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3 ways to stop school stress before it starts!

Try these easy tips to keep you anxiety-free even in the toughest situations.
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************ Need FITNESS or EATING advice? Ask me and I'll get back to you quick(;********

by hogwarts1189 on 8/16/2011 12:07:49 PM


Hey Girls! Schools coming up, and there's lots to be nervous and excited about. Have any questions? I'm goin to tenth grade so if you need any advice I can help! MY CLUB IS: Ask Kay-t-bee. Hope to hear from you!!!

by Kay-t-bee on 8/11/2011 11:39:39 AM


these blogs are just depressing me... i live in seattle, and almost every day this summer has been cloud and rain. grrr

by uniquenat on 8/10/2011 8:50:49 PM


thanks! this was good advice! i just bought a random cute notebook, so maybe i'll use it as the journal!Smile

by twilight*gurl on 8/10/2011 8:34:23 PM


I start community college classes for dual credit next week. Talk about stressers :/

by rockinlishy on 8/10/2011 5:03:08 PM


How can I convince my parents to let me go somewhere with my BFF?
hey, my bff invited me to go there with her and i really wanna go but i have very very overprotected parents. they let me go to the mall with her before when it was her birthday but it took a week of crying, convincing and lecturing for them to let me. this summer i didn't go to anywhere fun and i reaaallly wanna go before summer's over. please help me, what should i say to them so that they would let me go.

 Hey girl,

Tell them that you think you deserve to go there with her, and give your parents very specific examples of how mature and responsible you are, or why you deserve this.  If they're worried about you having a chaperone, see if one of them can go but just to make sure everything's ok, not to hang out with you or your friend. x0x0
Casey L.

by jellybean368 on 8/10/2011 4:04:21 PM


Hey! I really want to make this school year a GREAT year. One of the things I want to do is improve in gym class. How can I do that?

Hey girl,

One of the most important things you need for gym class is endurance, so outside of class try jogging or just improving your athletic ability overall, so you'll be able to perform better in gym. x0x0
Casey L.

by MadMaddie911 on 8/10/2011 2:54:17 PM


MOD I want to Do Two Sports Soccer and Volley Ball. Is That Too Much On My Plate?

Hey girl,

Look at the schedules for games and practices for both of those sports, and think about your school work load. If you think you'll be able to juggle both sports, school, friends, family, etc., then go for it! If not, think about which sport you like better and just do that one instead. x0x0 
Casey L.

by alakoj on 8/10/2011 1:18:13 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD I really want to be on the 9th grade volleyball team this year. I'm in 7th grade. The only thing is that team is time consuming. every day after school for 3 hours, and until school starts 2 hours in the morning. I was also going to do some tutoring for math after school, but now i dont know where that will fit in. i really want to be on this team, but it seems like a lot of work, and I dont know if i want my life to be taken over. What shold i do?



Hey girl. You can't be in two places at once. Why not try out for the team for your grade? You have plenty of time to be on the 9th grade team later.

mary h.

by abbyoc16 on 8/10/2011 9:21:45 AM


these r some good tips!

check out my profile & advice pg as well as my clubs. my new one, called Club Writers (the word club is in the name), can help u think of a new description or motto for ur club or advice pg! so check us out!

by briblue3 on 8/10/2011 8:15:49 AM

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