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My sis brags all the time! How can I get her to stop?

My sister brags about every little thing she does. I want her to be successful and be happy with herself and all, but the constant...
10 Comments | Add Yours

Mod mod mod
My sister is 9 years older than me (shes 23 and im 14) she always bosses me around amd it makes me really upset. I hate to do my chores as it is but her bossing me around isnt helping the problem. I love her an all but then if i get made at her for bossing me around she just lectures me. Then when i try to state m feelings in a civilized manner her and my mom just start coming down on me. Its horrible. Then whenever my oldest sister comes over she gets jealous of my amd my oldest sister having a more civilazed relationship (she thinks i love her more) . I just dont know what to do. Help please.

Hey girl,

Try to take a deep breath and don't lose your cool, even when your sister(s) are frustrating you. Could you talk to your parents about how you're feeling? Since your sis is older, I bet she feels like she's been through more so she knows more than you - and, honestly, that's true. But that doesn't mean you need her over your shoulder all the time, telling you what to do! She probably wants to help you avoid the mistakes that SHE made when she was a teen, but it's coming across as being bossy. The first step is to actually do your chores on time, without being asked. That'll help avoid all the lectures. But if it happens again, try staying calm - don't get mad. Take a deep breath and say something like, "I get it, you're older and wiser. I really appreciate having you around for advice when I need it, but sometimes I need to make my own mistakes." Bringing this up could help you both have a good convo about this and clear the air! But remember, too, that she's always gonna be the older sister - she's always going to want to protect you, and give you advice, and be there for you. Sometimes the best thing to do is take another deep breath, say thank you, and just move on <3
Lauren C.

by watergal47 on 6/21/2012 11:41:25 PM


I need HELP ASAP my stupid annoying little 8 year old sister is getting on my nerves she gets me in trounble 4 no reason and then i get grounded or i get hit really hard. Today i probably cried off plz hepl me plz im begging Frown

by nataly178 on 2/8/2012 10:43:05 PM


My mom forces me to like my younger sister. I think it frustrates her when we're not as close as she wants us to be. I don't know why I don't like her. When I think about it, she can be really funny & she's nice & all, but then she'll do something that will annoy me. Overall, we have a pretty normal relationship, but she'll try to get closer to me. It's not that I don't want to be closer to her, but I'm going to college in 2 years & she's in elementary school. There's an enormous age difference, so when I'm watching the secret life or something, I really want to disclude her because it's inappropriate for someone who still believes in santa. Or when I wear a short dress because I'm going to a party, sometimes I don't want to show her so she won't copy me & grow up to be a slut. Am I wrong? My mom has been taking away allowance and other things until I learn "to like her". I just want her to grow up better than me, & if she follows me, she might make the same mistakes.

Hey girl,

Mom is just trying to keep the peace and create that "happy family" vibe so she knows you'll be close forever.  Her intentions are good! But I totally understand what you mean - she's trying too hard to force you to be besties with someone who is WAY younger. Try showing mom that you respect your sis by taking her out for ice cream, settling in to watch a movie with her, helping her with her homework, etc. Be good to your sister and you'll help mom trust you more. If she's still forcing the issue, try talking to her and telling her you love your sister so much. You'll treat her right and spend quality time together, but there are some parts of your life that she shouldn't be part of - she'll experience that when she's older. And you'll be there to help her through it! Calmly chat with mom and explain it this way. She'll come around! <3
Lauren C.

by TwilightLuva8 on 1/6/2012 9:41:46 PM


hey ok so my sister and i are best friends. but lately, she's been swearing and trying to act cool and being really mean to me. She always makes fun of my weight, even thought she's bigger than me. She doesn't just say stuff though. She pushes me around and today she came up behind me and put velcro in my hair and it took so long to get out. Whenever i confront her, she just goes "aww i sowwy i wuv u sissy" and acts like a baby. I can't really talk to her and i'm going insane inside. Please help... thanks so much in advanced Smile


Hey girlie,

This sounds like your sis is going through a total growing-up phase. She's testing the boundaries, acting a lil rebellious, trying to seem cool - and, worst of all, distancing herself from her fam. Personally, I would try talking to mom and dad as mediators in this fight. Just tell them you love her and don't want to cause a big scene, but she's really acting out and you want to make sure they know about this. As for that other stuff - weight, swearing, etc. - try to overcome it by removing yourself from the situation when it happens. Just walk away before she has the chance to become physical. Taking the high road is always the best thing to do in these cases! She'll grow out of this soon, I promise - it's weird but it's something that a lot of girls go through when they're growing up <3

Lauren C.

by sunshinestar106 on 11/3/2011 10:15:04 PM


ModMod my sister is so mean to me she hurts my feelings and sad she didnt like me it hurts me we are step sisters and live in the same room please help!

Hey girlie,

Talk to her! Don't get heavy and accuse her of being horrible towards you, but the next time she says something to upset you, get serious for a sec and say something like "Listen, can you lay off of me sometimes? Some of the things you say really hurt." Then leave it at that. If you say something maturely without whining or yelling at her, she'll be much more likely to listen. 
Lauren C.

by merrymerry22 on 10/13/2011 8:45:46 PM


mod mod mod
one of my friends was sexually assualted, and now i'm freaked out that when i go somewhere, someone like the guy is going to be around the corner. How can i not be so parranoid and stuff?


Hey there girly, I'm so sorry that your friend had to go through this. It's totally understandable that you're on edge about it. I sure would be! The best thing you can do, though, is to be on guard at all times. Stick with a group of friends, rather than going places by yourself. And, stick to populated areas... rather than dark ones away from people. You can also talk with your parents about other ways to safeguard yourself. Some girls carry pepper spray in case they are ever threatened.


Becca G.

by txtingirl on 9/11/2011 5:06:21 PM


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by proarchergal42 on 9/11/2011 12:36:30 PM


Can u make this comment private?? ... Thx mods u rock!,


Hey girl,

No, your period does not hurt (with "pains" - you'll get cramps in your abdomen but no pain "down there") so this is not necessarily it. Personally, this sounds like it could be a UTI, or urinary tract infection, if it hurts/burns/stings to pee and also hurts just sitting down. I'd give your doc a call to diagnose it and be sure!

Lauren C.

by madeline21 on 9/8/2011 6:03:50 AM


Mod Mod We have a magazine sale ever year at my school-the QSP sale. I am going to turn in my order for girls life tomorrow and I was wondering if I will get the next issue? Thank you sooo much! Smile


Hey girly, I'm guessing you'll get the mag in about two weeks. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Georgie 4 on 9/7/2011 8:13:34 PM


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