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OMG! I hate my new haircut!

Stylist didn't hear a word you said? Don't fret. We've got 3 style tips to get your mane looking less manic in no time.
35 Comments | Add Yours

For the next school dance I want to do something super cute with my hair. I thought of curling it up like taylor swift. My hair is naturally wavy but doesn't like to curl, any tips? Thanks!

Hey Girl,

A curling iron is your best bet for this one. To get tight curls like Taylor, you'll want to try a smaller iron (around half an inch). Hairspray is also something you'll want to use to keep your curls in place. Check out this post on how to get the perf curls! 
Rachel N.

by bearliz on 11/11/2011 9:53:14 AM


i fell so bad for you. i had beautiful hair. i wanted it cut a lil' above my should and the woman cut my hair above my ears, but it will grow back. try so of the shampoo that helps your hair grow faster or finds some home remedies. good luck

by katiekk16 on 9/28/2011 6:28:10 PM


mod mod mod, I am african american I have different hair than any other race. I have hair what they call relaxed (straightening chemicals) instead of all natural like any other race. I also have medium length hair and i want to cut it so I can be all natural. But it takes a lot of work and i dont know the right products to use on my hair, especially if i wanted it curly while i was transitioning, or just to make it curly without heat or rollers(ugh).

Hey girl, I'd suggest asking your hair stylist about that when you go in to get it cut. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with those products. I'd rely on an expert to recommend products for you.

Alyssa B.

by Evelo98 on 9/26/2011 8:15:11 PM


My hair is super SUPER curly (think the diameter of Crayola marker) and really thick. When i straighten it (at most, 3 times a year) its to my elbows, but when i wear it naturally (a basic wash & go) it reaches only a couple inches past my collar bone! Everyone says "i love your hair!" or "I wish mine could do that!" and i really do love it a lot, but how can i get it to keep from shrinking so much without having to put heat on it?
Thanks so much! Hey advice girls!! You guys are utterly fabulous!! Please comment on my profile if you know of anything I can do! I would REALLYYYY appreciate it!!

Hey babe! 

One way you can keep your hair permanently straight is to ask your mom about getting a Keratin treatment - a hairstylist will put special proteins on your hair to keep it straight for a few months at a time. Since Keratin treatments can be pretty expensive, why don't you try growing your hair out and using a straightening shampoo to blow it out? Let me know how it goes! xoxo
Devin A.

by XxLittleMonsterxX on 9/12/2011 4:46:03 PM


I have 2 questions:
1: How do I do makeup like Dianna Agron?
2: How do I curl my hair before school without waking up really early?
Thank you!

Hey girl,

1. She does her makeup different ways depending on where she is (out and about, on Glee, at a red carpet event, etc.) Typically, she has nude lips (just go with a plain gloss or a very plain rosy pink) and her eyes are the focal point: a touch of eyeliner on the bottom, thick eyeliner on the top, and a couple coats of mascara should do the trick! Sometimes she opts for a smoky eye as well.

2. Unfortunately curling your hair naturally takes time - there's no shortcuts if you want it to look good! The only other option is to put your hair in curlers the night before, sleep in them, and take them out in the morning. Try this on a weekend to make sure you like the way it looks!  
Lauren C.

by Smileygirl86 on 9/4/2011 12:02:16 PM


MOD MOD MOD I have to wear this oversized-ish t-shirt for the first day of school. It's kind of like the ones that you would wear to the gym with big sleeves and kind of baggy. There are some words and a small design on the front chest. There are about 60 other people that have to wear these too. How can I stand out from everyone else? I can't cut it, write on it or anything like that. Thanks! (:


Hey girl, try accessorizing it with some sparkly jewelry! Or belt it at your middle to give you some shape.


Tory N.

by lindseyy716 on 8/26/2011 1:30:09 AM


I have no idea what to wear to BTS!!! I really want to wear my new golden flats, but compared to my pale feet, it looks weird! Any ideas on my outfit so my feet won't look as pale in comparison to my golden flats?


Nobody's gonna be judgin' your feet, babe, I promise! I love rocking dark wash skinny jeans with a cute pair of flats and a fab fitted top.

Brittany T.

by EMilicious on 8/25/2011 1:51:34 AM


Mod Mod Mod, I have short blonde hair thats SUPER thick my natural hair flips out at the bottom and is wavy do you hve any tips on how to straighten it or curl it thats easy and wont take a while? And could you reccommend a curling iron for me i need to buy a new one. Thank Youuuu


Hey girl, try towel-drying it for a little bit first, and then blasting it with the hair dryer. You could also try a curling or straightening product that could help speed up the process. Tons of brands are sold at drugstores, and you usually put them in when your hair is damp and then you style it. Choosing a curling iron is up to you! It depends on your price range, size, and extra features. Try browsing online before you go to the store so you have an idea of what you want.

xoxo Tory

Tory N.

by SkaterGirl129 on 8/24/2011 11:45:02 AM


is there any way to make the ends of my eyelashes dark instead of blonde without using mascara?

Hey girl,

Not that I know of Frown you could dye them...but I'm thinking if you don't wanna use mascara, you're not gonna want to dye them either! 
Lauren C.

by clairebear694 on 8/22/2011 8:19:35 PM


MOd MOd MOd!!! i need your help! my parents always say that getting highlights are bad for your hair.. is this true? also i would like some small highlights before the new school year begins.. my parents keep saying no jokingly and say its bec there bad even though my step mom gets highlights??? HELP!how can i convince them that highlights arnt bad?!


Hey girl, sometimes highlights can go wrong if you don't get them done right or your hair doesn't work with them. If you do get them, make sure you go to a good salon that uses good dye. This might be a little more expensive, but it would be worth it. Talk to your parents about it again and maybe they will let you!


xoxo Tory

Tory N.

by sunshine(: on 8/22/2011 3:09:42 PM

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