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Could you be orthorexic?

There's eating healthy, then there's taking it to drastic measures.
40 Comments | Add Yours

I think hat orthorexia is legit, because depression is serious, and other moods or problems it can cause are probably well known! If we tell doctors and other medical people about this disorder and what it can cause and how it works, then they will probably end up researching it a lot more and figuring out what causes orthorexia.Ty for your understanding and for your of reading this. Smile Smile

by happyone123 on 2/28/2012 7:09:58 PM


It sounds good but also bad. Its good to be healthy and all that but you need to put more in your diet if you have very little energy.I'm guessing that it could also lead to anorexia...but who knows.

by Cutesweetie2017 on 9/17/2011 9:24:57 PM


MOD MOD MOD When I first read this article I didn't think I was orthorexic. But just recently my health teacher makes us write down everything we eat and plug it into this website every wendsday. The website tells you how many calories you eat, and it shows all the other nutrition facts such as protein, fat, vitamins ect. for the whole day. I have started doing it every day though. Today I didn't eat the healthiest. (payday, sugary coffee, breakfast burrito, french fries....) and I put it in the website and it turned out I had eaten 600 calories overt the recomended 2000. I usually eat healthy, but today I just didn't feel like it. The reason I care about what I eat is because I know that what you eat affects how you feel and how well I do in volleyball. When I eat healthier i'm in a better mood. After I eat something unhealthy I feel guilty though. From what Ive given you what do you suggest I do?


Hey chica, it's okay to snack on junk food (I do all the time lol), you just have to be sure you're eating healthy too. So after those burritos and fries, be sure to grab an apple, some veggies and water. It's all about balancing girl. Smile

Lynae P.

by bff61 on 9/14/2011 8:20:21 PM


It seems legit. I think a few friends might have this orthorexia they speak of. I might even have it, who knows :\ sounds a bit freaky, if you think about it. This whole site SCREAMS orthorexia!

by anime564 on 9/10/2011 3:58:56 PM


I agree, 'mesuchrecarpendaes'. This site, at least the Health & Fitness section, is all about eating healthy. However, now they are saying not to eat too much healthy food, when they are basically contradicting themselves. I eat healthy food, I exercise, AND I let myself splurge occasionally, but I am still a very healthy body weight. But I know to take everything in monderation. Now i think that's more important than counting calories or carbs.

by monkeyqueen99 on 9/4/2011 10:28:23 AM


well, i guess it's legit, but honestly, this website does nothing but say "eat healthy" and then now theyre like "if u eat TOO healthily u could have this disorder!!" its kind of hypocritcal, no?

by mesuchrecarpendaes on 9/1/2011 11:27:09 PM


Mod Mod Mod I have 20-20 vision other than eating apples and carrots what are some ways that I can keep my eyes in tip top shape?? Thank You

Hey babe,

Don't spend too many hours every day staring at televisions or computer screens (especially not up close and in dark rooms where your eyes strain to see in the harsh light), and try to give yourself breaks during reading seshs! Otherwise, it's pretty much up to genetics - so if you'll have probs with your eyes in the future, a lot of times it isn't totally preventable!
Lauren C.

by 15hayhay on 9/1/2011 10:01:09 PM


that is scary!!! obviously i am not a whatsitcalled... an orthorexic

by maiya.pup11 on 9/1/2011 6:45:18 PM


i think it is real! too much of anything is bad for your body! if all you eat is veggies and stuff thhen you will be missing out on natural sugar but i deffinatly dont think its as big an issue as eating too much sugar and never eating healthy foods which is what we are hearing more and more these days sadly....

by liltiger on 8/31/2011 8:23:23 PM


okay, so i do dance & basketball. i tried out for basketball yesterday, told the coach id have to miss a few games for dance, & he said okay. i didnt make the team. i made it last year, and my skills for basketball are just the same as last year, maybe even higher. do you think maybe i didnt make it cause of dance?
also, im super embarassed. only 4 people got cut & i was one of them..
im embarrased to go to school tomorrow when everyone knows i didnt make it.
how do i get over it?

No one can really tell, but remember, you always have dance! Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by friendsrforever on 8/30/2011 5:14:14 PM


i definitely think its real but i doubt its very common ...

by sparklysydafrid on 8/30/2011 4:36:18 PM


This is not legit, this is a foodie. You should worry about what you eat. Eating healthy is good, so what if you look at labels and don't eat foods with artificial colors and flavors or is over-processed.

I eat only local, organic foods, and am a pescatarian. I'm not socially damaged because I eat healthy. Our generation might just be healthier than previous ones, did they consider that?

by cordelia on 8/30/2011 3:46:43 PM


i think it legit! My best friends mom is like obsessed with making her fam. eat healthy food because she doesn't want her daughter to get breast cancer (that runs in their fam) but truthfully eating something healthy won't prevent breast cancer if runs in your fam! eat what you can while you can. anyways i kinda think her and her mom have it slightly because whenever i go out with her she is like "i have to eat something healthy because my mom said i need too." like seriously? have a little fun girl!

by Photochickie on 8/30/2011 3:02:47 PM


Please help me! I am hypoglycemic and need simple sugars at time to keep me from passing out. But my mum hates sugar, we are not even allowed to drink juice (as my doc suggested I do) and I am meant to eat lots of carbs and stuff. But my mum only lets me have fruit for lunch and only one serving of carbs at dinner. I am also not allowed to have ay kind of sugars. hypoglycemia causes me to get headaches, get dizzy, feel nauseous and tried. I cannot concentrate at school and my marks are dropping. Dance is also an issue, as I do over 15hrs a week but do not seem to have the energy anymore. How do I tell my mum that I can't eat the way she wants anymore? She will not take me to the doctor, but I am afraid one day I might pass out and that this is affecting my schoolwork and future! How can I fix this without destroying my relationship with my mother?

Hey sweetie! I so wish I could offer you some great advice, buy since I'm not a doctor, I don't want to point you in the wrong direction. Why don't you ask a doctor or school counselor to help you talk to your mom? I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help you get things squared away, and they'd have the most accurate medical information. <3, Devin 
Devin A.

by AussieDancer on 8/30/2011 1:26:26 PM


While you could call being obsessed with health foods being orthorexic, I highly doubt it. Why? Because it could actually make you healthier. I'm sure it would do more good than bad to think about where our food comes from, whether it has pesticides, trans fats, dyes.....although its called anorexia if you don't eat enough. I think orthorexia is just another way for the government to tell us that nothing we do is right. They want us to eat what they produce, bad or not. I say eating like this is good, as long as you get proper nutrients.

by basketballcutie11 on 8/30/2011 10:38:13 AM


I think it's legit. I watched this movie about real people and she making her daughter be like that. It caused her daughter to bully people about their weight. The daughter screamed when one lady said "only 100 calories" The daughter screamed and hid. It's sad.

by Shannon.Smiles on 8/30/2011 10:35:33 AM


i am going through a giant growth spurt and am constanly hungry and snacking on junk food. what do you suggest i snack on that is good for you and makes you feel fuller? thanks!

Hey sweetie! I like to snack on yogurt - there are tons of great flavors out there, and you can add whatever fruits and granola you like to change things up. I also like to eat fruit with peanut butter or Nutella - so good! Props for making healthy choices! 

<3, Devin  
Devin A.

by tarak on 8/30/2011 1:24:03 AM


i was wondering, which eyeshadow color is best for light brown skin??? thanks!! Smile

Hey honey! I think turquoise and creme eyeshadow colors look best for light brown skin. Experiment with an older sister or mom's makeup - they can probably give you some great tips as to what styles and colors look best on your face Smile 

<3, Devin  
Devin A.

by qwerty66 on 8/30/2011 1:22:46 AM


MOD MOD!!!!!!!!
i'm going through a giant growth spurt right now and am constantly hungry! what do you reccomend I snack on that is healthy and won't make me crash later? thanks!

Hey babe! 

When I'm looking to snack, I usually turn to apples and peanut butter - so good! I also really like eating yogurt too, and you could put whatever fruit and granola you want in it to switch it up. Good luck with the healthy eating! 

Devin A.

by tarak on 8/30/2011 1:13:58 AM


So I'm a normal weight, and stuff, but I have a little bit of a belly, and I'm super self conscious, and sometimes I cry! I won't go on a crash diet or anything, but what can i do to boost my confidence? Thanks!

Hey babe,

Totally normal to feel down about yourself sometimes! But the best way to fix it is to do things that make you feel amazing. What is your biggest hobby? Throw yourself into it and become talented at something. Being great at something - and being able to teach/show other people - will make you feel great! The same goes for dressing the bod you have in the most flattering ways. Figure out what your body type is and where your "problem" areas are (the parts that make you the most insecure). Then, run a Google search or check out GL's fashion tips for ideas to dress yourself in a way that will make you the most confident. Confidence is key here - sometimes ya gotta fake it til you really feel it, but you WILL learn to love yourself always <3 As you should - you're beautiful! 
Lauren C.

by dolcecupcakes on 8/29/2011 11:00:20 PM


sounds legit to me. i feel sorry for the people who have it though!

by fallsb-ball on 8/29/2011 10:24:18 PM


MODMODMOD!!!!!!!!! Please answer!
My sister found out I have a Twitter. And she found out I did bad stuff on there. I got on and let her watch me delete it. When she found it I lied and said it wasnt mine. She said she'd talk to me about it tonight. I'm REALLY scared. I feel like crying and throwing up. She says she's not mad but i know she is. Idk what to do. I'm just so scared. What should i do and say?

Hey girl,

I know you're scared, but this is a lesson for you! You shouldn't do things you know are "bad" because, somehow, it'll come back to bite ya. Just take this as a learning experience and try to get through the talk you have with her being totally honest and apologetic. You know you did wrong - so make sure you don't do it again <3 
Lauren C.

by EgirlH.97 on 8/29/2011 9:54:57 PM


@colorqueen101 it can hurt when you aren't getting the nutrients you need such as calcium, protein etc. so if you're just eating fruits and veggies it could cause some nutrient deficiencies. Smile

by txtingirl on 8/29/2011 9:38:10 PM


Thanks goodness I don't have it but I'm so sorry about those who do.

by fashionlife on 8/29/2011 8:57:19 PM


My best friends younger sister is talking to me about her friend. She feels like her friend has abandonded her. I try to give her the same advice I've seen you guys tell other girls with the same problem, but she refuses! What should I do?

Hey babe,

Just tell her that if she's talking to you about the problem, she has to trust you when you give her advice. You're a lil older and you've been there - and you understand it's her choice to take the advice, but it's not worth it if she isn't going to listen! Keep trying!
Lauren C.

by LittleMissBubbly on 8/29/2011 8:10:28 PM


Legit? yes! i personally dont know anyone that is like that, but it sounds legit to me. Im healthy- but i dont mind throwing in some ice cream to my diet! yum! i do sometimes check for artificial colors or flavors, but if its something i love to eat, that label is NOT going to stop me (itll only warn me)! nice & interesting article, thanks GL.

by parischick2 on 8/29/2011 7:52:28 PM


This might be kind of confusing- in our church we have one Archbishop who is the head honcho, the leader of our churches which are in quite a few different countries. He is taking a tour of America and Canada for the first time. He only speaks Greek though, I am learning that language but I am really nervous that I will mess up when I meet him (I am a priest's daughter and so my family will be introduced to him). Do you have any tips for how I should act? This tour is huge, about a thousand people will be coming from different parts of the world to meet at the three churches where I live. Please help me!!!

Hey babe,

No worries! This is super exciting for you, but that doesn't mean you gotta lose your cool! While you're learning the whole Greek language, focus on a few key phrases that you'll practice over and over - "Nice to meet you," "How are you?", "My name is ___, I'm ___ years old," etc. Brainstorm with your father, who probably knows how these meetings go a little bit better than you. That way, you'll be beyond prepared to say anything you'll need! It's ok to be nervous, but at least you know you're all prepared Smile
Lauren C.

by Aislinn120 on 8/29/2011 7:28:06 PM


mod mod mod...
im i orthorexia? my whole family eats like tht...its because my brother has ADHD and can't eat any of tht (i mean he can, but its better if he doesnt, if he doesnt his ADHD is more under controll) but for the most part we do tht we will spend hours looking up the ingrediants, we only eat organic aand natural, we dnt eat artificial colors, and we don eat procsesed things, i mean we will eat processed things everyonce in a while (cuz who can turn down candy or somthing lol) but is tht bad?

Hey girlie,

Not necessarily. Some of the things that are cut out of your diet are "bad" for you, and leaving them out will make your bod healthier! You just need to make sure you aren't obsessive about it. It's one thing if you're cutting them out for his ADHD because that's a medical condition (like my bestie who is crazy about finding out if there's any wheat in products, because she's allergic to gluten), but it's another thing if you can't eat anything out at a restaurant because you're preoccupied and obsessing over the ingredients. Just try to keep a healthy balance! It doesn't matter if you eat SOME things that aren't organic once in a while Smile
Lauren C.

by sassykinz on 8/29/2011 7:18:59 PM


sounds legit to me

by jjinhc on 8/29/2011 6:50:35 PM


This sounds totally real. I think I have it. I'm exactly like what's described... I never thought of it as a bad thing though. I just thought I was a healthy person. How would they have malnutrition though? If you're eating only good food...? That doesn't make sense. I'm a healthy person, but this sounds exactly like me.

by mememe6 on 8/29/2011 6:35:40 PM


It's not bad! I eat like that...I'm not crazy. Just trying to be healthy. And eating well doesn't make you have malnutrition or low energy. It does just the opposite! This article is stupid..

by jackieluvz on 8/29/2011 5:45:29 PM


I was best friends with this girl, but we got in a HUGE fight, and were enemies. She was FURIOUS! But now, on facebook she said sorry and asked to be friends again! IDK what to do. How do I know this isnt just some dumb prank or something?


You need to chat with her in person to make sure she's sincere. Online, tell her "I'm not really sure... things got really bad between us. I'd like to get back to normal, but I think we have to talk about stuff first." Then talk in person to clear up all the drama. It's worth forgiving and forgetting though - people make mistakes so giving her a second chance could make you both really happy Smile

Lauren C.

by eemmais on 8/29/2011 5:19:43 PM


Mod Mod For some reason durin school mornings my stomach does not feel well and I cant eat anythin beacause at the sight of food i feel like gagging. My mom pushes me to eat something in the morning but i turn down food early in the morning cuz i dont feel good. And then when Im at school a few hours later i get hungry. Whats the problem??


Hey girl,

There's most likely no "problem," but this is something that I've heard happen to a lot of girls...including myself! Luckily I've grown out of it, but there were years where I didn't touch a thing in the morning because it made me wanna hit the bathroom. Still, there were some things I could eat even though I wasn't super hungry - peanut butter and jelly, tea, a few crackers, granola bars, and sips of orange juice always worked for me. I did skip breakfast a lot because it was easier than fighting through the sick feeling, but it's important to make sure you eat something in the morning - it actually helps fight the nausea so you can have a normal morning! Give it a try and find your own comfort foods for easier mornings Smile

Lauren C.

by dramagal2222 on 8/29/2011 5:03:38 PM


This is definitely legit. My doctor told me about this and he told me I had it... :/ It's not fun, but I can't help it.

by love.softball73 on 8/29/2011 4:37:28 PM


Hey girls!
Do you need advice?
I'm here to help! (:
Just comment on my profile, and I'll comment on yours, asap!
I can give you advice on just about everything, soooo, comment please! (:


by facebooker1240 on 8/29/2011 4:20:07 PM that bad? just wonderin'. xoxo Maria

by dramaqueen122 on 8/29/2011 2:14:02 PM


I think this sounds legit. It can't be a type of anorexia since anorexics are concerned with their bodies and weight, and it is proven to be a mental issue. On the other hand, although it sounds like there has to be more research done on this, it sounds real.
<33 Mackenzie

by actress456 on 8/29/2011 1:59:03 PM


I think my friends mom has that!
No pesticides, ALL organic, no dyes, no trans fat, no overlt sugary or fatty foods, etc.

by RaceTiger7 on 8/29/2011 1:36:53 PM


Interesting, how can it hurt to eat too many fruits and veggies?

by colorqueen101 on 8/29/2011 1:32:18 PM


I think this is just a type of anorexia. Lots of anorexics read labels and obsess over if their food is healthy enough.

by smileitsjulia on 8/29/2011 11:39:59 AM

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