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Body do or don't: Douching to ditch odor

I don¹t know what to do‹I wash myself regularly, but my mom won¹t let me buy any of the special feminine hygiene washes. Help!
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On they sell a little hand held wand with a small ball on the end that lets water pass through and you put it inside the vagina, is that the same thing as a douche? It says it is supposed to make you feel fresher down there and also helps with any odor but if it acts like a douche and it sounds like it does then we should probably stay away from it.

by fashionqn on 8/2/2012 3:30:25 PM


Mod mod mod
2 things... One is that I have big boobs but they kinda point outward so the middle looks flat in a bra and in a bikini. Any solutions?(pushup bra ain't an option) and another thing is I have had discharge for 18 months and I heard if u dont have ur period at most 18 months after discharge starts then u may need to see a doc? What's goin on? Thanks please respond cuz I've asked this a bunch and no1 is responding!

Hey Gal!

Don't worry about your chest. Most girls have boobs that point outward. If you want to look a little bigger in a bathing suit (without going for a push up) try a demi triangle top. They'll support you in the same way a bra would, bringing you closer to the middle. My advice? don't worry about your chest when your swimming! Catch some waves and enjoy the sun. As for your discharge. Hmm, I don't think I have heard that 18 month rule. If your wondering about your body/puberty give your doc a call. He or she will have all the answers. In the meantime, don't fret about it! 

Marisa D.

by cuddlebug143 on 5/16/2012 1:21:55 PM


what's a douch or hygine wash??

by greengirl1001 on 4/7/2012 10:34:49 PM


I have to deal with IBS and hypohydrosis(excessive sweating EW) since last year. What should I do?

I smell so bad wherever I go, and people always back away, but don't say anything. even my parents say 'I'm thinking that in my brain.' Mental problems? Nope. I don't.

To make situations worse, I have sweating too, and have to apply deo. like, 10 times a day.(Exaggerating) but people smell it one way or another.

I used to be the most cleanest person on earth, but I'm like sooo bad now. What should I do?

by sready on 12/6/2011 1:28:38 AM


is BEBE young care showerGelwith parfume in it, also smell from err, ```wild rose`` (reading bottle) healthy to use down there, or does is cause a stronger oder? o.O

by Kitty9901 on 9/29/2011 2:45:09 PM


I'm afriad i might have a yeast infection. i can't hold IT for too long when i have to use the bathroom, once it was the case i peed on myself in a Target and im 14 !!! My dishcarge has a very strong odor and im not sure what to do !!!! Please help are those symptoms of a yeast infection???


Hey girl,

It could be a yeast infection, urinary tract infection, or any number of other easily treatable things. (And to answer your other Q, yeast infections could be caused by wearing wet clothes/bathing suits for a long amount of time because the fabric can't breathe, a change in soap/not washing enough, etc.) Does it itch as well? If it itches, it's probably a yeast infection. If it burns/hurts to pee, it could be a UTI. If you're having trouble controlling your bladder, it could be something else. Give your doc a call to get some professional advice and clear this up!

Lauren C.

by tinydimples6 on 9/22/2011 1:35:08 PM


MOD Ive been having discharge since 4th grade and I'm in 6th now and it smells if i sit in one place for a while but it didn't used to. is this normal?

Hey girl, it should be, depending on what kind of smell. Check the consistency — if it has a cottagey-cheese texture and smells off, it may be the sign of an infection, but otherwise, it's fine.

Alyssa B.

by LillyMoonFlow on 9/19/2011 5:35:11 PM


For the past couple of months I've been getting a bad odor. It kinda smells like must, it's so embarrassing. I don't know how to tell my mom or doctor. What should I do I'm so scared.

Hey girl,

Don't be scared! First, make sure you're cleaning yourself with a mild soap every day. If it's still sticking around, tell someone even though I know it'll be awkward. They can help you - with a new soap designed to protect from "down there" odor or by telling you a cause of it. You'll be happy you were honest about it when you get it cleared up! 
Lauren C.

by tiffanyanne on 8/26/2011 5:52:53 PM


Hey girls!
Do you need advice?
I'm here to help! (:
Just comment on my profile, and I'll comment on yours, asap!
I can give you advice on just about everything, soooo, comment please! (:


by facebooker1240 on 8/19/2011 10:26:43 AM


I have a question 1. 1 day I left a tampon in for like 12 hours. could I have TSS? I know its bad to leave them but could I have it right now. 2. I cut myself shaving there. It hurts a little bit. what should I do?

Hey girl, 1) not likely. As long as the area is not painful and you've changed your tampon since then, you're fine. 2) I'd put a band aid there if it's really oozing and if not, just leave it by. It'll heal with time.

Alyssa B.

by Theamazingpinkninja on 8/18/2011 11:48:33 PM

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