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Win over your crush right now

These four no-fail tips will help you catch that cutie's eye.
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now i am omly 9 years old but heres a trick 4 all ages ok so on the first day of school walk up to your crush were a mask that covers at least your eyes say i wanted to start out the year new so 1st i wanted to do this tell him u like him then say then i wanted to do this hug him then say then i wanted to do this run away turn around in your seat smile and wink then when your teacher does a name thing where everybody tells each other there names puul off your mask and say your name then look in to your crushes eye and smile

by rosefairy101 on 7/15/2012 8:13:09 PM


mod mod mod
so i rlly like this one guy but he likes this other girl so they got together and the girl he is with is asking me 4 advice but she asked me to tell him tht she wants 2 break up with him so i told him tht beacuse i conciter this girl a close acquatince so they broke up and she got together with this other guy and asked me 2 tell him but i refused eather way he found out and is heart broken beacuse he still likes but i still like him so wht should i do because im being pulled into this drama and want to tell the guy i like i like him but im scared the girl im rlly close with will get mad plz help

Hey girlie,

Since he's still hung up on his ex, you shouldn't try to flirt/tell him you like him right now. Instead, be a good supportive friend - let him talk about his feelings if he needs to, take his mind off it by hanging out and having lots of fun, etc. Once some time has passed and he seems more "over" his ex, then you can try to flirt and see how he responds. Take it slow for now though - and next time, try not to get involved by being the messenger for your friend. If she wants to tell someone something, she should do it herself! 
Lauren C.

by greysonchanceromance on 5/10/2012 8:16:00 PM


So this guy I'm like pretty sure likes me and I like him, and he always teases me (in a nice way), haha but I never know how to respond, like I have done numerous extremely brainless things that doesn't show I like him, too. Any ideas? Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Hey girl,


Why not try talking to him about school, or tv or movies? The conversation should flow naturally with simple small talk. You don't have to do brainless things to show guys you like them -- guys like smart girls, too!

Meghan D.

by Pro_Gymnast_32 on 12/24/2011 11:26:38 AM


if you really like a guy that you know doesn't like you, what do you do to get him to notice you? I can't figure it out. He used to like me but then he said h could only see us as friends. What can I do?

by novalesko on 12/17/2011 8:20:34 PM


I know a boy and I really really like him but he doesn't like me back and I want to impress him but everything I do doesn't seem to be working, I even got a choir solo and still nothing. I got a new look but still nothing it's as if I am invisible and trust me that doesn't feel good! I don't have anymore ideas does anyone have a tip?

by Vv707 on 12/16/2011 8:36:20 PM


okay so there's this boy that i really like, and we sort of met when we were doing a play together. we had to get semi-close for our roles, and i feel as if he was flirting with me. hes really nice, talented, and funny. i told my two closest friends and they think so as well. however, he has a girlfriend that hes been with for nine months now. do you think he can still like me? and if so, what should i do? i really like him and i want him to know, only if he likes me too. thank you very much!

Well if he has a girlfriend i suggest you stay away from him whether he likes you or not. Its not fair to the girlfriend that you try and get him to like you etc. Only if hes single can you act on your feelings for him. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by sweetari95 on 12/11/2011 7:21:23 PM



I have a Christmas semi-formal theme banquet coming up this week. I had nothing remotely appropriate/festive to wear so I went to the mall yesterday. Since it was already late my mom kept rushing me (through the phone) to hurry up and go home. All in all, I ended up just picking up something from the rack and paid for it. Now, I'm freaking out! It's pretty, but extremely sparkly. I only own sneakers and heels, so flats are not a option. I just don't know how to make it less formal. Please help!
{silver; it's wayyyyyy sparklier than the picture shows and the ombre effect is a bit more subtle.}

by Stargirlcandy3 on 12/5/2011 7:09:37 PM


so, i've had a mega crush on this guy for about a year and i finally decided it's a lost cause since in the past year and a half, we've had, like, two conversations and they've gone nowhere. anyway, i think i like this other guy, but it only really hit me a couple of days ago, so i'm not sure yet. he's not shy, but he also doesn't seem the type to suck up to all the "pretty&popular" girls. he's in my french class and asks me for help when we do translations. i've had a few conversations with him and the other guys near me and i'm pretty comfortable around them. that's the only time i see him and it's a pretty casual class, so conversation isn't terribly restricted. i'm not the best with face-to-face conversation and it's been so long since i've crushed on a nice guy who actually gives me the time of day that i kind of forgot what to do! XP
please help!!!!!thnx

You just need to find something in common to talk about! If you find that then youll be able to talk easily and be comfortable. Just be yourself around him and youll be fine Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by the_last_ninja on 12/4/2011 5:54:00 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!
HELP!! So, I like this guy but then he rejected my Christmas gift for him in a really rude way so I was hurt and avoided him for a week now and he keeps asking why I haven't talk to him & that he heard rumors why but I just gave him the silent treatment & he started doing that too. But now, that disappointment of rejection became anger and I started making fun of him and I don't like it. I just want me and him to be back in normal. How should I do that? HELP!

by JaliceFan01 on 12/2/2011 4:37:38 PM


Hi everyone! I luv to give advice and help others. Please visit my profile and comment on it. I check everyday and will get back to you ASAP. I give advice on anything, guys, you, fashion, beauty, etc.


-Luvpurple88 Smile

by Luvpurple88 on 11/29/2011 7:15:57 PM


What are you supposed to do when your crush is the shiest boy in school, who hardly talks to anybody? I've been trying to figure something out that would work to break the ice, but I've been thinking of giving up on it because I'm scared that he'll be terrified of me if I try to talk to him. I'm really shy too, so I'm also really scared. HELP!

Hey babe,

The best thing to do is just be warm and friendly...and NOT to come on too strong. Give him subtle smiles in the hallway, ask him how his weekend was, ask him for help with a homework problem, etc. Let him talk and don't chatter away just because you're nervous - that could intimidate him. The key is to be yourself while also not overwhelming him with how social you can be. You have to be outgoing to talk to him in the first place obviously, but you want to tone it down a little bit to make him feel more comfortable Smile Just try talking to him more and adjust your technique based on how he responds. It'll be a little bit trickier, but there's no reason to give up just yet!!
Lauren C.

by rocketships_and_radios on 11/26/2011 11:40:58 PM


there is this guy that multiple people have told me that he likes me, but for some reason i just find it hard to believe someone would like me. He will randomly hug me and stuff like that. He always chats with me over facebook or text and will always send me wink faces and stuff like that. i feel like there have been a couple of times he has tried to give me hints that he likes me, but im not sure. He also will be really nice and pick up my stuff for me if i drop it. what do you think?
thx and God bless,

Hey girl! If he seems to be into you then give it a shot! you will never know unless you try and to me i think he is definitely into you. Good luck!  
Ana D.

by jesusluverjkm on 11/22/2011 12:57:58 AM


Hi i really want my crushs number but he is only in my gym class and i dont have anything to say like wanna study plus i live 20 min away from his house but we go to the same school so i can't come to his house i need a excuse in school and i need it now please help me i really like him and hes cute also he is a popular guy so if i ask him im scared he'll tell all of the other jocks please help

by hrm6667 on 11/21/2011 7:25:11 PM


Ok so i have a huge crush on this boy Keiran, me and him met through his best friend who i was going out with at the time.
When me and his friend broke up , Keiran and I were flirting all the time , then one day he just stopped sending me the hearts and flirting , he just ignores me now but I don't know what I did wrong.
Do you think he got put off me or something? -.-

Hey babe! 

Maybe Kieran was put off by something your ex boyfriend told him? I'm not really sure what went wrong here - the only way you can positive know is if you asked him. Try to make conversation again, and if he doesn't respond, just move on. xoxox 
Devin A.

by EmaleeRees on 11/18/2011 2:53:57 PM


Hi. I'm having trouble with a guy. He has a GF but i have liked him for the past couple of years, and his girlfriend has known him since the beginning of the school year. He stares at me in the classes we have together and i look over and he looks away... My friends all say that he likes me but since he has a GF i don't think he does at all. What should I do?


Lynae P.

by softball1122 on 11/16/2011 7:51:52 PM


I really like this one guy, but he's in the popular crowd and I kinda am. I really like him and I talk to him, but then I can be really shy. How can I not be so shy? Also, what are some tips to have him ask me out. I don't wanna be desperate, but I really want a boyfriend.

Hey girl! 

As for the popular thing - don't be intimidated if he has a lot of friends! Be really friendly - smile at him and wave in the hallways, compliment him, and get to know him like you would any other guy friend. And I understand that you really want a boyfriend, but there's really nothing you can do to make him ask you out unless if he likes you for your beautiful wonderful self. Be yourself! xoxox
Devin A.

by f21chic on 11/14/2011 2:09:56 AM


I really like this boy kyle in my class. I am only in year 8 so talking to boys is quite new to me. I can't find anything on here that would make me catch his eye. I need some advice. I am really shy though but i don't want to ask a pal to ask him for me. I might get rejected Frown

by Sarah4eva:) on 11/12/2011 2:59:31 PM


I am kind of scared to talk to my crush. In my class you get made fun of if you get a reject. This boy is very popular in my class not so much with girls tho. I actually can't find any inromation that will help me catch his eye. I am only in year 8 so really this is all new to me.

by Sarah4eva:) on 11/12/2011 2:55:11 PM


mod mod mod
ok so i like this boy but im really shy around him so i dont talk much. and i sit next to him in my typing class but I sont get much from him. he trys to through subjects out there but i just am to nervous to talk can you please help me with my shyness?

by monsterhigh621 on 11/11/2011 9:01:01 PM


i like this guy that is in 2 of my classes. we make eye contact alot and we've had conversations before. how do i find out if hes into me?? what should i do?

Hey girl! Try talking to him more. Ask him questions about your shared classes or the music he is into. Get to know him to get to know if he's into you! Good luck! 

Taeler L.

by littlemissawesomness on 11/10/2011 5:06:48 PM


So I like this guy and I think he likes me to cause every track practice we always always make eye conection and he trys to talk to me but there's two problems. 1st My BFF and I seem pretty good at crushing on the same guy.2nd I'm pretty shy when ever I get by him even though my BFF dousn't think's so since we had our first conversation. So how can I talk to him without freaking out even though I don't show it I feel it. I also have another huge problem and thats ,my parents won't let me date till I'm 16. I see that it saves me lot's of heart breaks but I really don't wnat ot wait that long.

by rememberence155 on 11/7/2011 9:14:22 PM


I have a crush on this guy but I dont know if he like s me back. A few days back I was in the library and then he came in. He talk to his friends for a while then he came and sat with me even if there was a seat open at his friends table. When he sat in front of me we said hi and then it got a bit awkward until my friend came to sit with us. When she sat we all started talking like we were good friends. And today in English he barely even talked to me, which is wierd because we always talk before the class starts. Does he like me or not? I need help because I dont know what I am suppose to think!!

Hey girl, it's hard to say, but I'd try to talk with him more one on one and see what vibe you get. Try to hint you like him and see if he takes it well. If he doesn't, it may be a sign he does like you ... as a friend.

Alyssa B.

by Kecha on 11/7/2011 7:54:51 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!! Ok so there's this guy that I really REALLY like and he lives across the street from me. I have liked him for 5 or 6 years, but I don't think he has really noticed me. Now in middle school he has become pretty popular and no one who's popular EVER goes out with someone who's less popular then them (like me). So I finally got the courage to text him and we had two conversations and then I decided I would wait for him to text me so I didnt seem desperate. He never did. Also, we have never had any classes together, so I don't have any excuses to talk to him during school. Sometimes I'll go over to his house and play basketball or football with his little sister and my little siblings, but that's it. So what should I do to make a move? Please help! Thanks!(:


Hey missy, I think the moves you've already made have been good. Maybe you should wait for him to do something. You've already made it clear to him that you're interested, so give him some  time to pick up on the attraction. Hope this helps! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by mmleiner17 on 11/5/2011 8:43:30 PM


MOD MOD MOD ok so i like this guy he is 15 and a sophomore i am 14 but an 8th grade(where i use to live grading was different so i am suppose 2 b a freshman). Last nite i went to eat and he was working there. He couldn't stop lookin ovr and smilin'. then he set down with me and my big bro and talked until we left. but not b4 we did the chicken dance 4 my bday. And a week ago i was crying on the bus, and he txted my big bro to see wat was wrong with me. Does he like me? Is he too old for me?


Hey girl, seems like he likes ya to me. And nope a year isn't too old at all. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by onm1997 on 11/5/2011 6:57:24 PM


MOD!!!!! I have a slight problem, at swim practice I "flirt" with a guy there, i kinda like him, but i also like another guy whose my ex-BGF. they're both nice, funny and smart, which i like in a guy, but swimmer is older by a year, and ex isn't. idk which to go for. btw, swimmer flirts back.. i think

by starr1 on 11/5/2011 3:25:40 PM


MOD MOD MOD!! I'm so confused! There's this guy I like and my friend and his friend thinks he likes me. There was a Halloween party and they said he looked at me alot and he even talked to me. Last year he told my friend he thinks I'm cute. But now I'm afraid he likes this girl whos in my 2nd and 5th period which he's in too. She talks to him in those classes and so does he an it seems more than just talking. My friend who has both of them in 1st period said they never talk or even look at eachother in there. Then why does he talk to her in the classes w me?? Does he like her? Does he still like me? Does he like both of us?? Pleeeaasse helllppp!!!!!

by FigureSkater08 on 11/5/2011 11:17:15 AM


You Know whats funny is I aksed a Question about my crush and now he is my Boyfriend

by EQC123 on 11/5/2011 9:05:56 AM


Ok so there's this guy mike, super cute and sweet and funny, and he just moved here two years ago from europe so he has this adorable accent. I think I like him, cuz I think about him a lot and I sometimes catch him looking at me and smiling and he talks to me a lot too, but he is pretty outgoing. We both play soccer so we could talk about that but soccer is over now so I don't know what to talk about!! Do you have any ideas? He also always compliments me on my art, do you think he likes me? I'm kinda embarassed to tell people that I like him so only two people know...and they're not even my closest friends!!! I'm afraid they will laugh at me or something!! help!!! And this one time I was showing him one of my drawings and he was lightly holding the edge of it made me feel warm and happy just having him leaning near me... Thanks!Smile Smile


Hey girlie,

I'm not in any position to tell you if he likes you, but it definitely seems like you have the green light to start stepping up the flirting with him.  Well, if he talks to you about art, then that's certainly something to bring up.  Maybe ask him if he has any ideas for some new pieces?  There's also the soccer, even though it's over, you could always compliment his soccer skill or ask him to help you out on a technique you may be a bit rusty on.

Jordan S.

by honeycakes on 11/3/2011 4:12:43 PM


I asked a mod question but it still hasn't showed up!!!! How long does it usually take? I asked it around oct 28 th and its still not there!


Hey girl, sooooo sorry about that. Send it to me and I'll be sure someone responds. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by honeycakes on 11/2/2011 8:33:14 PM


MOD!!!!! I have two crushes right now. One of them is two years older ( A junior, and I've only had one convo with him. ever.), and the other one is my age and I've talked to a bit more. The one that's my age is alot friendlier, and I think I like him better as a person, but I still can't get over the crush on the junior! For one, is it bad to have 2 crushes at once? For two, how can I get over the junior? Thanks!!!!!


Hey girl, no you can have as many crushes as you want! I have two right now also. Once you start talking to the guy that's your age, you'll forget all about that junior girl. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by pandagirl21 on 11/2/2011 6:48:52 PM


I have a friend, and him and I are really close. But it's not just friends. Like we're friends but we'll also flirt back and forth. But it only happens when his girlfriend isn't around. It's not like, when she's there we don't know each other. But it's just like, he can be one way around just me and then when his girlfriend is around, she's the most important thing in the world. And it bothers me cuz he doesn't act like just me friend. Most the time he's like, i'm not sure. He knows I like him and that I don't like his girlfriend. So whenever she goes on the bus to his house, he'll tell me before and all. And he remembers things about my life that he doesn't even know about hers. And it's like hes more than my friend but he's not. And I just don't know what to do about it anymore? Do i keep being his friend? Or do I try to get over him cuz i know he's not gonna like me any time soon. Please help me.
Thanks so much. Smile

Hey babe! 

It sounds like this guy likes you, but also likes his girlfriend too. My advice? Keep being his friend, but leave it at that. If you guys ever got together, he might do the same thing with another girl that he's doing with you now - and you deserve to be with someone who loves you unconditionally for you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, you'll find someone soon - promise. xoxox 
Devin A.

by frogielilmama on 10/30/2011 9:24:08 PM


Mod, mod, mod.
This might sound oddd, but I was wondering if guys could use this site too? I'm 15 and this website looks really cool, but is it just for girls? Thanks babes!!


There's no stopping you! Maybe you could help me give some of these girls guy advice Smile  
Devin A.

by Jake95 on 10/30/2011 8:46:50 PM


So there's this guy that I like that I have a class with (Let's call him K). There's also this guy that I've known forever, and he's like an older brother to me(Let's call him M). M and I hug all the time, just cus we're comfortable around each other and it's not really a big deal at all. The only thing is, people have thought we were dating before. K saw me talking with/hug M and now I'm kinda worried he's gonna think I have a boyfriend. I'm not really experienced in flirting-Is there a way I can let him know I'm still single without it seeming weird since I don't know him well yet? Thanks!!! Smile


Hey girly, the only way for him to know is for you to tell him. He's going to continue to assume that M is your boyfriend if he always sees you hugging him. I get the feeling you are a bit shy to talk to him first. Do you have a mutual friend? If so, you could have this friend tell K that M is not your bf and that he's actually like your older boyfriend. Otherwise you're going to have to do it yourself. 

Amalia E.

by Isabeau13 on 10/30/2011 5:40:58 PM


ok so i like this guy he is 15 and a sophomore i am 14 but an 8th grade(where i use to live grading was different so i am suppose 2 b a freshman). Last nite i went to eat and he was working there. He couldn't stop lookin ovr and smilin'. Smile then he set down with me and my big bro and talked until we left. but not b4 we did the chicken dance 4 my bday. And a week ago i was crying on the bus, and he txted my big bro to see wat was wrong with me. Does he like me? Is he too old for me?

by onm1997 on 10/30/2011 11:48:03 AM


i know i posted a comment on a guy already but this is about another one. Sooo i have liked this guy for two years and i dont know if he likes me back. hes a grade above me and has a gf. apparently his moom madethem break up but they still like each other but they never talk and dont seem like they do like each other. Whenever its just me and him he sort of is clumsy and forgets wat he is going to say. HELP!!!!!!

Hey girlie,

It's definitely possible that he could like you, since he seems to get all flustered when you talk. But think carefully about this - why did his mom make them break up? Is he not allowed to date? If so, him liking you wouldn't really make a difference because you can't date him anyway. But you don't know for sure. So what you can do is talk to him more, get him more comfortable around you, and grow closer as friends. You'll get a better idea of why his mom was so firm about this, how he feels about you, and who he is as a person. It's totally worth the effort (and the butterflies in your stomach when you make that first move to talk to him!).
Lauren C.

by Ms.CupcakeNinja69 on 10/28/2011 7:49:10 PM


I like a guy who is one of popular guys. i am not that popular but not a total dork. he only like the popular girls with perfect hair and expensive clothes. how can i put myself on his radar?

Hey girlie,

Try to get involved in a club or sport that he does! Meet him in a different way from all the popular girls and be a breath of fresh air in his life. It'll be refreshing for him to meet a girl who is different from them but still carries herself with confidence, takes care of herself, and carries on interesting convos with him. All those popular girls have perfect hair and expensive clothes - but if you offer something different (similar interests, etc.), you'll be the one to stand out.
Lauren C.

by Ms.CupcakeNinja69 on 10/28/2011 7:39:18 PM


MODMODMODMOD I have a crush on this super nice super hot guy. I've said "Hey" a couple times, and he says "Hey" back. I have mustered up enough courage, and I sent him a candy gram that says "Hey, what's up?" on it. Then today on the bus, he said "Hey". Could this be the start of a potential friendship?

Hey babe!

This could be a good start of a friendship! The next time he says, "hey," ask him how his day went or compliment him! You could become great friends Smile
Devin A.

by westiekid13 on 10/28/2011 4:25:16 PM


I met this guy in my new school and I think he MIGHT like me, Ever since the halloween dance he has been complimentingme (He kept telling me he thought my Link costume was cool at the dance and yesterday at school he said he really liked my link costume, and at the dance he was dancing with me and my freinds)He was also waving at me when we were leaving the school and smiling at me in the halls. My freinds are saying that they think he likes me and that I should ask him out (I like him) but I don't know, Is it possible that he could like me?

Hey girlie, 

Before you rush into asking him out, take some time to get to know this cutie! It sounds like he's interested in you, but do you really want to date someone who you only wave to and smile at? Try sitting at lunch together or studying for a big test with him. If he wants to spend this extra time with you, then he most likely likes you! 
Rachel N.

by linklove77 on 10/28/2011 12:04:26 PM


hi so i really need guy help. I really like this guy and i really want to date him but i dunno if likes me to? So The last weeks we were walking together to our clases like he has geometry and my class is right infront of we talk al the way to our clases and lik we have french together we walk tgether all the way there too. Also I sometimes catch him starring at me Smile and we talk sortof like a lot now..and then sometimes now he like waits for me when he's going to french but idk if hes being nice and sees me as a frend or if he likes me? also what shud i do?? i know your gunna say flirt but how? he's one of those smart innocent athletic inmature boys Smile

Hey girlie,

This stuff seems like friendly moves, but could be his way of showing that he likes you in a more "crush" way. You're right, you gotta give it some time and flirt to figure out how he feels. Try complimenting him on a talent/shirt/etc., playfully teasing him about something, joking around (bonus points if you come up with an inside joke), etc. You'll get the hang of it the more you do it - and you'll figure out what kind of flirting works best for this particular guy, too Smile 
Lauren C.

by *Adore*Me* on 10/27/2011 9:12:52 PM


So there is this very cute boy!!! All of my friends say he likes me. He stares at me, pokes me, smiles and talks to me but weirdly he blew in my face. I don't know if he likes me or is just a flirt because he is a FLIRT!!!!
HELP!! Does he like me????? I kind of like him!!

Hey cutie!

You won't know until you test out the waters.  Flirt back and have fun with it! 
Jordan S.

by EQC123 on 10/27/2011 3:34:40 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD !!! Please help me !
Alright so, i found the GL website a couple days ago, and now i am totally in love with it, but now to my real problem, i doubt myself,a lot. I have acne on my face and all over my back, i have a bit of chub on my tum, but my weight isn't my problem, i just hate the way i look i know it sounds stupid, but you know how you see a real pretty girl and you think 'gosh i wish i looked like her' alot of my friends tell me im really pretty, but i dont know if they are just saying that to be nice ? It just annoys me because guys like never like me! These days guys just fall for those girls with the tiny shorts cropped tops and cake faces full of makeup! Any help on how i can sort of change? maybe get a few guys to notice me Smile i really need help Smile Thank you so much, and thanks for this amazing website <3


Hey chica! We love that you love our site! I'm glad you enjoy it Smile We all go through a phase where we feel self-conscious and compare ourselves to others. If you honestly don't like the way you look, do something about it. Change the way you look for YOURSELF and not for others! There are plenty of creams to cure your acne and if weight is an issue you can choose to diet and exercise. Just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Once YOU start loving the way you look and truly embrace yourself, that self-confidence will start to shine. Others will notice and be more attracted to you! This is especially true for guys. Guys don't like girls who lack confidence, so show it off and get that guy you want!

Amalia E.

by Emilyluvsyuxox on 10/26/2011 3:05:27 AM


how do i know if my comment has been added????

by honeycakes on 10/25/2011 3:13:43 PM


I think my crush ... well how do I put this ... I think he hates me. I mean he's nice and all but I don't like sports or anything he likes plus he likes another girl and he made fun of my friend (everybody does that's why I'm the one to comfort her). Anyway I'm probably too young to date(I'm 10 years old)HELP!!!

by bubblegumgurl on 10/24/2011 8:23:44 PM


thx GL!

by basketballgirl101 on 10/23/2011 11:21:05 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD ok so i like this guy and last year, he found out. and we used to be best buds before he found out. after that things were really awkaward between us. now its a new year, and we are i think back on the road to friendship. he will talk to me, make jokes, and sometimes smile at me. but hes a super nice guy and i think hes just being friendly. its great being friends with him again, but i wish i knew how he felt about me. any advie??

Hey girlie,

If he got that awkward when he found out you liked him, so awkward that you stopped talking/stopped being such good friends, chances are he isn't crushin' like you are. But that's ok! He's a nice guy, a good friend, and it's worth sticking around to work on your friendship. Just keep talking to him, getting to know him better, growing more comfortable around each other. You'll get a better idea of how he feels when you're close enough friends to chat about everything, including your crushes! 
Lauren C.

by basketballgirl101 on 10/23/2011 10:46:34 AM


I wanna to know if this guy likes me because lately he has been asking really strange when we txt each other . When he texted me he was like hey and then I responded back saying we haven't talked in a while . Then he was like because of you and then i txted back why and after that he didn't respond back. Now we dont even talk in the hallways give each other high fives . How do I make him interested again . What does because of you mean ( that's why we haven't talked in a while ) ? Even durinf class change we make eye contact . We even have the same lunch together and last year we were in the same luch class and use to sit together and talk but then we were just friends . Over the summer I started to like him . So can you answer the questions above , please (:

Hey girl,

I answered part of your question already. As for the other part (how to get him interested again), you really just have to be honest with him. Like I said in my other answer, ask him what you did to make you both stop talking. Then be out-going and tell him that you've missed him! Saying something like that will definitely drop a hint that you might like him - it's a little flirty, a little complimentary, and really important to set the record straight <3

And please don't post your questions more than once! We'll see them (promise!) and will get to them as soon as possible. 
Lauren C.

by angel563346 on 10/22/2011 9:32:51 PM


OK I have liked this guy for a year and a half and he knows. we have been great friends for two years. he is like amazing so sweet and I have dreams about him all the time, we hug eachother at least 5 times a day. How do I get him to likelike me and ask me out. I really like him!

You can't make someone like you, but you can show him how awesome you are in hopes that he does! Continue to talk, flirt and have fun and surely he should notice Smile

Brittany G.  
Brittany G.

by littleducksis on 10/22/2011 10:39:23 AM


Ok I know I have asked about guy help a couple times, (please don't be annoyed ;)) But like i said before, i really like this guy, and we have a lot in common. Today when i got off the bus he waited for me and was like im gonna follow you home, cuz im a stalker and Im gonna wait at your door until you come out(is that wierd). (Its like a game thing, we like stalk each other) Anyways i was like why, and then he like waits for a minute and goes I know were you live. And im like I know that and I know were you live, so I was thinking "whats the point". Smile Anyways I really like him and I hope he likes me back. I saw him at a soccer game today and when he was benched he watched me play. Smile Anyways I REALLY want him to ask me out, what should I do? THANKS!

Hey girlie,

As long as the "stalking" is playful and doesn't bother you/make you feel threatened, it's totally fine Smile If it's fun teasing, it's actually a form of flirting and can help drop hints that you both like one another! Stay patient and, over the next week or two, try to start talking to him more in person/online/through texts. Get comfy with him (and let him get comfy with you), then try to flirt, compliment, and tease him more and more. These are great ways to let him know you're crushin'! After a while, ask him to get together to do homework or see the movie this weekend you've been dying to see. Those will sorta be "friend dates" that could progress into something more Smile 
Lauren C.

by LAS625 on 10/22/2011 12:11:23 AM


Dear MOD Ok well this one guy has been on my mind for a month. I met him at a game then danced with him later that night. I might see him one one time morew this year. Should I get involved in a relashionship with him?


Hey girlfriend, once you start talking to him and if you like him, yeah pursue a relationship. Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by polkadotruby7 on 10/19/2011 7:35:43 PM


There is this guy in my classes... I haven't known him for long but I feel like if I play my cards right he might be the one!!! Hes sits near me in SS so I on purpose dropped my paper but the girl next to me picked it up. This guy isn't terribly popular is fun and outgoing so I feel like we'd be a great couple..... PROBLEM he knows and It's annoying this really losery girl told him. Today In math class i looked behind me and he was looking at me!!! But I feel like he won't ask me out yet!! I need help to get his attention... BTW we r not friends and I've never talked to him...... I don't mind the flirting technique but I'm not gonna like wink or anything. Also I have a friend whos close friends with him....

by katclark on 10/18/2011 9:03:12 PM


MOD! I know i have sent this in before but i really need this ok. so i sit right by him and i know him pretty well as well as i have a crush on the guy and i know all the signs and i am pretty sure he likes me and i am totally positive that i like him. here are the signs. he trys to help me and laughs when i jump up and down like a joke, i have had dreams about him where i almost kissed him before i even started to like him. and he keeps staring at me in a cute way and when i look he turns away and smiles back. ALso last week he stopped by locker and said "Hey, How is it going" in a really cute voice.I just want to know if there is even the slightest hope for me that he might like me!! PLease respond back!!!Smile

Hey girl, it's hard to say, but I'd keep talking to him. He likes you as a friend at least. Work from there!

Alyssa B.

by bblevins0824 on 10/17/2011 8:10:38 PM


So there is this guy I really like. I'm 99% sure he likes me too. We're always hanging out. We walk with each other around school. We're always talking. There's a lot of flirting, even some physical flirting (footsie, lightly hitting each other). But he hasn't asked me out. How do I get him to ask me out?

Hey girl, by hinting you're interested. Guys just want to know they won't be rejected before they go for it.

Alyssa B.

by spunkygirl03 on 10/17/2011 7:51:18 PM


OK so i have a crush on this guy and i think he likes me to but here are the symptoms. So he wanted to help me in class once but we dont sit by each other but pretty close and he wasn't done with his work but i always am and he was like can i help My name and my teacher was like no do your work. also he wasnt done again and was like helping me on his own and being really sweet and all and i was like messing it up and he was fixing it and it was really fun then he started actually helping me and getting my papers ready and all. but then when i was done and sat back down at my seat he turned around and started staring like smiling and looking away when i wasnt looking and it was soo i asked my friend about it and she said he had stared at her a little but never helped her with anything so that made me feel good. one more thing, before i had a crush i had a dram that we were dancing and we almost kissed. what do you think, do you think he likes me??????

Hey girl! 

Since you don't know him that well, it's hard to tell if he's just an overly nice guy or if he's treating you differently because he likes you. Spend more time getting to know him and notice if he's nicer to you than other girls, or if he flirts with you often. xoxox 
Devin A.

by bblevins0824 on 10/17/2011 4:11:28 PM


I have an issue!
My friend asked if she could have some of my popcorn so i said yes, another friend said, "Popcorn, Cool" then the guy i like asked if he cld have some and without thinking i said no, he said, "what the hells wrong with you?!" then my friends started laughing at him, he also nominated me to be the team captain in gym, does he like me? plz help!

by greeknspooky on 10/15/2011 12:39:54 PM


MOD help!!!!!
I like this cutie in my math class and when i walk by and his with a group of friends they'll say hey (my name) (his name) is here and his bgf who is also my bff said that everyone likes me e everyone e (his name) lol. i have dated him before but we had to break-up i never really stop liking him and we went to different schools now we're in the same school in the same math class but he sits on the other side of the class Frown . the teacher would be on his side and he would have his back to the teacher facing me Smile. 1 prob though he ALWAYS talks to the girl in front of him,is it because his to far away from me or does he like her Frown.

Hey girlie,

Don't get discouraged because you've seen him chatting with another girl! He's totally allowed to have other friends - and hey, even other crushes. But that doesn't mean you can't still win him over Smile Since his friends are in on it and helping him flirt with you, it kinda sounds like he might still like you too. The best thing to do is take advantage of the times when you can chat with him. Obviously class isn't a great time, but you could chat on FB, AIM, through text, after school, in the lunchroom, at the football game, etc. Go for it and flirt a lil bit to see how he responds!
Lauren C.

by boy crazy<3 on 10/15/2011 8:56:11 AM


so i am in elementary school in 5.There this guy who was in my 1 grade class.Then he left and came back again.We were best friends.He had a crush on me in 1.i did not really like him.So now i am dying for him.He sort of knows that i like him.So just a couple of days ago my BFF told me he lives in her neighbor hood and they are friends.SO then i asked her to tell him if he remembers me and he did sort of.He said that i was pretty,cute,funny,and teachers pet.I got all excited that she also said he wants to see my face again.I want to start out as friends though.So my bff is trying to get us together but every time he calls him over i run away as far as i can.Whenever i want to talk to him my mouth turns dry almost to stone.I don't know what to do? plus i always seeing him hang out with the girls.I need help to talk to him and have courage!!!HELP ME!!!!!

by tana500004 on 10/14/2011 7:14:24 PM


Hi there! I have a little guy issue...
So, there's this guy, let's call him Charles. I started liking him a month or two ago. Once I was firm in my decision, I told my best friend and my other close friends. I don't regret it, but my best friend told my crush I liked him a few days after I told her. I wasn't mad, because I was sorta happy she did... He didn't give her a direct response, just a, "Hmmm...this should be interesting..." and then he left.
A while later, at the football game, I found out Charles liked someone else ( a sophomore; I'm a freshman) from one of my guys friends I told, and is close to Charles. I was okay with that, too. But it also made me fall for him even more. So after that, I was trying to get some nerve to talk to him. But recently, he has been talking to my closer friends more and jumping into my conversations. Today, while his friends were shoving him around, he kept glancing at me....What should I do now?

Hey babe! 

I think, unfortunately, Charles is trying to see how you feel about him (at the expense of your feelings).  You can talk to him and befriend him, but I don't think he's into you that way. I'm sorry chica Frown There are plenty of fish in the sea, and eventually, you will get over it. Xoxox
Devin A.

by MissMeggles on 10/14/2011 3:51:55 PM



by LAS625 on 10/14/2011 1:51:27 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!!! so there's this guy I like soo much. He knows I like him and stuff and we talk sometimes his friend thinks he likes me but over the past two days im really scared he likes this other girl and it's because at lunch him and his frien all go to this table of girls and take their IPhones and play on em but idk if it's because maybe someone else at his table likes her or what but I'm scared they did that today and yesterday and the guy I like thinks that girl is a stalker and weird bc she liked him 2 years ago and she creeped him out. Do u think he likes her I'm so scared!! Pleeeeaasssee help!!!!!!!!

Hey girlie,

It's possible that one of his friends likes one of those girls, and it's possible that he does. We just don't know! Instead of freaking out, use this as motivation to drop even more hints that you like him. The only way you can try to keep his eyes on YOU and not wandering to other girls is to flirt...he needs to know that you're interesting, you're fun to talk to, and you're interested! 
Lauren C.

by FigureSkater08 on 10/13/2011 10:03:13 PM


Hey ok so the guy i like lives in my neighborhood, and sometimes he seems to flirt with me at the bus stop. Like it was nerd day one day and I was dressed as a nerd and so was he so he walked up to me and I asked to take a pic of him, and he let me. Then after he goes "Why, you want to save it as your screen saver?" All flirty like, not in a rude way. And then the next day, he came up to me at the bus stop in front of his group of guy friends and asked me for a hug. I asked him why, (and he totally had his arms out and everything) and he's like i don't know, and then he gets red and gos never mind! Now i really wish i gave him a hug! And now i want to give him one, so what should I say? And then on the bus i was talking to him, but instead of him answering my question he mouthed I love you to me! I don't if he was joking or not, but he did it when my friend wasn't looking. I really want him to ask me out, what should i do? does he like me? THANKS SOOO MUCH!

Hey girlie,

Aw, cute! Don't worry - we all make those awkward flirting mistakes now and then. Next time you see him at the bus stop, be bold - say "How about that hug now?" and put your arms out. If he goes for it, you're back to normal...well, AND you've hugged him! Be confident even if you don't feel too confident (obviously it'll make ya feel butterflies!). Then keep talking to him, flirting like you've been doing, and drop plenty of hints that you like him back. And, if he really likes ya, it's bound to happen soon Smile 
Lauren C.

by LAS625 on 10/13/2011 7:18:13 PM


I need help!!!!! This guy i like is soooooooo cute and all i can think of when i see him is hi. help me please

by blueninja12 on 10/13/2011 5:47:36 PM


MOD MOD MOD! There is a kid who i think is cute at school, and everyone says he likes me. I kind of like him back bu ti don't know what to do to get him to ask me out. We hung out with our group of friends yesterday and we were like only noticing each other. I want to ask him out but I can't! What should I do?


Hey girly, if you depend on him to ask you out you may be waiting forever! Just get your thoughts together, approach him when he's alone, and ask him out. There's no wrong in asking but be prepared for a yes or  a no. Good luck!

Amalia E.

by Knerdalicious on 10/12/2011 10:26:22 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!!!! Well,theres this boy and he is really creepy and he has been looking at me in weird places and it makes me feel weird.I have trided to tell my mom about it but she is all ways too busy. Please help me!!!!!

Hey girl! 

First of all, you need to tell your mom that you need to talk to her about something important, ASAP. If your mom doesn't listen, try talking to any other trusted adult - a teacher, a guidance counselor, a doctor, a family friend. Good luck! xoxox
Devin A.

by Jenny9976 on 10/10/2011 1:48:32 PM


P.S. This problem to two boxes to explain, but please read it all.

I’ve been completely head over heels for a beautiful guy!But here's the prob:I want to tell him how I feel but I'm scared about how he'd react.We aren't close, I've talked to him a few times all has gone well,but I feel if I told him and he didn't feel the same I'd lose what ever friendship was barely there to begin with,I don't want that!But if I just keep shut up there will never be a chance to see if he feels the same or if we could ever go any further,right? I'm just so confused: my friends tell me that I HAVE to tell him!And I mean I want to cuz there's a chance he feels the same,but what if he doesn't and things become awkward between us!

by efaretta on 10/10/2011 1:26:16 AM


-Continued Comment-
Here's another part of the dilemma:my BFF told one of his guy friends"Emily likes___."so he went out to try and find out who___likes turns out he likes a girl who sits by him in most of his classes(I’m a girl I sit by him in most classes)!Our eyes have locked,once I blurted"These scissors make me feel stupid!"and he said"It's not you, it's the scissors.".So help me:do I tell him or do I keep quiet? If so, how do I tell him without making things awkward?


Hey girly, I think your friends are right about this one. If you continue to hold it in then these continuous thoughts will always burden you. Life is about taking chances. If he likes you back, great! If he doesn't, so be it; you tried and that's all that matters. Just handle it in a civil manner. Pull him aside (privately), engage in conversation, then gradually tell him your feelings. If you don't want to come straight out and say "I like you," try inviting him out somewhere. Hang out, talk on the phone and eventually you will feel comfortable enough to say what's on your mind. 

Amalia E.  Amalia E.

by efaretta on 10/10/2011 1:18:14 AM


MOD!!! MOD!!!! MOD!!!!
P.S. Sorry the comment takes two comment boxes, but please read all of it to me it's urgent and I need HELP my heart hurts! (I like him TO MUCH)

I’ve been completely head over heels for a beautiful guy!But here's the prob:I want to tell him how I feel but I'm scared about how he'd react.We aren't close, I've talked to him a few times all has gone well,but I feel if I told him and he didn't feel the same I'd lose what ever friendship was barely there to begin with,I don't want that!But if I just keep shut up there will never be a chance to see if he feels the same or if we could ever go any further,right? I'm just so confused: my friends tell me that I HAVE to tell him!And I mean I want to cuz there's a chance he feels the same,but what if he doesn't and things become awkward between us!

by efaretta on 10/10/2011 1:17:19 AM


I'm not allowed to date until high school(I'm not even sure when in high school, but I'm in 8th now), and I tried talking to my parents, but it didn't work. Also, there's this guy I've liked for 2 years, and he's dated 2 of my friends in the past year even though he knows I like him. One of them was my really good friend, and she knew I liked him, but were still friends, (I've known her since 4th grade). Now he's dating my other friend who I'm not as close to, and I don't think she knows I like him. Since I'm not allowed to date, and talking doesn't work, and I REALLY like him, but he doesn't like me, what should I do?? HELP!! PS- I'm shy, so talking to him won't work either Frown... thanks in advanced!!!

Hey girlie,

If you're sure he doesn't like you (and it'd also probably be a lil awkward considering he's already dated two of your good friends), try focusing your energy on other things! Hang out with your friends, join a new club, get more into your hobbies, get a part time job, or even just take your crew somewhere else to meet new people (like the mall, bowling, the movies). The best thing to do is try to let go. It won't happen right away of course, but by opening your eyes to new experiences and meeting new people, you'll realize there are LOTS of guys out there - and sooner or later, you'll find one who shares your feelings <3 That's what you deserve!!
Lauren C.

by averagegirl289 on 10/8/2011 9:59:49 PM


MOD MOD MOD okay so i go to ccd (it's just religious ed) and there's this guy in my class named Jeff. He's really funny, cute, and nice ! Whenever i look at him and he catches me, he does that AMAZING hair flip and gives me a flirty smile. And he doesn't do it to any other girl in the class !(: But i don't know if he likes me ! My friend (who likes him) even said that she thinks he does but i just think it's too good to be true(; Do you think he likes me ? P.s whenever i do something funny in a cute way , he laughs and makes eye contact with me.


Hey chicky, yup sounds like he likes ya to me!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by lilgymnast11 on 10/8/2011 8:56:40 PM


okay so i like this guy but he is a player and flirts with lots of girls like 10 a day and we have lots in common and i dont know what to do help please!!

by lizziebuzy5555 on 10/5/2011 5:57:53 PM


ok so theres this guy i like (call him A) and one of his firends (call him B) asked if i liked him Innocent during the summer when i was hanging out w/ them... but then his friend (B) asked my sister if i liked him (B) so now im trying to figure out if B asked if i liked A becasue he Innocent likes me or was just trying to figure out if i liked either of them.. HELP!!

Hey girl, it's tough to say and I don't think anyone will really know without hearing more from their side. For now, just act the way you would normally around them. It'll unravel soon enough.

Alyssa B.

by breathless99 on 10/3/2011 7:25:57 PM


ok so there is this guy i rly rly rlyyy like we have science 2gether and talk alot. hes super sweet and great and he starts alot of convos and when im talking to someone alot of times he will come over and join in he looks at me alot wen he talks and my friend thinks he likes me... i like to think so too especially bc i catch him looking and me alot and giving me a few flirty little smiles. we dont have each others numbers but we talk in school. do u think he likes me back? and is there a way to get him to make a move?
thanks Smile

Hey babe! 

The best way to get him to make a move is to show him you're interested - try asking him to study together or hang out after school. It sounds like he likes you! Good luck!  
Devin A.

by julz537 on 10/3/2011 4:31:43 PM


Hey so there's this guy i kinda like and, idk if he likes me but it sure seems like it. He stares at me a lot in PE (our only class together) and he seems really nice. Once he even picked up his stuff and sat right behind me when we had free time and we all talked a bit. Smile Another time he called out my name to tell me my backpack was open. Just recently I liked one of his status's on fb and he commented on my status which said "Pandora rocks" he commented "grooveshark rocks" and I said "haha really? Smile" he said i should check it out and I thanked him. I went on the site and checked it out and Pandora is still better! I'll see him on monday in PE. Is there something I should say and how to I say it to be flirty and confident while jokey and cute? Plus any other flirting advice with him?
Thanks so much!! <3 Laughing

Hey girlie,

Of course! This is a perfect little inside joke that you could use to amp up the flirting. Next time you see him, say something like "Took your advice - and Pandora rocks" then shrug and smile in a flirty, relaxed way. Then just go off how he responds to keep a little convo going! That's the best flirting advice I've heard - when you're talking, remember to be confident and always look for little ways to keep the convo going (ways to tease him, questions to ask him, opinions/experiences you can offer, etc.). And the last thing....have fun! Flirting is about fun and expressing your personality to a guy you like. So don't stress out about it! Smile
Lauren C.

by inluvwithboyz on 10/2/2011 1:07:21 AM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD Ok so we just had a cookie festival in French. I baked these apple cookies and my crush and his friend LOVED them. He called me the angel of the kitchen! He had two, and voted for me. When I brought the extras to lunch, he got one as soon as he could. He even seems to have a mickname for me now. Do you think it would be a flirty move to bring him some on Monday?


Hey chica, yea that's such a cute idea. You should defintely get him some! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by amdc101 on 10/1/2011 7:41:16 PM


so i have know this guy eric since we were born... we were always friends and hung out together, so i know him really well.... anyway... i really like eric... he's smart, funny, energetic, cute, and nice to everybody... he told us a few clues of who he likes... it came down to me, my friend, my friend's twin, so me, my friends and mr friends's twin and eric and a few other guys have all our classes together... including marching band, and regular band. i am a drummer and everytime we are in band (eric's a drummer too), he will be practicing and he'll look over at me and lock eyes with me. idk if it;s because he needs something to look atwhen he drums or what! but lately he has been "bumping" into me and touching my shoulders or whatever.. my frends think he;s flirting with me in social studies, and yesterday he asked to be my partner in class,,, i think he might like me... but then he;ll totally ignore me! HELP!!! i dont want to ruin our awesome friendship!

by Butterfly_Lover on 10/1/2011 10:12:51 AM


-----@that girl-----
usually,when you catch a guy staring at you,its a good thing.But if you want to talk to him,you have to become friends with him first.In order to do that,you need to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone,which means telling him he did good at his game,or talking about something else.He's never gonna like you "that way" until he gets to know you better.

by smkleinc1 on 9/29/2011 9:04:54 PM


MODMODMOD OK... I JUST started grade 7 and I like this guy that was in my class in grade 6 too. He likes me too. But, yesterday I was thinking about it and, I want him to ask me out on a date. BUT...I am afraid that we are too young to date. AND, I don't think my parents would approve for this. I am Indian, so is my family, and we just don't believe in this stuff! Frown... WHAT SHOULD I DO!?


Hey missy, don't call or treat it like a date, just think of it as hanging out. You go to the movies, your girlfriend's house and just hang out right? So think of it like that. He's just a friend that you're spending some time with. It may also help to invite friends along when you guys do go out, so that will make it more of a group outing, then a one one one date. Hope this helps ya girly!!! Let me know if you have anymore questions! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Twilightfan001 on 9/28/2011 7:47:00 PM


Ok who ever greeknspooky is, ur story is exactly like mine only I'm the one who is crushing. I'm really short and so is he and all my friends say we look so cute together but I'm kinda afraid. Plus one of my best friends is super good friends with him. I kinda think they're almost to good friends and she knows I like him. They hug all the time and she purposely tried to get a seat next to him in science this year. (My school is so small we stick with our homeroom for all classes) Anyway, what should I do?

by mcmcoolcat on 9/27/2011 10:13:27 PM


I really like this guy a year older than me (John). the problem is hes really cute and religious adn stuff and im not exactly what you would call cute.. my best guy friend (Brian) told me im sexy.. i dont wanna be thought of as sexy by John. So Brian told me to dress more preppy and cute which i do most of the time. I dont know what else I should do to get noticed in a good way by John.

First and foremost, work on how you feel about yourself--stop telling yourself you are "not exactly what you would call cute" and instead remind yourself that you are beautiful! When your confidence is high, your beauty really shines though and any guy can see that :0

Brittany G.
Brittany G.

by dancerchic_4 on 9/27/2011 9:47:05 PM


OK, my fiend has liked this guy on and off and this is her longest lasting crush and he is a centimeter taller so he's the perfect height and they're both really short! so now my point, she won't talk to him, well unless she's being dragged against her will by me! tips i could tell her to help her? if you could help i wouldn't have to drag her and she would be way happier!

by greeknspooky on 9/26/2011 9:12:19 PM


On august 28 I fell in love. I saw a boy in my neighbourhood that I instantly fell in love with. I never spoke to him but I love him so much and I really want him so bad I LOVE HIM

by pinkypink3895 on 9/26/2011 8:25:55 PM


ok so there is this guy i met this year in highschool i am in grade 9 and he is in grade 11 so i thought he was cute and all but i thought that since he was in grade 11 i had no chance but anyways i talked to him and he asked my other friend for my number and stuff so we texted for a bit and we still do and ive hung out with him a few times but then the other day some people told me that they heard me and him were wheeling and they told me he does that all the grade nines and he did it all ladt year and all he does is wheel them and makeout with them and i dont know what i should do hes really nice and all that but im not sure if its just all fake and if he does that all the time what should i do??????? thanks sorry this was so long i am just really confused <3

Hey girl, it's so hard to know whether or not a guy's being real, but if his friends are giving you warnings, listen to them. The guy may just be a player. Don't attach and remember, you are dealing with a junior. I can tell you as a junior in college, I look at freshman as kids compared to me; chances are this guy does the same.

Alyssa B.

by iluvbasketball444 on 9/26/2011 6:44:13 PM


mod mod mod mod mod! my mom wont let me get a facebook. she keeps saying stuff like "there are weirdos out there". i told her i would be careful. and she let my older sister get one too.I made two power points to go with them too. one is about why I should get a facebook and another about the privacy settings on facebook. she saids shes thinking about it (but i dont think she is, its just another way to say no) how do i convience her? do you have anymore powerpoint ideas i can make to convience her more? HELP ME PLEASE! i have been waiting on thiss for about 4 months. help!!!!! please i really want one because because my entire class has one! im in eighth grade btw


Hey girly, wow the powerpoint was a really good idea! One thing that might convince your mother to let you get one is that you can put your profile on private, so only your friends or people you've specifically selected can view your page. And you don't have to approve those "weirdos" as your friend. You could also have her there when you make your facebook so she can see exactly what pictures and other things you're posting. Get your older sister to talk to her for you. Since she has one, she can show your mom how safe she is on there, and put in a good word for you. Hope this helps ya out girl!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by kmn21 on 9/24/2011 7:17:07 PM


i've been crushing on this cutie - but ive never talked to him ): how do i talk to him if dont have any classes with him and have never talked to him?! HELP PLEASE !!!

Are there any times that you see him outside of class? If so, check out these Icebreakers:

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by prettyprincess55555 on 9/24/2011 11:18:00 AM


SO I like this boy(of course:]) but he is in absolutly none of my classes. I do know where his locker is because my friends have lockers near his. I see him passing in the hallways, but he is ALWAYS with his friends. I am super shy around him and don't really know how to start a convo between him because of the lack of time I see him. I do have sometime after school to talk to him, but im not sure what to say to him. please help!

Check out these Icebreakers for tips!

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by Sunny0402 on 9/24/2011 10:45:32 AM


i have had this crush on this guy for about 4 years now. Im tiered of waiting to find out if he likes me, but i am to shy to talk to him and ask him if he likes me the way i like him. My friend has a crush on him now too and it kinda drives me crazy sometimes and it might be because im kinda being gelouse. But i kno he dosnt like her. she is braver then me and if i do talk to him all i do is say hi(and i can hardly do that). Im so shy to even say that he did a really great job at his football game. Is that a bad thing? He is really good at sports and every girl almost in mly grad elikes him and im not that popular so i feel like he donst even kno that i am there. Sometimes last year he would stare at me and i thought it was funn ybut i dont know if that was a good thing or a bad thing now what sould i do?!! help please!!!!!

by that girl on 9/20/2011 7:19:17 PM


OK so I was thinking About trying to talk to guys more but there's this guy at my table who keeps doing funny stuff and since I'm a gemini tend to laugh WAY too much! What would help me to stop laughing and start talking (it's weird for my star sign to not talk) please comment help!

by greeknspooky on 9/19/2011 9:19:35 PM


I'm going to talk to my crush tomorrow! (yay!! Smile) The only problem is that one of his best buddies is in Spanish; the only class that I have with him. How can I get his attention to me, and get his best friend out of our convo? Sometimes they don't meet up after class, but they might. Also, we had some past history about liking each other a longgg time ago, but I want to put that in the past and start new. I'm a new person now who is more open to talking to guys. How do you think that I could start the convo? So I guess his friend and our past our the only two probs. Thx so much!!! Smile Smile

Hey girl, I'd try asking if he wants to pair up with you on a project or tutor you in Spanish: only one person needed for that.

Alyssa B.

by applea123 on 9/19/2011 8:04:20 PM


theres a guy in my homeroom and he's really nice and fun and stuff and i think he might like me but idk how to talk to him or tell him i like him he'll tell all his friends and it'll be awkward so if i can get help from anyone comment on my profile Please! Thnx everyone!

by chocobunni on 9/19/2011 5:27:38 PM


Thanks so much Lauren C. You helped me so much!!! 

by Danielle:)3 on 9/18/2011 9:37:30 PM


I like this guy but the only time I talk to him is through my friend (they are friends)please help!

by greeknspooky on 9/18/2011 8:57:53 PM


So there is this guy I like.... Let's call him S. Anyways I really like him but the trouble is I don't know how to get his attention or get him to talk to me.... I want to talk to him but sometimes I can't get one word out.... I dont know what to do! Pleaz help!

Hey girl,

Read this article for tips on getting to know your crush this school year Smile And remember to relax - pretend to be confident until you actually start to feel that way!
Lauren C.

by Danielle:)3 on 9/17/2011 10:52:54 PM


so there is this guy...lets call him r.i liked r last year and just after school got out 4 summer a friend(who was one of his good friends who is a girl) had told me that he didnt like me because i was too boring.he is reeally nice and just got out of a relationship(he was on the realtionship when i liked him last year.i feel like i still like him this year tho.also earlier when i told that that friend that i liked him she said she liked him too but later on said she didnt,i dont kno if she was telling the truth or soooooo confused on how i feel plz help(sorry this is so long and detailed)

She could be saying this for many reasons: he truly feels that way or she really does like him. Either way, try and talk to her about it (without being confrontational) when it's just you too having a good time Smile

Brittany G. 
Brittany G.

by natbe99 on 9/17/2011 12:27:27 PM


MOD! Theres this guy (Ill call C) who is on the Cross Country team with me. C and I were in the same class last year but we didnt talk all summer. Its about the 5th week of school and weve been talking ALOT. C says "hi" to me everytime C sees me in the halls. Were not in any classes together though. Also we were doing P90X for XC and somehow when we were running in place my BFF and I were right in front of the TV. We told everyone to scoot back and C comes running up from the row behind us. C talks to me more than any girl on the team and sometimes more than the boys. C and I always joke around. ALWAYS. I could tell so much more but I dont have enough space. But do you think C likes me? If you need more info then just say so.

I think he does. He gives you lots of attention which is a sure sign. So you revel in that attention girl!! have fun! xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by Cra-Z-Brunette on 9/16/2011 7:36:30 PM


ok.. who here is even aloud to date??? im not and im 14... i wish i could!!!

by nailpolish on 9/15/2011 9:36:46 PM


So there is this boy who I really like, but I don't really think he knows that I exist... He sat with me and my friends today and they were fawning all over him, so I couldn't really talk him. How do I get to know him without being too obvious? He is in two of my classes, but I don't want to say hi to him in the hallways or something because that would be too obvious. What should I do?

Hey girlie,

Try getting his number or chatting with him online - pretend you need to ask a Q about homework or a study guide for a test, since you share two classes with him! Keep it casual and kinda short for the first time you chat, then in a few days or a week, chat again. Then you can start saying hello in person after a while, having convos in class, and maybe even leaving class/walking in the hallways together. Gradually talk more and more until you feel totally comfy with him! Smile
Lauren C.

by cremecake on 9/15/2011 8:43:58 PM


Whenever I try to talk to a cute guy I always mess up. If I'm texting him or messaging him I always end up boring him by rambling on about random things that I know he doesn't care about. I just don't know what to say. if I talk to him in person I always end up doing something really stupid if he flirts with me. How do I talk to a guy without seeming like I'm an idiot?? And also this happens when I talk to any cute guy. Thanks!!!

Hey girl! 

Talking to guys can be really nerve-wracking sometimes, but you don't seem like an idiot - trust me, guys will think it's cute! Here's an article about ways to talk to guys so that it seems really natural: Just know that the more you practice flirting, the better you'll get at it (and you'll be less nervous)! There are tons of cute guys out there, so you have lots of opportunities to practice!  Good luck chica, xoxo! 
Devin A.

by Bornagain on 9/15/2011 8:13:31 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!! so theres this guy i REALLY like and he just broke up with his girlfriend.. but the problem is that i have heard he doesnt like me and he said some mean things.. but then he is really nice in school.. but how do i get him to like me if he didnt like me from the begining??

Hey Doll,

Before you do anything with this guy, you should give him some time to get over his girlfriend. Most guys don't want to get right into another relationship if they just got out of one. You don't know for sure if he doesn't like you, but if he's been mean in the past, you should take that as a big warning sign. Boyfriends should be nice and totally into you, so don't give this guy a chance if he gives you doubts. Focus on being the best you and try looking for a guy who isn't mean.  
Rachel N.

by sunshine(: on 9/15/2011 4:54:41 PM


MOD!!!! ok super sorry this is long but I will try and keep it short! So me and my Bgf told eachother in July we liked eachother his exact words were"I wish you would have told me sooner" all I said was I hope this dosent change anything between us. I didn't until about august. Things were really smears and just recently we have been talking through text like it's nothing. Just like we use to. But when I see him I get all flustered and I just wish I could talk to him like i use to be able to. I see him in the hallways and always say hi to him but he just smiles. I feel he might think Im following him but today at lunch he said hi we hugged like we haven't seen eachother in forever but we didn't say anything and I said bye when I left lunch. Can things ever be the same? If he does break up with his gf and goes out with me should I say yes or am I just a 2nd choice? Do you think he might think I'm following him? Please help!!! Does he still like me? (sorry it's so long!)


Hey chica, I'm super busy right now trying to answer all you guys! Hit up some of your gal pals on here like facebooker1240 for help! I'm sure they'll be willing to lend a helping hand! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by imhermionegranger on 9/14/2011 7:34:39 PM


MOD!!!! So to make a long story as short as possible me and my BGF like each other. He has for a while and I started to over the summer in July we told each other. He said, "I wish you would have told me sooner. I have a girlfriend." I was completely shocked but all I said was I hope this dosent change anything between us and he said it wouldnt. Things were of course skewed and we hardly talked. Just these past few weeks we have and we will text eachother Allll day long but it's still not the same. Hes still my BGF and I love him to death and when we text he sometimes puts ;). I don't because I want to respect him and his girlfriend but we always walk past each other in the halls and I always tap on his shoulder and say hi and he just smiles and wave and then today he sat at the table next to me and said hi. I hate how I get all flustered and we can't talk like we use to what should I do? Should I say hi to him. Should I text him and do you think he still likes me? Please help!


Hey chica, I'm super busy right now trying to answer all you guys! Hit up some of your gal pals on here like facebooker1240 for help! I'm sure they'll be willing to lend a helping hand! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Imhermionegranger on 9/14/2011 7:23:57 PM


I have a crush on this guy who is a grade ahead of me. We don't know each other so well but we talk sometimes when we see each other. I don't know how we do it but we just end up in like a conversation that doesn't end until it has to for example like the lunch bell rings or something. Recently he has been staring at me and if I look he quickly turns his head. He looks like he really wants to talk to me but we haven't talked since before summer and I don't have a phone now but I'm going to get one soon. Also my friend who also likes him (but he told me he didn't like her) said something happened with them. She wouldn't tell me what though. The only reason I could think of her not wanting to tell me something is if he likes me and not her, because the last time she found out her crush didn't like her she walked right over and started talking but today nothing. So do you think he could possibly have a crush on me back. Thanks.


Hey chica! Yes, I think he probably does have a crush on you. He may just be shy about it right now and doesn't want to make the first move. I'd say if you really do like him, approach him, start up a convo and see what happens from there. Eventually you all should exchange phone numbers! If he continues to act shy about it, give him some space. Eventually he will make a move. 

Amalia E.

by tikidance354 on 9/14/2011 1:10:18 AM


Alright so there is this guy that is in my grade and i LEGIT FORREAL like him... like evertime i see him my heart like drops to the bottom of my heart and the i get all nervous. I dont know if he likes me to but we flirt sometimes like he will bump me in the hallway and smile at me and look at me and talk to me alot and just stuff like that.. do you think he likes me?? and i am a hamoecoming maid and i really want to ask that guy if he wants to go with me but i dont know how to ask... what should i doo??
Thanks much......

by Abby_xox on 9/13/2011 5:57:49 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! Okay, so I sort of made a boo-boo. Last friday at our high school football game my friend got an idea to tell my crush that I like him. Well, I was extremely tired and I agreed. I knew i shouldn't have because she told another previous crush before that I liked him and it didn't end so well. Besides, my new crush and I are barely friends.
Anyways, she told him and he said, "I know." (she told me afterwards. I wasn't near her when it happened.) Then she asked him if he had anything to say and he said no then walked off. So today at school he wouldn't look at me or talk to me like he used to. So now I'm scared that we can't even be friends becuz of that.
Is there any way I can save our sorta friendship? Should I apologize? Does he even like me or is he scared of me or what? I'm really confused on what to do next...Thanks! Smile

Hey babe! 

Unfortunately, I don't think your crush likes you, or else he probably would have already said something to you. I think the best thing you can do to save a friendship with him is to give him some time for the news to sink in and gradually let him come back to you. You don't have to apologize for anything! Good luck! xoxox 
Devin A.

by jsquires on 9/13/2011 3:20:03 PM


So I like this guy, A LOT. We dated once for a few months but we never saw each other because I had softball everyday. So it wasn't a bad breakup at all. HE's been flirting with me a lot. He hugs me every time I see him. Then he said he liked me so much he was going to kiss me. But when I saw him he didn't do it. Then he always texts me saying he likes me. Then when i see him I say "Why do you always hug me? We're not even dating." And he says " You're not my girlfriend YET" So what does it mean? I know he likes me but we're not moving forward. I want to date him & get closer but I told him we need to date or stop flirting. I don't know what to think. What do I do?


Hey there chica! Guys can be silly at time and are hard to figure out. He may just be trying to get a feel for you to see if you actually like him. He is probably trying to see how you react to him when he does certain things. If you really like him, you should let him know that you aren't into flirting if it isn't going to go anywhere. Then, if he continues to play around, just move on. He will notice that you've been at a distance and will start to realize you mean business! It's like that saying "you never know what you've got until it's gone." That's exactly right! Once he sees that you've moved on, he will come begging for your attention again. 

Amalia E.

by ohiostatefan141 on 9/12/2011 9:19:05 AM


So I like this guy and he's a year older than me. The issue? He doesn't know I exist. I really like him but I'm not sure how to approach him when I see him in the hallways or something. I'm on the cheerleading team with his close girl friends and my close friend sits next to him in Spanish, if those things help. I just need advice.


Hey chickadee! Why not ask one of your fellow cheerleaders to introduce the two of you? Or, plan a big night out at the movies or somewhere and ask someone to invite him!


Becca G.

by roxygal1642 on 9/11/2011 7:55:46 PM


Mod Mod Mod
so i like this guy and hes my bgf and all. i heard from a reliable source that hes going to ask out another girl sometime soon. but lately hes been acting like hes really into me. weve dated before but we broke up. hes told me he likes me and all. but everytime im about to ask him out it seems like he likes someone else!!! help!


Hey chica! It's possible that this guy may not know what he wants. Or, he could be playing you. I'd talk to him and ask him what the deal is!


Becca G.

by tommigirl55 on 9/11/2011 7:17:58 PM


Okay, so I would like a little input on this situation. I had a crush on this boy in 8th grade. And then in 9th grade we had history together and our friendship grew stronger and so did the flirting. Over the summer we did a lot of texting, a good amount about one of our required summer reading books. And he told me he wanted us to be English partners cuz we work well together...etc. We're in the same English class this year (10th grade). On the first day we walked into class at the same time and he sat down first. I went to sit down on the other side of the room but he called to me across the room and told me to sit next to him. so i did. he probs wanted me to sit at that desk so we could be partners but it still sent a shiver up my spine. We flirt a lot in class and over text. We made a big production over grading eachothers tests. We smile at eachother a lot. But I'm totally blind and have no idea whether he likes me that way or if he is just a big flirt. HELP! i really like him!

by Roohboo on 9/11/2011 6:33:00 PM


ok, so i have a crush on this guy and we've never really been close, but we'd joke around a little whenever we saw each other or at the very least smile in passing. but this year, we don't see each other at all (yet, it's only the second week). i've been just missing him, so i haven't even gotten a chance to smile at him. then i passed him on friday and i caught his eye for a second but before i could do anything, he looked away and started talking to his friend! i was so upset! how do i let him know that i'm not ignoring him?
also, my ex started dating a girl that i'm sort of friends with and it shouldn't bug me (we've been broken up for a year) but it's weird. plus she's my neighbor and he was at her house last week, probably all summer. but there was no real closure to our relationship, he just said he didn't want to see me and started being a jerk.
please please help! thanks!!!


Hey girly girl! The next time you see this guy, say hi and flash him your big, beautiful smile. I doubt he thinks that you're ignoring him... he probably just realizes that you're busy. As for your ex, it's totally understandable that you'd be a bit weirded out. Most girls would. From the way he ended things with you, though, it sounds like this guy is a jerk. You deserve better than that!


Becca G.

by the_last_ninja on 9/11/2011 5:05:27 PM


ok yes i have some by issues and i would really appreciate your help ...1 lets call him bryan ok bryan i liked him last year before my freind lets call her jazmine dated him n she found out and was all so long have u liked my bf and so bryan so flirts with me then he was all hey wanna play soccer with us and i was ok but i apoligize if i hurt anyone im prob. gonna hurt myself and so i went n we were over there flirting n then i see jazmine n she was watchin us and i was like oh look i finaly found brianna n i said bye and left how do i proceed (jazmine n bryan broke up during the summer) ok 2 lets call him dominic ok so dominc has told me that he loves me he really likes m he thinks im super sweet and he thinks im pretty but he has a bad rep. at our school and i cant date but i kinda drifted off but ive been txting him n he never txts back like 1 txt then i go n say hi n sit down n he wont even talk to me what do i do? HANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP Laughing

Hey girlie,

Dominic sounds like he only wants to talk to you/like you when he decides he's in the mood, which is silly. If he really liked you and wasn't just playing around, he wouldn't be able to turn it on and off! He sounds like he might have his bad rep for a reason. As for Jazmine, I would check in with her to make sure she isn't upset. Just tell her that she is your friend but Bryan is also, and you don't see a reason to choose sides as long as you don't force anyone to hang out with/listen to stories about people that they don't like. Just assure her you value her as a friend and don't want to cause trouble - you just want to surround yourself with people that make you happy. And just take the Bryan situation as it comes. If he flirts, flirt back! Try chatting with him whenever you get the chance and see where time takes you with him Smile 
Lauren C.

by warrior rose on 9/11/2011 12:54:08 AM


MOD MOD MOD!!! please help! i just started 7th grade like 3 days ago and i already have a HUGE crush on this guy i don't even know at all. he's only said one thing to me so far, but i want to talk to him and get to know him better without being so obvious because. i'm really shy and when he's around i can't seem to talk. please help!


Hey chica, I just logged on and have so many comments! So I'll be super busy trying to answer all you guys! I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!! Thanx for understanding! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by MusikRox1999 on 9/10/2011 4:54:34 PM


MOD! MOD! MOD! i think i've got a crush on a guy in my class. we've got a party in 2 weeks, so i want him as my date. how do i flirt with him and how can i tell/show him i like him?


Hey chica, just be sure to smile, make eye contact, and say hi to him whenever you see him. Try complimenting him and asking him questions too. Show him you're interested but not too desperate. Hope this helps!!! Smile

Lynae P.

by Moira1999 on 9/10/2011 4:20:36 PM


ok... here goes...i have a gigantic crush on a boy in my class, he is in all my classes except for two classes!!! We talk alot and we also hug each other but I don't know if he like me!! How do i know??

by koolkat567 on 9/10/2011 4:20:19 PM


Okay, So I have this Huggggeeee Crush on this boy in the grade above me. We've never actually met but he's sooooo CUTE and sweet and funny..e.t.c! What are some ways I can actually start a convo with him and introduce myself! I really like this Guy<3 Thx in advance(:
Madison Brooke♥

Hey Madison Brooke, 

He sounds great! Do you have any mutual friends who could help by scheduling a group get together or small party where you could chat with him? Is he a member of any sports teams or clubs that you could join in some way? Is he a master at a certain school subject that is just a total mystery to you? Try to assess the situation and figure out where your opportunities to connect with him are. Then choose one and go for it! You'll have to put yourself out there and be a bit more out-going than you're used to, but introduce yourself and get to know him. Roll with the convo and constantly be thinking of questions to ask him about himself (related to the convo at hand) to keep it going Smile
Lauren C.

by *MusicGirl16* on 9/9/2011 9:02:58 PM


I have a huge crush on my BGF! We have known each other for about 6 years now and I have had a crush on him since we met we have become really close and do almost everything at skewl together (we are 10) I have told him I have a crush on him and he admits he had a crush on me but not anymore and we almost always sit by each other and when we do that our friends are like "Ohhhhh Jacob you have a crush on Emi" and I catchle alot and I also catch him staring at me.But he has a girlfriend who i despise Does he like me and just won't admit it or what?I am getting mixed signals

Well if he has a gf hes def off limits. So you might want to get some space from him. As for the signals, he might be interested in you but cant do anything about it. Mostly because youre his best friend and he has a gf. So cut him some slack. He'll figure it out eventually. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by 19lamme on 9/9/2011 7:37:25 PM


Don't wear yourself out with trying to please a guy who jsut wants to be friends. Perhaps he doesn"t want to make the relationship awkward?
In the meantime show your bgf how fabulous you are. Be friendly, make him laugh.
And perhaps even scope out some new guys.
Maybe he will come around (and like you), or maybe not. Neverthelesss you have a fantastic friend!

by sockmonkey49 on 9/9/2011 6:10:45 PM


ok so i really like this guy alot, and he is my bgf! i told him i liked him and he said that i was really smart and pretty and also very funny and nice, but that he likes me more as a friend. Frown i really like him alot so should i try to win over his heart? <3 oh and we are like best friends and talk to eachother about anything if that helps...and i REALLY REALLY like him!!!!!

by frogseatflies on 9/9/2011 12:48:28 AM


so i really like this guy, i have liked him for about 3 years, and we always flirt and talk, but this year i havnt talked to him as much cause we dont have any classes together, he has a girlfriend but she treats him bad. i dont think he likes her that much, plus i always catch him looking at me at lunch and in the halls,does he like me?? thanks!

by nikiec07 on 9/8/2011 7:38:19 PM


this is super important!
this sunday my bestfriend & i met these guys.
the one who i liked is amazing.
he doesnt drink, smoke,hes a freshman @ the private religious h.s im going to next year, hes cute & funnny & sweet & taller then me.. amazing !(:
he would always laugh at what i said, stand next to me, & walk super slow in front of me & id lean against his back to get him to go faster. when he put his arm around me his friends were like "Youre in 8th, right?" and i said yeah. & he was like WHAT! and he pulled away his arm.(wed known him for a while, he didnt do that right away. like put his arm around me right away.)
then was like "just kidding, it doest matter." then put his arm back.
should i add him on facebook? he was so amazing. or do you think he thinks i was just a random girl?
also, what do you think he meant when he pulled his arm away & said WHAT?
thanks. (:

Hey chica,

You can def add this boy on Facebook. When he pulled his arm away, he was probably worried that you were too young, but it sounds like he changed his mind and might be into you! Friending him is the first flirty step you should take. Even if you don't end up dating him, at least you'll have an older friend when you start high school next year!  
Rachel N.

by friendsrforever on 9/8/2011 4:49:55 PM


Modmodmodmodmod I like this guy, but he can't date for another eight months. Should I become friends with him during this period, or when he's allowed to date, would he think of me just as a friend?


Hey girlfriend, yeah just be friends with him. This way you'll get a chance to really know him. You guys might start off as friends, but the more you guys hang he'll start to look at you different. Let me know if you have anymore questions!! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Bendytreefrog on 9/7/2011 7:31:35 PM


mod mod mod can i have a crush on a guy 2 years older than me????


Hey missy, of couse! You can have a crush on anyone you want!!!! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by terri17 on 9/7/2011 6:00:45 PM


Can you send me the link to the artical about the 100 cute things to say to guys or something like that, I can't seem to find it. :/ Thanks! Smile

Hey girl, certainly:

Alyssa B.

by red_orange_yellow_green_blue on 9/5/2011 8:43:17 PM


Hi! Hey, I have this MAJOR crush on a guy. I've had it since 7th grade, and it's now the beginning of 8th. He was in my classes last year, and I would catch him looking at me in class, and sometimes I would hold his gaze. We talk sometimes, but now since that he's in only one of my classes, it's harder for me to talk to him. I'm a total wallflower, to. I really want to be able to have the confidence to ask him to the dance at the end of this year. So one Q. Do you think he likes me or not? Please be honest (lol)! My bestie thinks he likes me, but I think that that's a little too-good-too-be-true, because that's never happened to me before. Please help! Thanks sooo much!!!

Hey girl, it's hard to say, honestly. I'd try talking to him more. It's clear he likes you as a friend right now, but whether it's more you need more signals to gauge.

Alyssa B.

by uni301 on 9/5/2011 8:19:30 PM


Ok so theres this guy that I've liked for a while. I finally decided to tell my best friend a few months ago. She made fun of me and it really upset me. I told her to stop, and she did but she still made faces or laughed when i talked to him. At our school dance, she asked him to dance! They danced all night and then became boyfriend/girlfriend. Every time I try to talk to her, she ignores me. I want to be nice to everyone, but I don't know how to talk to her. I know this was really long, but thanks sooooo much for reading this Smile Thanks in advanced for answering too

Hey, Girl! Sorry for the “stock” message. We’re psyched you’re here but since this is a super busy time, mods aren’t able to answer personal advice or contest questions. We’re approving your comments now so the girls can start offering feedback right away! If you still have questions, please come back, we’re happy to help…or just let the other chicas answer now! (They give awesome advice, trust us!) Love and thanks! ♥, Your Blog Patrol Babes

Alyssa B.

by sunshinestar106 on 9/5/2011 3:18:37 PM


MOD MOD MOD ***please answer***
So I'm like super shy, and everyone says that I'm really quiet. My Best guy friend said that I was silent when I came over to his house yesterday. and I think I don't have a boyfriend, mainly because I'm too shy! How can I be less shy, and more approachable? Thank you SOOO much girly!

Hey sweetie! 

Are you shy because you're uncomfortable around your friends, or are you just naturally quiet? If you're just naturally quiet, try opening up to people: invite your best guy friend over to watch a movie that you both want to see, or go to the mall with your best friend. Remember, your friends like you and want to spend time with you, so there's no reason to be quiet! If you're uncomfortable around your friends, start talking to other people at school: compliment someone or ask them what they did over the summer, and you'll be chatting it up in no time! Good luck Smile 
Devin A.

by dolcecupcakes on 9/5/2011 11:43:30 AM


Hey girls! Smile

Do you have a question that a mod can't answer? Do you need advice?
Well, I'm the girl to help! Smile
Just comment your question on my profile, and I'll answer on your profile asap! Smile
Sooo, get commenting!

Also, if you love to read quotes, check out my new club: Amazing_Quotes, hope you can join! Smile



by facebooker1240 on 9/5/2011 11:38:50 AM


So I have recently come to the realization that I am in love with my best guy friend. We have been friends since 7th grade and now we are already over halfway finished with high school. My parents love hime and we often hang out alone or with our other friends all the time. I just feel so safe and comfortable around him. He always makes me feel better if Im having a hard day. Ive thought about us dating before I liked him and it just felt so natrual and not awkward like i thought it would be. he broke up with his ex-girlfriend this past may and he has told me that he's ready to start thinking about dating someone again. My question for you is how do I hint to him that I want to be more than friends without losing him completly??

Hey girl! 

Since you already have such a great friendship, and since he's mentioned that he's ready to start thinking about dating someone again, I'd totally go for it. Have an honest conversation with him - if he really is your best guy friend, he's not going to go anywhere. Good luck Smile 
Devin A.

by LoveEverlastingXOXO on 9/5/2011 1:53:26 AM


So I've come to the realization that I am in love with my best guy friend. We've been best friends since 7th grade and now we are over halfway through high school. My parents love him and we hangout alone and with our other friends all the time. I feel so safe and comfortable around him, and I've thought about us dating before I liked him and it just felt so natural and not awkward as I would have thought. But my question for you is how do I show him that I'm interested in being more than friends without loosing him completely??

Hey babe! 

 Since you already have such a good friendship, I don't think this guy would go away if you told him that you liked him. He's probably had the same thoughts too at some point during the course of your friendship, so he'd probably be open to what you're feeling. I'd go for it! Good luck! 
Devin A.

by LoveEverlastingXOXO on 9/5/2011 1:38:30 AM


Mod mod mod!!!
I really like this guy. He's not in my class but he's in my grade. During recess and lunch he does nothing but play soccer. I want to start talking to him but I don't know how. My best idea would be to talk about soccer but I don't watch the game and don't really know how to play. I "try" but I look like an idiot! Please help! I really want to talk to him!
Ps: join my advice queen!

Hey girl,

Ask him about soccer! Since you don't know anything about it, you can start with the basics - try asking him who his favorite player is, who his favorite team is, what channel he watches the games on, or for tips on how to get better at playing. Soccer seems to be his passion, so there's no better ice breaker than that!
Lauren C.

by jellybean101 on 9/4/2011 11:59:20 AM


MOD MOD so my bf cheated on me once in our 3month relationship and so i broke up with him and i was nice about it i tried to meet with him or call him but he ignored me so i sent him a long text breaking up with him and that was 5 weeks ago and my bgf tells me that he keeps talking bad abot me like i doont even know why he would bring me up it was 5 weeks ago and i hadnt talked to him since he doesnt even go to my school anymore! but i sent him a text two days ago asking we could just be friends or somethin and he said yeah but my bgf told me he was now talkin bad bout how i asked if we be friends and it really hurts me to hear that cuz we were really close before and now he hates me! plus he was the one that cheated on me and i dont even hate him or anything in fact i kinda miss him. but why does he keep talkin bad bout me?

Hey girl,

I know it hurts that he's talking about you, but you didn't do anything wrong - he cheated on you! That's evidence enough that he doesn't respect you in the way that you deserve. And the worst part is that he's trying to throw the blame on you for something you didn't even do. Forget about it! Texting him and trying to make things good again seems like the right thing to do, but it'll only keep him talking - he's trying to make you look like the bad guy so he gets off without any blame. And trying to contradict what he's said about you will only confuse people and make him more committed to spreading rumors about you. Instead, mind your own business for a while - hang out with your friends, walk with confidence, and don't give a second thought to the rumors that you hear. With time, he'll get bored of talking about you and will move on to something else. Be the bigger, more mature person here and try to walk away from the situation!
Lauren C.

by YMCA6789543 on 9/4/2011 11:52:37 AM


hey, really like the article! im good at noticing the small details, i am a great baker, i love to help people study, and i've always wanted an excuse to go my school's soccer games! so this article will do me wonders! -alyssa

p.s. love the link on what to wear to a sporting event too!

by parischick2 on 9/4/2011 11:27:02 AM


I really really like this guy, lets call him Bob. So me and Bob live in different states, I live in CT and he lives in MI. Whenever we see each other I like him more and more. I just saw him yesterday, and we talked the whole time. He always remembers everything I say to him, we pick on each other all the time,he is always trying to impress me, he agrees to do most of the things I want to do, and the cutest thing he did was when his sister pushed us apart (because she said we looked to much like a couple) he came right back up next to me and started talking again. 1st question do you think he likes me or am I over reacting. 2nd question, he doesn't have a FB or a phone so we can't talk, and we barely get to see each other (2-3 times a year). My parents say that they are planning on seeing them every summer from now on, but I don't know if they'll stick to their promise. Even after one day of not seeing him, I miss him soooo much! Please help!

Hey girlie,

He sounds like he might be crushin' on ya! It's hard to know for sure but he sounds like he's giving you some pretty good signs Smile He might not have a FB or cell phone, but I'll bet he has a house phone - and probably even an AIM screenname. And he definitely has an address! So try writing him actual letters that you put in the mail or giving his house a call once in a while. You might not be able to keep up a long-distance relationship this way, but at least you'd be able to catch up with him a lil more often! 
Lauren C.

by skf97 on 9/4/2011 9:03:37 AM


so i really like this guy, but we've been going to school together for 4 years. i've never really shown any kind of emotions towards him ever! so how do i start flirting with out making it really obvious? thanks! Smile

Start talking to him! The first step is to start having convos with him gradually - once in a while, then more often as time passes. Slowly start working compliments, playful teasing, and even flirting into the convos as you get more familiar with him. It's all about taking it slow so you don't overwhelm him with your crush on him! You'll get the hang of it Smile The most important thing though is making that first step and actually talking to him to start things off!
Lauren C.

by mickeymack1 on 9/4/2011 12:53:54 AM


MOD-Hi, was wondering if you have any tips on getting over a crush, i have liked him for over a year and a halve. i thought that he liked me but i dont think that so much anymore. thanks so much!

Hey girl,

The best thing to do will be to give it time and focus on YOU. Do things to make you happy - find a new hobby, join a new club, try a new sport, and surround yourself with your besties. You'll realize you don't need your crush to be happy - you can do that all on your own! And soon, you'll feel ready to scope out new guys for a new crush. You'll find one and the old crush will be just a happy memory <3 
Lauren C.

by kiss-me-soft-hold-me-tight on 9/3/2011 11:36:31 PM


MOD Thanks Lynae P. (: That really does help!


No problem!! I'm sooo glad I could help you!!! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by incognitogirl95 on 9/3/2011 7:55:22 PM


MODMODMOD So theres this guy I like in my computer class but we've never really talked before and of course his assigned seat is all the way across the room as far away as possible from mine so I can't chat with him in the class.I thought about texting him but is it weird to randomly text a guy you've never talked before? If so, whats a non-awkward way to start some interaction with him? Thanks!!


Hey girlfriend, start by saying hi and waving to him. Compliment him and then introduce yourself to him. Once you get to know him you can ask him out on study dates. Let me know if this helps you!!!! Smile Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by incognitogirl95 on 9/3/2011 7:17:11 PM


MOD MOD MOD MOD MOD I have a really good BGF, he means everything to me, I'd die for him! But, I learned that he has a crush on me. I love him, but as a brother. How do I say 'No' without hurting his feelings? We've been friends forever and I don't want to lose that. Frown


Hey chica! I'm soo sorry but I'm super busy trying to respond to everyone's comments! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! In the meantime ask some of the other GL members who offer advice help! I'm sure they'll be more than happy to dish out some advice! Thanx for understanding!!!! Smile Smile

Lynae P.

by Bunnasaur on 9/3/2011 2:17:16 PM


ok so i really like this guy alot, and he is my bgf! i told him i liked him and he said that i was really smart and pretty and also very funny and nice, but that he likes me more as a friend. i really like him alot so should i try to win over his heart? <3 oh and we are like best friends and talk to eachother about anything if that helps...and i REALLY REALLY like him!!!!!

by frogseatflies on 9/2/2011 9:00:24 PM


For more tips on guys, be sure to check out my advice page and ask! Smile

Have you ever gotten a stock message from the mods? They can get really busy writing awesome articles, so if you need to talk, I'm listening! I'll give you my best advice, which I have a lot of experience in giving.

Also, visit my profile for outfit ideas, if you're ever stuck on that, whether it's for a formal dinner, or for the first day bts! Thanks girls Smile

by foreverme! on 9/2/2011 6:24:17 PM


At my school there's this really cute new kid. He's in my grade, but we don't have any classes together. How do I get him to notice me without seeming like I'm trying too hard?

Hey cutie!

Catch his eye in the hall one day and hold his gaze for a few seconds (like 4 or so, longer than a normal look but not long enough to be a stare, you see?), if he keeps looking back then flash him one of your best smiles.

Jordan S.

by Bornagain on 9/2/2011 2:32:48 PM


I've been dating this guy for three months, and we became bf/gf 2 weeks ago...but he hasn't kissed me yet. I'm scared because he has had kisses before while I haven't! I haven't exactly told him that he'll be my first kiss. When he kisses me will he know it's my first kiss?


Hey girl,

No way! He'll only know if you make a big deal about it/tell him. If you don't want him to know, just try to stay calm...even while you're going CRAZY inside with excitement Smile And remember to relax - first kisses might be nerve-wracking and maybe even a lil awkward, but they're supposed to be fun!

Lauren C.

by bookworm31 on 9/2/2011 12:38:56 AM


Help im totally shy around my crush and never say anything I just keep my mouth shut! How do I get him to notice me ! Help he's really cute <3

by lexie171 on 9/1/2011 11:54:56 PM


ok so i really like this guy alot, and he is my bgf! i told him i liked him and he said that i was really smart and pretty and also very funny and nice, but that he likes me more as a friend. Frown i really like him alot so should i try to win over his heart? <3

by frogseatflies on 9/1/2011 9:59:06 PM


I am pretty sure this guy likes me, and I want to tell him. He's flirty on the outside and a little bit shy on the inside, so I don't think he'll ask me out or tell me he likes me. There's been so many hints, though! How do I get him alone? I want to tell him soon or I feel like I'm going to miss my chance!


Hey girlie,

Is he in any of your classes? Try asking him if he wants to study for the big test together, since you're a lil nervous and know that two heads would be better than one! You could also try talking to him online - it's always much easier to confess a crush like that Smile

Lauren C.

by coconutkittycat on 9/1/2011 7:14:02 PM


so this is kind of confusing but there is this guy and he's liked me for a long time but my parents said I couldn't date but we always flirted and stuff and he said he loved me and would wait for me but then he got a girlfriend then they broke up after a week. Then he told me he wanted to be with me and we were almost going to go on a date but a a month or so after he broke up with his girlfriend he started dating another because he wasn't sure if I could date they haven't been together long but he said he still likes me. Do you think I should still like him and date him later because he says that there is a chance for us or should I not because he always seems to mess with my feelings. Sorry this was so long.

if you cant date that makes having any sort of relations with this boy hard. But if you give it time Im sure something could eventually happen when youre finally allowed to date. Until then dont invest your feelings into it too much. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by animalover363 on 9/1/2011 12:17:49 AM


Hey, so there's this guy that I really like. There are certain things about him that I don't like, like some of his friends and how he hooks up with girl for fun. But there's just something about him... I think about him all the time. I saw him around a lot this summer, and it really seemed like he was interested. Just when I really thought he liked me...he got a girlfriend. Why do you think he did this? Do you think he's just a player, or was he really into me? I still can't get over him, even though I know I should be. This whole thing really sucks, and is making me feel even worse about myself than I did already. Any advice?

He does seem like a player. He probably likes to show girls that he can have whoever he wants. I would steer clear of this guy if i were you. Its gonna take time to get over it Smile but i know you can do it Smile xoxo kerra
Kerra S.

by wizvamp115 on 8/31/2011 10:38:13 PM


I'm crushing on this guy. We have been texting all summer and I don't know if he likes me. He has had 3 other girlfriends. The first one didn't like him anymore the second one he broke up with her. She didn't care. The third one just broke up with him at the end of the school year cause she was moving. But he says she sends him texts about I can't stop thinking about you and I still love you. I want to tell him about my feelings for him. Should I tell him when school starts? Or not go for him because of his past girlfriends??

Everyone has a past, dont not go for him because he has exs. I think you should wait to tell him. Keep getting to know him and see where things go. An opportunity to tell him will prob come up. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Tigergirl99 on 8/31/2011 9:53:35 PM


Ok, this is kind of urgent. So my BGF that I am really close to just told me that his girlfriend (who is a grade ahead of us) just broke up with him. He is really hurt and when I asked him if he was ok he said, "not really. Ive never felt how I do now. Welled up tears that won't roll, stomach in knots, heart beating like crazy." He knows that I really like him, and I assured him that I'll always be here for him. I just don't know what to say. I wish I could talk to her and tell them to get back together. I didn't know he was really sensitive and it would take a lot to break him. Any advice? (He really loved her)

Just be there for him. Listen to him. Comfort him. It will get better Smile all he needs is time. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by emstar on 8/31/2011 9:26:51 PM


there's this guy i really like, and we've been on and off for about a year. the reason why, is that girls keep flirting, and he keeps cheating. how am i suppossed to deal with this? we're off now so should it stay that way?

If hes a cheater and has done it multiple times then maybe its best to stay away from him. It doesnt seem as if hes going to change his ways. xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by Babygirl568 on 8/31/2011 9:20:17 PM


I have a huge crush on my BFFs brother!! what do I do?? I'd die if she found out!

If its such a big deal that she finds out then maybe that crush isnt the best idea. But if you dont act on this crush everything will be fine Smile xoxo kerra 
Kerra S.

by iamawesome2 on 8/31/2011 8:58:19 PM


almost always when a guy asks me out he has one of his or my friends do it for him. i get it, its super embarrassing when some one turns you down, especially to your face, and there is always a chance of that happening. But is it really too much to ask to have a guy ask you to your face? ThanksSmile)

Hey! You're right a guy really should ask to your face. the next time this happens just tell the friend, "If he likes me enough he'll ask me to my face. You can tell him he shouldn't be worried" or something like that 
Helen S.

by baileybluu on 8/31/2011 8:37:39 PM


So there's this guy that always stares at me in English class. I really like him, and can't get him off my mind... Its weird!!! I don't know what to do!? How should I talk to him? I see him when I rotate classes. Should I say "hi"? Please help! Why is this happening????!!! (: I don't really know what this question is all about, I just need a answer of what to do! Thanks bye!!!<3

Helen S.

by LoveHappens on 8/31/2011 8:37:27 PM


I have one of those older-guy crushes, he's a junior and I'm a freshman. He's my BFF's cousin, who probably doesn't know I exist. Anyway long story short I lost a bet and have to tell him a really cheesy pickup line tomarrow. Any ideas on how to handle it? Or better yet, any good cheesy pick up lines?(:

hey! just laugh it off when you say it. hmmm cheesy ones?

Do your feet hurt? Because you've been running through my mind all day ;) 
Helen S.

by baibeecakes on 8/31/2011 8:36:39 PM


There's this guy thats about a year and a half older than me. We shall call him A.(haha, that's like PLL) So anyway, he's a junior, im a freshman. And he has a brother im my class. There was a snake in our house this past weekend and he came to get it out. Well I scared the snake and A ended up staying over night. nothing serious happened, but he kissed me a lot and kept telling me how he would make sure nothing bad happened to me. He asked me if I wanted to wear his away jersery for homecoming, and I do want to. I dont know what to do when I'm not comepletely over my last BF!

hey! well if you aren't over someone you shouldn't start something new. You'd just be hurting this new guy, and that's probably the last thing you want. 
Helen S.

by crush2010 on 8/31/2011 8:15:41 PM


Thanks Helen S For The Advice!

by likeomgx10 on 8/31/2011 8:11:33 PM


MOD MOD MOD!!!!! ok so i'm habing a bday party for my whole class and some kids i used to go to school with. everyone (besides the kiids i used to go to school eith) has been together b4 for bofires and stuff, but this is different because its a birthday... and i'm gonna b the first to do a bday oarty for the whole class... plus there's a new old kid. (he used to go 2 school here, left, and came back this year) and he left the year i came and i only met him once. and i don't wanna pressure ppl, so i wanna make it a no gift party. how do i say that on the invitation? and well, i'm just kinda freaking out cuz i'm first to do this, so any advice u can supply, i'll GLADLY take Laughing p.s. i'm making feather clips for the girls 4 party favors, any ideas on what to make/get for the guys? (i'm gonna be in 8th grade) THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey! On the invite just say, "no gifts please!" don't feel nervous, the party will be great. check this out and for guys, I dunno would small cheap water guns be fun? 
Helen S.

by mangochick12 on 8/31/2011 8:04:00 PM


Hi! So I just started doing costume design for a play at a theatre and there was this guy who came right up to me and started talking to me. So far he seems really cool and funny! But he said he was in high school I don't know what grade though... I'm in 8th grade. I don't if my parents would care or be cool with it. What do think and is there anything bad about dating an older guy? Thanks!

hey! I don't personally but if your parents aren't cool with it, then stick to being friends, that way no one gets hurt and maybe you can go for it in a few years Smile 
Helen S.

by fern09 on 8/31/2011 7:45:36 PM


Uhh. I feel terrible. The one chance i have had since school started to talk to my crush, i blew it. OH well at least i am able to read through this article before i talk to him.

by sarahjanehaha on 8/31/2011 6:24:28 PM


I really like this guy in my school. He was on my team last year in school but we never really talked. this year i don't have any classes with him but one of my closest friends does. I really want to talk to him and my friend said she'll help me too, but the thing is i just dont know what to say to him! i don't want to feel awkward when i talk to him but i also want to make a good impression. What should i do?!

by JoBroFan16 on 8/31/2011 6:09:27 PM


modmodmod help! ok sry if this is a lot but i rly need help! 1) ok well my bff who was my bff until 2 days ago had been talking trash about me! she is telling all her friends that i told the guy she likes that..well she likes him. But i didnt and its making me mad! she has made me super mad..and im a rly peppy person normally and i never get mad but she keeps trash talking me and its..idk wut 2 do plz help! 2)so there is this guy i rly like and well idk if he likes me back my friend told him i like him and he said that he thinks im cute and that he wants to get to know me. so hes been chatting with me a lot. and now its been 1 week and every time he sees me he smiles like a HUGE smile! is that good? wut do you think? plz help mod and thanks 4 the support! Smile

hey! you should  confront your friend about talking about you. Tell her if she thinks you've done something wrong, she should talk to you about it, not spread rumors. It looks to me like that guy might like you Smile 
Helen S.

by winniefer on 8/31/2011 6:03:10 PM


I really like this new guy in my school. But the thing is the popular kids always bring the new kids into the popular group so now he is popular. Also my good friend and a popular girl likes him to. Ive seen him around town but I never talked to him before because Im really shy and nervous around people. What do I Do?!? Please Help Smile

hey! the first step is to just become friends with the guy. see who you know who hangs out with him and get them to introduce you. Then you can learn to be comfortable around him as a friend before you think about anything else. 
Helen S.

by LikeOmgX10 on 8/31/2011 5:26:21 PM


Hey I really like this guy. He's in 2 of my classes and in one he's across the room. He catches my eye a lot and grins at me. Then we'll walk to our next class together. In my other one he sits at the table next to me. He asked the teacher if he could switch to my table but she said no. He also talks to me a lot even though there's someone in between us. However. I told him I liked him in December but he said he didn't want a girlfriend. What do I do?

Hey chica!

It doesn't look like a good time to go for the full-out relationship.  He may have just gotten out of a recent relationship, or he may even still have some baggage left over from another experience with a girl.  Give it some time, test the waters, spend time with him until he falls under your charms, and make sure not to let this think he doesn't like you.  Stay positive, love! 
Jordan S.

by SpartanGal11 on 8/31/2011 4:56:35 PM


Ok! Thanks again! And I will let you know. Smile

by americangrl1998 on 8/31/2011 4:49:05 PM


Thank you! That is what I thought, too. We go for random walks on his family's property all the time. Its really nice. He will randomly grab my hand and hold it the whole walk.

You're welcome!

It sounds like he does like you!  I definitely think he just needs some time to realize the girl who he should be with is right here!

Let us know how it goes Smile

Jordan S.

by americangrl1998 on 8/31/2011 4:40:49 PM


in my Pretty Little Liars fan club, you can get the scoop, take quizzes, and talk about the books. we have over 120 members and growing! all you have to do is click on my username,view my clubs, and click on PLL fan club. its that easy! why not join?

by cutiecayley333 on 8/31/2011 3:53:43 PM


Hey! i really like this boy at school but i dont have ANY classes besides study hall and we cant even talk to each other without getting in trouble! i tried to talk to him in the hallway but we had to get to separate classes. i want to email him but he isn't the kind of person who gets on the internet. We are too young to go to eachothers house AND he lives about 15 minutes away and thats a long way away for 7th grade... how can i connect?

Hey girl!

That's tricky.  Try setting up a little mini-letter system, pass each other a note in the hall every day and keep it going until you're comfortable enough to hang out more often!  The notes will be really handy during study hall when you can't talk.  Good luck! 
Jordan S.

by FairyKari on 8/31/2011 3:36:50 PM


So I have a problem. Theres this guy. He is like my best friend. We kinda sorta have a past other than that. People think we are dating all the time. He told me he loves me. He went through a really rough break up in June. So heres the thing. I like him, a lot. He just...understands me. So he said that he likes me a lot, too. But he is scared of a relationship. He said that he has to wait. I don't know what to do. Its almost like we are dating anyway, we hang out all the time. Sometimes he will hold my hand, or even kiss me. My parents love him, he is really sweet. He flirts with me all the time. Why is he doing this if he doesn't want to date me right now?? Should I try and move on? I don't want to....but.

Hey there chica!

Ah, the tricky "friends" situation.  It sounds to me that he just isn't ready to take on another relationship yet.  You say he just had a rough break-up in June, right?  Then give him some time.  Perhaps he's got some leftover worry from the last relationship he had, after all, break ups do that to you.  For now, try to be okay with just having things the way they are.  If this continues on for months, then talk to him about it and decide then if you want to move on.  Good luck, love!
Jordan S.

by americangrl1998 on 8/31/2011 1:41:39 PM


Please join my clubs! They are Horses 4 Life and Performing Arts Club. Both are seeking members. Performing Arts club has the position of Treasurer unfilled and the 2 Custom officers have yet to be decided. Horses 4 Life has all positions open. Thanks! You won't regret it! Smile

by basketballcutie11 on 8/31/2011 9:45:02 AM

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