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Fact or fiction: Virgins can't use tampons

I want to try using a tampon but my sis said you have to have sex first...
68 Comments | Add Yours

mod mod. for the past year i get my period every twoo weeks and its really annoying. is there a reason why???

Hey chica!

Chances are, you'll go through bunches of inconsistencies during the first few years of your period.  There's no definite reasons that we know of; but, stress is a factor.
Jordan S.

by myoung2013 on 9/29/2011 4:49:04 PM


mod mod. i really want to use tampons for swimming with friends when i have my period.i just cant seem to use them.i think i have it in the right spot. it is annoying me do u have any tips? thanks gymgirl

Hey girl, it's tough, but it's really trial and error. Once you get it, you get it though.

Alyssa B.

by gymgirl1998 on 9/26/2011 8:02:14 PM


Mod,mod,mod.hey I just got my period today not my first though so I tried on tampons but they hurt real bad. My sis uses them and she said they'd be a breeze but they weren't. every one I know uses tampons. is there something wrong with me.


Hey chica! Applying tampons for the first time is a bit uncomfortable. You may want to use pads instead and wait until you are a bit older to wear tampons. It also could be that you aren't inserting the tampon correctly. Ask your mom and sister to help you. 

Amalia E.

by vese411 on 9/14/2011 8:06:04 AM


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by SwimGirl945 on 9/12/2011 4:18:42 PM


Mods are busy! Give them a break! If you still need advice, come to my advice queen page!
Heart you! <3

by daniellestyle on 9/12/2011 1:01:32 AM


Hey girlies!
Need advice? Some school time tips? Then come to my advice page!

I heart you! <3

by daniellestyle on 9/12/2011 12:29:17 AM


Mod, I just used a tampon for the first time today but when I put it in and took it out it kinda hurt. It is just cause it's the first time? Or should I use a lower absorbency one? Or is something wrong? Please help!


Hey chica! Your body isn't used to tampons, so its going to feel uncomfortable at first. However, I would definitely go with the lowest absorbancy ones until you get more used to them.


Becca G.

by mca123 on 9/11/2011 9:27:23 PM


So I was reading all the comments people said and I saw one that said you can't get sick from wearing a tampon for less that 8 hours.... So if you wear them for more than 8 hours and get sick how will you know you are sick? Like is there and symptoms?

Hey girl,

You won't get sick like a cold or fever - but there is a very very small risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which is a rare disease that is linked to the use of super tampons and leaving them in for longer than recommended. Read our article about it here for symptoms and more details. 
Lauren C.

by pixie1599 on 9/8/2011 6:59:44 PM


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by RaceTiger7 on 9/6/2011 4:56:48 PM


my mom doesnt let me wear tampons. what could i do to possibly change her mind?

by rosie102 on 9/5/2011 8:43:46 PM

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