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5 BTS makeup musts under $10

Forget notebooks and pencils for now. We rounded up our fave beauty items for a fresh start this year.
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I really want to start wearing makeup but I don't know how to ask my parents! Also, if they let me, what do you recommend for first time makeups that I can wear to school to make me look fresh but natural? I don't want it to be really noticeable! Please help!!

Hey girl! Best bet is to try and bring your mom to the mall and look for make up together. I would just suggest using mascara at first. Its simple and elegant. I think she'd be better to go for it, if she were there with you. 
lauren r.

by AlysseGreene on 12/3/2011 4:00:56 PM


Mod Mod mod mod!!
So, what does witchhazel do? I know it's for your skin..but what does it even do? Haha

In it's astringent form, it drys the skin and helps shrink pimples Smile

Briitany G. 

Brittany G.

by Aj.Is.A.Beast.98 on 9/20/2011 10:30:53 PM


So I like this guy in my english class and i want to know if he likes me back but im too chicken to ask. What are some signs he might?

Helen S.

by katynmolly on 8/31/2011 8:08:42 PM


Hey girls, have you ever gotten a stock message when you asked for advice from a mod? They can get really busy with everything going on at this site, so if you need to talk, I'm ready to listen!

Whether it's fashion, school, health, family, friends, other relationships, or anything else, I'll give you the best advice I have. Smile Just head on over to my advice page OR IF (you want, and) if YOUR PROFILE IS PUBLICLY VISIBLE, comment on my profile, and I will comment on yours! Smile

by foreverme! on 8/30/2011 2:37:42 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD ok so im short and skinny. and i have sorta big feet, long legs, and am tan. i have medium dark wavy dirty blonde hair a little below my shoulders. is there a hairstyle i should get that would look good? and for clothes any ideas? also im wearing jena shorts, that make me look really good. grey spaggeti top with a white top that has like )( that in the back. its really cool.


Hey girl, some layers might look good to play up your waves! If you go to get it cut, talk to the stylist there and see what they think. Your outfit sounds cute! Add some accessories and it will totally stand out.

Tory N.

by volley_ball2341 on 8/26/2011 10:32:21 AM


To, me it doesn't sound like too much and if I saw a new girl with that on it wouldn't be out of the norm (well depending on what grade you're in). So just as long as there's not too much that would make it look it look cakey and not-too unnatural, you'll be fine.

by luvlautner1999 on 8/25/2011 2:55:46 PM


How do you convince your parents? You don't!Put on your most subtle make-up (a lil bit of foundation and concealer at first, then mascara, then barely noticeable pink eyeshadow, then blush, but that's it until you actually ask), and try to go to the store without them noticing. If you get away with that, then a little bit of helpful makeup shouldn't be a big deal at school!

by luvlautner1999 on 8/25/2011 2:49:54 PM


I'm 13 and going into 8'th grade and I'm wondering if I wear too much makeup... I wear usually foundation, powder, eyeshadow... but like light colors, mascara: Black, and eyeliner: like jet black... it looks fine on me and I'm not like obsessed with it or anything, but I'm going to a new school and I don't want to be judged or anything so how much is too much??

by soccerlover557 on 8/25/2011 12:49:51 AM my parents won't let me wear make-up, but I really want to(I can't even wear make-up in public, only at home in my room, secretly). How do I convince my parents to let me wear make-up??PLEASE HELP!!!

by TiffanyThornton on 8/23/2011 10:07:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD ok so like its always like this. the beginning of the day when i wakeup my tummys flat but then as i eat my tummy gets bigger and im not talking about just like a bit but it actually gets quite big and its kinda fustrating so what should i do to prevent this?

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! ♥, Your Blog Patrol Babes 
Alyssa B.

by pllfan on 8/23/2011 8:22:02 PM

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