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I'm afraid my parents are gonna get divorced

My mom and dad fight all the time. I don’t know what to do about it…
30 Comments | Add Yours

My dad just told me that he's been dating this woman and they want to get married on New Years. I met her today. She's nice, but I don't want her to replace my mother (she died when I was like 4). I still miss her and I'm kind of offended that my dad warns to replace her. I'm so confused. What do I do?


hey girl! wow, that sounds like a really tough situation, and I'm sorry you have to deal with it. I can assure you your father is not trying to replace your mother. Rather, he's starting a new chapter in his life. Being a widowed parent is really hard, and it's really difficult when you lose your life partner and never find another one. Your father is probably very happy to have found a woman to spend the rest of his life with, so even though its hard, try your best to be happy for him. I'm sorry its all so sudden though. Stay strong! xoxo

Katie L.

by Kat_13 on 12/24/2012 1:37:05 PM


Also if you sense a fight coming, try calming down the most approachable of your parents...

by topaz1116 on 8/29/2012 4:03:02 PM


I go through the same thing too... You get used to it, though (I've been hearing it since I was really little) The thing is, the fights usually happen if both your parents have a temper...

by topaz1116 on 8/29/2012 3:47:41 PM


I'm VERY sensitive. Even when people forgive me, I still think about how horrible I am a few months later. So, I part board a horse. (That means she is half mine and I share her with another person) I let my friend ride my horse and my coach caught me in the act and said, "If you do that again, than you'll lose your horse." I felt really bad and sorry. Me and my coach are really close. I said I was sorry and she said "Oh don't worry about it, you didn't know." But I am having such a hard time forgiving myself, I can't get it off my mind and I'm really scared that we just lost some of our friendship. How can I learn to forgive myself? Every single time I wake up the first thing I remember is "Oh right, my coach got mad at me." Please help me to forgive myself.

Hey girl, I think it's important to realize like she said, you didn't know. It's good to be sensitive to reprimanding, but don't let the guilt plague you forever. Instead, channel that energy into rebuilding your relationship and showing your coach you've learned your lesson.

Alyssa B.

by horsebackrider12 on 9/26/2011 7:18:16 PM


My parents got divorced like 2 years ago. Its sad, but at least I don't feel like they hate each other. They don't fight that much anymore, so I'm happy.

by kaykayrock on 9/9/2011 7:39:18 PM


Hey girl I saw your post and that really isn't right. Try to get your mom and brothers to listen to you for 5 minutes without them saying anything. When you have them quite just tell them how you feel and how it isn't right and it makes you feel bad. Believe it or not what they are doing is both verbal and physical bullying, but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't like them. Chances are they don't even realize what they are doing to you. If this doesn't work than go to your school counselor and see if she/he would be able to help your mom and bros listen to you. Let me know how it works out!!!
<3 Jamie
PS need other advice come to my club It's A Girl's Thing. Invite your friends too if you want!! Can't wait to hear from you!!!!

by proarchergal42 on 9/4/2011 12:05:22 PM


Hey girl I saw your post and that really isn't right. Try to get your mom and brothers to listen to you for 5 minutes without them saying anything. When you have them quite just tell them how you feel and how it isn't right and it makes you feel bad. Believe it or not what they are doing is both verbal and physical bullying, but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't like them. Chances are they don't even realize what they are doing to you. If this doesn't work than go to your school counselor and see if she/he would be able to help your mom and bros listen to you. Let me know how it works out!!!
<3 Jamie
PS need other advice come to my club It's A Girl's Thing. Invite your friends too if you want!! Can't wait to hear from you!!!!

by proarchergal42 on 9/4/2011 11:57:27 AM


I'm going through the same thing. I understand we don't want a broken family...

by 11anna11banana11 on 9/2/2011 7:34:04 PM


-- The moderators can get reaaaaaaally busy with everything going on at this site (have you ever gotten a stock message saying they're currently busy and can't reply to your question?) So if you need advice, you can ask me Smile Hopefully this will help the mods a bit..--

Hey everyone Smile If you need to talk, I'm listening. Whether it's school, fashion, family, friends, (I'm cool with other topics too) I'll provide you with advice that comes from the most reliable source which you can trust- experience!

So feel free to ask about anything, because advice for you could double as advice for others. And yeah, it's true; no question is too weird/strange/awkward, haha. Things like that happen sometimes, but I've found that it's best to learn from my experiences, and enjoy life Smile

by foreverme! on 8/30/2011 3:18:56 AM


My parents actually ARE going to get a divorce. It's been a very tough couple of months and my dad has done some very stupid things that he regrets. I was told of this yesterday, but I only cried about it for like 10 minutes. I told my friend and i wasn't crying when i told her, but i wanted to be. I am confused to why i am so calm about this. My mom was crying last night talking to me about it. My dad went to his parent's house (two hours away) for a few days (but his dad also had to get a surgery, so i dont know if he was planning going up the whole time). The tears seem to come at very random times, and I dont know what to do about it... help please!

hey! when we're upset sometimes it comes in waves. I understand, one minute you're fine the next you're bawling. It's how our bodies deal with stress so the healthy thing to do is let it out. so sorry about your troubles, stay strong! 
Helen S.

by soccer.rox.26 on 8/24/2011 5:40:49 PM


Mod!!!!! My mom and brothers (2) are always making fun of me, and telling me that i'm fat and bratty and spoiled, and it's really starting to bug me, i've tried talking to them but they just made fun of me more, and my dad's usually out of town. The worst part is, sometimes my brothers hit me, and sit on me, they won't stop and it's leaving bruises and people are starting to ask why, but i don't want to tell them. HELP!!!

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! ♥, Your Blog Patrol Babes 
Alyssa B.

by lindseyd9 on 8/23/2011 6:49:34 PM


My parents are divorced.They both live in the same town.I spend most of the time w/ my mom,her boyfriend and his dog.I want to spend more time with my dad.I don't feel confortble around my mom's BF and am allergic to his dog.I have told my mom how I feel and she got really mad.My dad lives alone and is not dating.I think he misses my sister and me.I used to be super close to him but, b/c I don't spend alot of time with him,we are not close.I told my dad that I want to move in w/ him.He was happy and tried to make it work but,my mom won't budge.HELP


When it comes to divorces, there's often some sort of legal arrangement that dictates which parent you spend most of your time with. To get some free time with your dad, take  different approach. Instead of telling your mom that you don't like her BF and his dog, simply say that you want to spend Saturday with your dad. If he asks ya out to dinner or a b-ball game, ask her if you can go. Chances are she'll say yes.

Brittany T.

by BUCK123BUCK on 8/23/2011 4:00:14 AM


MOD MOD MOD: My parents have been seperated for about a month or two and my dad has been acting weird. He seems sad/depressed at times. He doesn't eat as much as he usually does either. The only time I see him actually eat something is when he eats lunch at work. He just seems sad about this when my mom is perfectly fine. I know it might be tough on them at first. Should I worry though?

Hey girlie,

Separation and/or divorce are hard on families - the kids and the adults alike. Everyone experiences it in different ways too. Mom might seem totally fine on the outside, but I'm sure she's disappointed, upset, and emotional at times as well. Dad is just processing it differently. It's normal to get emotional and need some time to heal - and sometimes not eating, over-eating, spending some time alone inside, throwing yourself into exercise/hobbies, etc. are all normal ways of doing this. But if the not-eating lasts for a really long time (I'd say over a month), talk to your mom about this. They might be separated but he's still your dad, so it's important that you all look out for each other so everyone stays healthy and, eventually, happy once again <3
Lauren C.

by kattlovesmusic on 8/22/2011 8:19:04 PM


MOD MOD MOD **Hide by request please!**
So my mom walked in on me while I was doing something embarrassing, she promised she wouldn't tell, and it was a secret, but I'm so embarrassed and I wanna die! I don't feel like talking to her about it, and she just carries on like nothing happened. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don't know what to do, and I'm really sad and crying. Frown Thank you SO much for your time, I REALLY appreciate it! xoxo <3

If youre really embarrassed and upset, then maybe talk about it with her. It may be scary, but it will probably make you feel better. I really suggest it. xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by dolcecupcakes on 8/17/2011 11:23:59 PM


i have registration/school pictures tomorrow at the worst time possible: an hour after volleyball practice. so basically i have an hour to shower and get my hair to look decent and get to registration. i don't blow dry my hair because it never end s up looking good no matter how much stuff i use, so what should i do? just sit in front of a fan or something?

Hey girl, I'd put it up if you need to or just make an exception and use a blow dryer this once and a round brush (the way to get a great, controlled hairstyle). If you need to, don't blow it dry all the way so it doesn't get too out of hand. Good luck!

Alyssa B.

by smileysevvie on 8/16/2011 9:39:11 PM


MODERATOR!! My parents are having a fight right now. My mom called my dad a liar, and he's all mad and taking it out on me. They always complain about each other to me. I'm getting sick of it. Five years ago, my dad said he was thinking about divorcing my mom but I begged him not to. Was in the right place to tell me that? What should I do? Thanks!

Hey chica!

Sorry about the tough spot you're in right now. I'd say it's best to stay out of the argument. Don't take sides with either parent; you want to stay neutral. Maybe once the fight blows over you could sit your parents down and talk to them. Tell them how you're feeling and how their constant fighting is affecting you. Be totally honest with them, because they need to know what's going on in your head. If you have any siblings, see if they want to help you talk to your parents. All the support you can get, the better. Good luck, girly! 
Katelyn L.

by nerdyrockerperson on 8/16/2011 4:43:48 PM


My parents are divorced and whenever I'm with my dad his girlfriends and his friends they don't exactly bad mouth her but the make comments that make me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I just go in my room and cry. What should I do?

Hey chica!

Sorry to hear about your tough situation. The best thing I think you could do is talk to your dad one-on-one and tell him how you feel about everything. You have to be completely honest and tell him what's going on inside your head.
Katelyn L.

by ilovestuff0403 on 8/16/2011 12:47:08 PM


im oing thur the same thing. im here if you need someone to talk to! ^^

by Becca_Bear1997 on 8/15/2011 5:53:46 PM


My friend could really use this article. She "let it slip" that her parents have recently started fighting a lot, and i feel really bad, but she doesn't seem to want to open up to anyone about it. I think its really bothering her, and I'd like to help . . . I don't know what I can do. Any ideas?


Hey chica! Maybe you could email it to her, or send it in a message through Facebook. Just be brief about it, and let her know that you think it may help, and that you care about her and are there if she needs anything. Sometimes, though, the best thing you can do is take her mind off of things and help her to have fun when she's with you!


Becca G.

by kguyer123 on 8/14/2011 12:04:15 AM


Arrange for them to go on a date for a bit. At least once a week try to buy your parents some free time by doing chores and stuff. It might help a bit.:/

by thetruth on 8/12/2011 6:11:44 AM


hi so i want everybody to know that my parents have been divorced since i was 3 and im 13 so if you ever need to talk im here

by warrior rose on 8/11/2011 12:24:48 PM


MOD MOD MOD My neck hurts almost every morning! Is it normal? It hurts a lot Please Help!!!



Hey girl. I would give a different sleep position a try. If you are a stomach sleeper that could be the prob because when you sleep on your tummy your neck is unsupported. If this doesn't work go see a doc.

mary h.

by Lioncub190 on 8/11/2011 10:33:47 AM


My parents are going through a divorce right now. It's really hard, but I know that in the end instead of having one miserable family, I will have two happy families! I try and stay positive about it, but sometimes I have to cry myself to sleep so I feel better. A great thing to do is talk about it to both your parents. If they know what you think of it and how you are dealing with it, it might make it a little easier! Smile

by Coventry1999 on 8/11/2011 1:55:24 AM


My parents have been arguing for the past 8 years. I dont even care anymore. Its really not that big of a deal.

by katgrl on 8/10/2011 11:59:04 PM


i have the exact opposite problem. I want my parents to get divorced. I dont like my dad at all! I only want to live with my mom.. It would be so great to have them divorced. Is this wrong of me to be thinking these things?

You might wanna talk to your mom about these feelings and find out why you feel this way about your dad. Tat should help you. xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by loveforever21 on 8/10/2011 11:14:45 PM


Do you have any tips at staying calm during school because Sitting in the desks all day and listening to the teachers make me really jumpy and I start talking really loud in the halls and at lunch, other people seem to find this annoying, but sometimes I just cant help myself.
Thanks Smile

I think you need to ask your doctor about this one. They may be able to help find you a solution. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by swimmichicki on 8/10/2011 10:37:56 PM


@rockinishly you would regret that if your parents were mine cause my mom has to go to court cause my dad dosen't want me to move with her and i want to move with her!!.... another bad thing bout that is they haven't let some one take a kid out of the county in years! Frown

by madsterw1 on 8/10/2011 6:26:03 PM


Hey chicas,If you need advice on anything really I'm here 4 u!I answer questions on topics from boys to hair styles to drawing and much more!!!!!no question is too embarrassing or humiliating so come on down to my advice queen page and you wont be dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by artistchic99 on 8/10/2011 5:53:47 PM


I'd honestly rather my parents get divorced, but I don't see that happening any time soon, unfortunately. Divorce is better than the alternative, in my house.

by rockinlishy on 8/10/2011 4:58:13 PM


i love my best friend soso much! and her family is soo nice but i dont think they like me.
any tips on how to get them to like me a little bit more?

Hey girl,

Just be friendly around them, and they'll have no choice but to love you! x0x0 
Casey L.

by simplymyself on 8/10/2011 4:02:07 PM

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