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My 'rents won't get off my case!

School just started and already my parents are pushing me to get straight-A’s and do a billion extracurriculars. They’re driving me nuts.
30 Comments | Add Yours

Hey girls! I give advice on pretty much anything, so feel free to ask me anything on my advice page. "Foreverme!"


Hey! Smile By saying "I'm not!" is a way of giving your parents attitude, because you are contradicting them, saying they are wrong. You probably just don't realize it, don't worry I've been through this too. Just tell your parents that you are not trying to have a bad attitude, and you are sorry if they were offended by what you might have said before. Your parents are just concerned about you.

Thank them for watching out for you, and tell them that you will pay attention to your attitude. Everyone in this world could do with a little self reflection. You could really discover some awesome qualities about yourself, or some bad habits you should work on breaking! Good luck!

by foreverme! on 8/30/2011 1:54:28 PM


Well at least we get to see our friends almost everyday..

@Tasmanianwolf I give advice Smile
Come to my advice page, or if you want I can go comment on your profile.

by foreverme! on 8/30/2011 1:32:11 PM


My mom says im always giving attitude!! I tell her im not and she says "Dont give me that". Frown is it me? my dad says he sees me giving atttude but i dont realize it Frown HELP!

by girloftheyear1999 on 8/29/2011 10:29:52 PM


someone help me!!
ok so my parents are totally against my independance. they want me to be and dress exactly like them and my siblings. but i cant. im not like them. recently i made the conclusion i am gothic.i have known this for a while just haven't made my choice till now. i feel best this way and im ready for everyone to know. but... how do i tell my parents?

by tasmanianwolf on 8/26/2011 10:22:00 PM


my parents go away a lot like for 10 - 14 days usually and i always miss them so much and i worry about them, like if something bad happens, how can i help this sadness?? thanks!


Hey girl, you could call or text them every night just to check on them- they probably miss you too. You could even set up a video chat account so you could talk face-to-face when they go away.

xoxo Tory

Jess D.

by qwerty66 on 8/24/2011 3:27:24 AM


nesser98 is your skool a year round skool?

by lovetc247 on 8/22/2011 8:53:08 PM


Bye to the summer of relaxation and hello again to the crazy schedule. But I like both and Im happy to be back at school. But the pressure from my parents can be a little much at times.

by luckykel on 8/21/2011 8:24:50 PM


Hey girls!
Do you need advice?
I'm here to help! (:
Just comment on my profile, and I'll comment on yours, asap!
I can give you advice on just about everything, soooo, comment please! (:


by facebooker1240 on 8/19/2011 9:10:35 PM


Hi, I heard that for the contest entries if you enter more than once you only actually get one entry. Is that true? Thanks!!

hey! no that's not true 
Helen S.

by purpleputty on 8/19/2011 6:54:10 PM


i start sept. 6th :p

by girlslifeluver on 8/18/2011 2:50:00 AM

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