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My nipples won't make up their minds

How come my nipples don't stay out all of the time? They only come out when I am cold, why? Your nipples harden in a response to...
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Hey! So I have a couple of questions.
1) Is a non padded bra considered a training bra?
2) I was thinking of getting a non padded bra because the ones tht I have is uncomfortable because of the wire. Do u think tht getting a non padded bra at Hollister or Abercombie good or do u know of any other stores u could get one?
3) Also should I get one with lace or a regular cotton one.
Thanks so much!!! Sorry so many questions.


Hey! 1) training bras are more like sportsbras 2) You could find one at Target or maybe American Eagle? 3) They cotton ones are more comfortable, so I would start with that and then get a lacey one later if you feel like it Smile good luck!

Helen S.

by APlovesJB on 7/18/2013 7:33:55 PM


i tried ti measure myself for a bra size today then i realized i dont know what meausrment means what! I meauserd 27 on the bottom and 32 across my boobs. Do you mniw what size that is? And also what are good websites for figuring out your size?


Hey girlie, if you measured correctly, you would be a 30DD. When you measure right below your breasts, you're measuring your band size. You use the difference between that number and the measurement across your breasts to determine your cup size. If you type "bra size calculator" into a search engine, you'll find plenty of websites to help you get the right bra size. 

Lauren T.

by Kehsnow on 7/14/2013 8:10:00 PM


Help! Sometimes when I'm sitting in class my bra starts to stab me. What do I do?! We're only allowed 2 restroom passes a week and I already used mine earlier this week. Please help! It's really embarrassing to fix my bra in front of everyone. When I tried turning to the wall all the guys in my class stare at my boobs! Please help! What can I do! Sorry it's so long.


Hey! sounds like you need a better bra. look at sizing charts and ask a sales woman to help you find something that fits right and is comfortable. If that's not an option just make sure you've adjusted before class. good luck girl! 

Helen S.

by Pizzlepancakes on 5/30/2013 8:32:30 PM


$lover, You cant get pregnant by having sex with yourself, its totally safe what she is doing. Some of us do it and some of us dont and its not judging to be concerned but I think its normal, I learned at some point most of us will do it someday if we havent already started. And I am not understanding the vagina and where you pee from because its all in the same area. I dont know, we have our vulva and we have the other part that is made for pleasure, maybe you mean she is touching that, and that is totally normal too, that is what its made for. I think if you went online or even went to the sex section here on GL it may help. I know I am not alone, I wish I knew more about it and wished GL would have more about it too!

by fashionqn on 5/28/2013 11:01:23 PM


I'm sorry I you didn't understand the post I typed in before. I was just gonna make it simpler my friend has sex with herself. She doesn't go near her vagina she does it like the place ou pee I was jut wondering if you can get pregnant from that. I also have another question. I have been using training bras for like forever. My step mom says that I should grt one. Well I haven't got one and my boobs are getting to big. She always forgets this stuff. If I tell her, she will say I don't need it even though she told me earlier that I needed it. Please help

by $lover on 5/28/2013 9:11:45 PM


Hey I have a question it doesn't really go with boobs but it goes with the body. I have a friend. She got her period lay year and it has been pretty fine. She does something weird though. You know the place where you pee she like I don't even know how to describe it. I think tha it is sex with yourself. I tried to help her, but she keeps on doing it. I read online that you need a guy and she doesn't have what needs to make a child. I mean she has the period abut not the other thing. I am worried that she might get pregnant. Can you get pregnant from that? I mean she isn't even doing what she does near her vagina. Can she get pregnant from this? Please answer and help ASAP. She came to me for help and I turned to you guys please help!

by $lover on 5/28/2013 9:01:42 PM


Oh and I'm 5'1 and weigh 107 pounds or 110 is that normal?



Hey girly!  It's hard to say whether you're normal or not weight-wise, as I'm not a doc and don't want to dish out the wrong info. If you eat mostly healthy and are active, though, then I'd say you have nothing to worry about! Smile


Becca G.

by hinatagal on 5/27/2013 10:09:14 PM


My period is 11 days late. i have not been sexually active, I got my period 3 years ago i think (I'm in 9th grade now I got it in 7th grade). Its pretty irregular but isn't your period suppose to be irregular the first 2 years? The last day of school is Wednesday and I'm finishing up finals that day too. Is it because of stress? Or whats happening?



Hey chica! If you're not sexually active, then I wouldn't worry. You're totally correct- periods are irregular your first few years, and for some, even after that! Periods can also be affected by stress, weight loss and weight gain. If you're super active, or you gain a lot of weight, then you might not get your period. 


Becca G.

by hinatagal on 5/27/2013 10:07:55 PM


i feel like my boobs stoped groeing, in elem. i had one of the biggest now im in middle school and mine seem the same size.

by unnatural1 on 5/24/2013 9:48:14 PM


Why would they make that the title

by Jules1399 on 5/22/2013 4:16:08 PM

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