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Ok! Thanks again! And I will let you know. Smile

by americangrl1998 on 8/31/2011 4:49:05 PM


Thank you! That is what I thought, too. We go for random walks on his family's property all the time. Its really nice. He will randomly grab my hand and hold it the whole walk.

You're welcome!

It sounds like he does like you!  I definitely think he just needs some time to realize the girl who he should be with is right here!

Let us know how it goes Smile

Jordan S.

by americangrl1998 on 8/31/2011 4:40:49 PM


in my Pretty Little Liars fan club, you can get the scoop, take quizzes, and talk about the books. we have over 120 members and growing! all you have to do is click on my username,view my clubs, and click on PLL fan club. its that easy! why not join?

by cutiecayley333 on 8/31/2011 3:53:43 PM


Hey! i really like this boy at school but i dont have ANY classes besides study hall and we cant even talk to each other without getting in trouble! i tried to talk to him in the hallway but we had to get to separate classes. i want to email him but he isn't the kind of person who gets on the internet. We are too young to go to eachothers house AND he lives about 15 minutes away and thats a long way away for 7th grade... how can i connect?

Hey girl!

That's tricky.  Try setting up a little mini-letter system, pass each other a note in the hall every day and keep it going until you're comfortable enough to hang out more often!  The notes will be really handy during study hall when you can't talk.  Good luck! 
Jordan S.

by FairyKari on 8/31/2011 3:36:50 PM


So I have a problem. Theres this guy. He is like my best friend. We kinda sorta have a past other than that. People think we are dating all the time. He told me he loves me. He went through a really rough break up in June. So heres the thing. I like him, a lot. He just...understands me. So he said that he likes me a lot, too. But he is scared of a relationship. He said that he has to wait. I don't know what to do. Its almost like we are dating anyway, we hang out all the time. Sometimes he will hold my hand, or even kiss me. My parents love him, he is really sweet. He flirts with me all the time. Why is he doing this if he doesn't want to date me right now?? Should I try and move on? I don't want to....but.

Hey there chica!

Ah, the tricky "friends" situation.  It sounds to me that he just isn't ready to take on another relationship yet.  You say he just had a rough break-up in June, right?  Then give him some time.  Perhaps he's got some leftover worry from the last relationship he had, after all, break ups do that to you.  For now, try to be okay with just having things the way they are.  If this continues on for months, then talk to him about it and decide then if you want to move on.  Good luck, love!
Jordan S.

by americangrl1998 on 8/31/2011 1:41:39 PM


Please join my clubs! They are Horses 4 Life and Performing Arts Club. Both are seeking members. Performing Arts club has the position of Treasurer unfilled and the 2 Custom officers have yet to be decided. Horses 4 Life has all positions open. Thanks! You won't regret it! Smile

by basketballcutie11 on 8/31/2011 9:45:02 AM

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