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Katelyn's cute first-day outfit

Some presh inspiration to make a fab first impression.
32 Comments | Add Yours

Mod Mod Mod,
i need help with a outfit for promotion, for middle school, but i dont know what to wear like shoes, jewerly or what dress i should wear cause the straps have to be two finger lenghts or else i have to wear a sweater over and it cant be to short has to be finger length. please tell me if you have any suggestions oh and by the way i am into a edgy look or a vintage look hope that helps thank you! ;)

Hey girlie,

You definitely want to dress a little conservative and professional for a graduation/promotion ceremony - but that doesn't mean you can't have any fun! Try looking for a white tee with a lace overlay, like this shirt from Forever 21. Paired with a tan tank top underneath and a knee-length pencil skirt like this one in a plain black, it's a totally vintage look and is super romantic! It's easier to do separates because it's easier to find a longer skirt than it is to find a dress that matches your school's rules. Smile Add some fun accessories and a pair of flats to express your personality! <3
Lauren C.

by ABCazares101 on 3/3/2012 11:37:17 PM


Thanks so much for the help!

by LAS625 on 10/8/2011 10:16:13 PM


Hey! Ok so my mom got me suspenders. I found some ways to make them look cute, but I am not sure if I should wear it or not. Will i look wierd? (not that suspenders are wierd) I just don't see anyone at school wearing them.

It's definitely fashion-forward and unique, but that's no reason to push them to the back of your closet!! Take a look at some fashionable ways to wear suspenders (with sheer shirts with neck ties, fitted tees, button downs, etc.) which it sounds like you've already started to do, then go for it! Make sure you walk with your head up and shoulders back - the best way to pull off a fashion risk is confidently! 
Lauren C.

by LAS625 on 10/8/2011 10:01:42 PM


cute but a little dressy for me

by 12coco on 10/7/2011 7:36:39 PM


That is such a cute outfit!!!

by GirlyGirl4455 on 9/26/2011 5:11:43 PM


okay so i have this tealish strapless (not super fancy) dress with a brown belt, and the dress has like layers, but at school we cant show shoulders so i cant figure out anything to go over it Frown also i cant find shoes to go with it, and i really want to wear it but my white sweater looks ugly with it


Hey chica! I'd wear a cardigan with it. Maybe a gray one would look nice. Or, brown. As for shoes, you could always wear strappy gladiator sandals, if you're allowed at school. Or, flip flops!


Becca G.

by abbeydawn96 on 8/14/2011 12:13:13 AM


~MOD~I am in a tight situation! I lost a lot of weight (excess child fat, don't worry I've been very healthy about it, no fad diets!) and now none of my clothes fit me anymore except for summer shorts thsat break dress code! I can't spend any of my own money (going to my 8th grade DC trip, and not aloud to take any out) and we're in debt. I can't spend a lot of money on BTS shopping, but I have to get some clothes or else I'm literally stuck in sweats and tees! Where can I buy cute tops under 15-10$, jeans under 30, and skirts/dresses under 15-20? Thank you so much! (And I'm set on shoes, got a gift card to Payless!) Thank you SO much I really appreciate it! <3 the mods!

Forever 21 Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by HAZELELMDUST on 8/12/2011 8:18:56 PM


MOD!!!! i have been back to school shopping a little and i found some mega cute jenas and a few shirts but i dnt know what type of shoes to get because i want to wear them into the fall and winter...i was thinking vans and/or sparkly toms in the black so silver but especially cud i wear the toms into fall and winter?!?! thx a tonSmile

Hey girlie,

You could totally wear the Toms into the winter! If you're in a place that gets lots of snow though, you might want to spend the money on a pair of boots instead. Ankle booties, flats, or even heeled boots will be able to last you through the colder and snowier months a lil better Smile You could even try a pair of Toms and a pair of cheaper boots from a store like Payless or Target to balance out the cost.
Lauren C.

by musicluva on 8/12/2011 7:35:59 PM


That's super cute, but waaayy too dressy for our school. I'm wearing a cardi, tank top, and jeans. For a dressier place, though, that's really cute.

by judogirl111 on 8/12/2011 1:37:01 PM


Beauty Tips From Jenna!!
Please Join The Club!!

Hey girls! This is a club all about makeup and beauty! The president of this club is Jenna. Jenna is a beauty intern for GL Magazine. She makes beauty videos for GL as well. Feel free to ask her for tips about using makeup and about the videos she makes.

by beautygirl212 on 8/11/2011 10:25:59 PM

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