean?

Mod means moderator. As for your friends maybe just branch out some and meet new people while remaining good with them. You can slowly get away and the grudge wont be bad. Good luck! xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Hayley_finnsessed on 8/17/2011 10:01:31 PM


mod mod mod I met this guy in a chat room. He was really nice and stuff. and i know people like that can be weird, he gave me his email. And i want to email him, but i dont know. Help!

hey! It's really unsafe to contact people online that you know nothing about. You should delete that email. Think about it, best case scenario, he's a normal guy, but what if he's not? do you really wanna take that chance?  
Helen S.

by pandagirl12 on 8/17/2011 7:55:36 PM

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