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Divin' diaper diva

I was so excited to go to my friend’s pool party, but two days before I had gotten my period. I don't like using tampons...
32 Comments | Add Yours

MOD MOD MOD! this is an awkward question, but the other day I tried to put in a tampon and I couldn't even fit it in! And it hurt! Now I'm really worried that I'm abnormally small "down there." Is that possible? And I'm also worried about...well frankly, will I ever be able to get married with this problem? Please help me I'm really worried!!!

Hey Sweetie,

Tampons are a tricky thing to get the hang of! But don't worry too much because a lot of girls have the same problem. You're completely normal down there, you just have to get used to inserting tampons. Check out these tips on using tampons, and don't forget the most important rule: relax! It's normal to tense up when you're trying to put in a tampon but if you just take deep breaths and have plenty of patience, you'll get it right eventually!
Rachel N.

by Luckycharmz on 9/9/2011 12:39:03 PM


Hey Mod, I've heard things about going swimming on your period. Like is it true that "your flow stops when you get in the water."??? I went swimming when i was on my period once and of course i wore a tampon, cause that's what ur supposed to do, but when i went to take it out i realized that my period had ended...but the tampon was wet, not with blood...did i not get it in right and it was the pool water? (it wasn't my first time or anything) Thanks sooo much! Smile Smile


Hey girl,

Read this article  - as you'll see, your period doesn't actually stop in water! I've known plenty of girls who skipped a tampon and leaked in the pool...way embarrassing! So make sure you always wear it when you're on your period. It's possible that it could stop while you're in the pool (like end for the week), but if you're only on your second day it's not just gonna stop because you take a dip. So be prepared!

Lauren C.

by HaNnAh BaNaNa! on 9/8/2011 6:41:54 PM


you can swim when you have your period without a tampon. the water stops the flow. just be careful when you get out if you have a light colored bathing suit!

by aleafofcool on 9/5/2011 6:35:32 PM


Mod mod mod mod
Ok, so i have 2 questions:
1. I get discharge every day, but most days it goes through to the other side of my underwear. Would you condsider this heavy?
2. I also have a doctors appointment soon. I don't have my period, but I think I will get it soon because my mom got it a few weeks after her 13th birthday, and it has been about a week and a half. What happens if you have your period when you have an appointment? What do you tell them?

Hey girlie,

1. It's kinda heavy, yep. But as long as it isn't like this every day (like it lightens up sometimes and you only have heavy bursts of discharge once or twice a day or so), you're totally normal Smile

2. Just be honest! If you have your period, tell them. Even though it sounds super gross, they've dealt with it before and won't be scared or awkward about it at all. 
Lauren C.

by alkrox17 on 8/29/2011 11:14:00 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!! okay so i had my period for the first time july 27 this year and it hasnt come yet today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and p.s. im still a virgin


Hey girl, don't freak out! Most of the time girls have irregular periods, which means that their periods don't come on a set number of days. Its completely fine if you don't get it right "on schedule", because it is unpredictable and can come at any time.

xoxo tory

Tory N.

by kasurae on 8/24/2011 2:25:17 PM


Mod mod mod my period ended sunday,and i wiped today,and there was blood.what is wrong?


It may not have fully ended--wear a pantyliner until then Smile


Brittany G.

Brittany G.

by mathgeek221 on 8/23/2011 5:55:12 PM


i hate tampons. but when i play soccer or swim theyre more comfortable(and less embarassing) then a pd

by hbmsbraceface on 8/22/2011 10:47:37 PM


Mod mod mod Ok so there is a mixer coming up and my friends were all planning to go together. We are all bffs so idk why they wouldn't ask me to go too. When I asked my friend if she was going she said ya, so I asked who she was going with and she told me, but then she said I could come too, she was gonna invite me also but she forgot, and she said she wasn't trying to exclude me and apologized when I said I didn't feel like I was actually invited though. What should I do, should I still go, was it a pity invite or did my friend really forget to ask me? Please don't say not to be friends with them cause they are my best friends, thanks


Hey girl, I don't know if your friend forgot to ask you or not. But since she did end up inviting you, you should go and have a good time with them!


xoxo Tory

Tory N.

by Laxgal17 on 8/22/2011 3:59:13 PM


Hey girls!
Do you need advice?
I'm here to help! (:
Just comment on my profile, and I'll comment on yours, asap!
I can give you advice on just about everything, soooo, comment please! (:


by facebooker1240 on 8/18/2011 10:43:13 PM


everyone knows youre not supposed to wear pads in the water silly >.<

by maddehsaurr on 8/18/2011 1:47:15 PM

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