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Glasses are messing with my game!

Is there any way to improve my eyesight so I don't need to wear glasses while playing sports?
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Today at school we did an eye test and I couldn't see a thing...well I think. I don't know if I was just psyching myself out or if i am psyching myself that I don't need glasses. because when I was in third grade (7th grade now) i got my eyes check and they said i had a stigmatism and i can't tell if it has gotten worse. I have told my mom sometimes its hard to see but I am scared when I get my eyes checked my mom may be angry if I don't need glasses and say I wasted her money. And to top it off my friend just got glasses and I don't want it to seem that I am jealous and want attention. So really the problem is I am scared I will get my eyes checked wont need glasses my mom will be angry and my friends will think I am a attention feeder! Help please I dont know what to do.

Hey girl, if you're worried about your eyesight, you should definitely tell your mom.  Hopefully she'll be happy to take you to an eye doctor.  If you don't need glasses, it'll be great that you don't need to buy them and none of your friends will think you're stealing their thunder.  But if you do need glasses, it will be so great that you found out that you do, and none of your friends should blame you for stealing anyone else's attention.  Good luck, chica.  

Karin E.

by zippyhorse on 4/22/2013 3:48:51 PM


I don't mind glasses if they are cute... but most glasses aren't! Wish I could find a trendy pair of glasses!

by pinkstardust07 on 4/19/2013 2:27:18 PM


Dude, I have contacts and I dance, but I never wear contacts while dancing unless its a performance. Why? If you get hit in the eye or something, it can really hurt you. Also contacts can fall out of your eyes. Its REALLY scary cuz it happened to me when I had just gotten my contacts. Be glad you have glasses! You could try getting a tighter pair...

by topaz1116 on 9/3/2012 10:22:47 PM


I used to have glasses and felt the same way! My mom decided I was old enough to have contacts. Trust me, just wait it out until your mom is ready and it will pay off-- BIG time!

by timber_12 on 9/18/2011 12:30:07 AM


That stinks my mom told me for my 11th birthday I could get them. Just hang in there and I know what you mean I went through it for 4 years too.

by AbbyRae on 9/16/2011 3:44:57 PM


I have the same problem! I have pretty bad eyesight and I'm not allowd to wear my glasses during soccer games, so I'm pretty much blind and end up playing horrible. Rec specs (sports goggles) are really expensive and I don;t want contacts but I guess I'll have to choose. \:

by simply_isabella[: on 8/23/2011 12:06:36 PM


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by briana13 on 8/17/2011 10:16:43 PM


Em Ma Gawd! That's that exact same with me!( except I don't play sports. Ever.) If your glasses keep getting in the way, take em off and just play your sports!


by anastasia987 on 8/17/2011 4:48:54 PM


I had a "dip" in eyesight when I was about 10, then one day I woke up and felt dizzy and my ears were plugged- the next day I was tested (eye/ear) and I had improved- creepy!

by RaceTiger7 on 8/15/2011 1:48:11 PM


I'm getting contacs soon.

by isa19dance on 8/15/2011 12:32:48 PM

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