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Should I take revenge on my school crush screamer?

I told a guy in my class that I like his friend. He screamed it across the cafeteria...
18 Comments | Add Yours

I have recently got a full fringe and i think people are just getting used to it be they are calling me names and my friends dont really care !! They call me names about my hair and say im fat i dont know what to do ??

Hey chica! 

Tell your friends that their mean comments are hurtful. If they're true friends, they'll back off. If they don't stop, tell a teacher - she'll know how to implement your school's anti-bullying policy. xoxox  
Devin A.

by lilyella on 10/31/2011 4:41:51 PM


revenge is not the answer , kill with kindness >: )

by xxsmilexx on 10/29/2011 5:20:12 PM


i just don't feel confident about myself sometimes and i think other girls are WAY prettier than me and popular i'm in 7th grade and i need help about being confident about myself please help i want this to stop!!

by Debany on 10/24/2011 11:17:15 PM


I've been keeping up a lie in school for about 3 years that I'm a Junior Olympic Gymnast and an All-Star Cheerleader, but somehow, my Dad found out (I told my whole language arts class that I'm going to Rome over the weekend for a cheer competition and a Gymnastics Tournament) and I think my teacher may have e-mailed my parents to tell me good luck (or maybe it got around school and someone found out and told their parents which got to my parents) or however it got to them, I don't know, but my Dad told me in the car ride to the Dentist to stop lying and saying that I'm an Junior Olympics competitor because it seems like a lie and if someone catches me in it, then no one will ever believe me ever again. I'm afraid it'll get to my Mom, and were taking a car ride that's about 15 mins long going to see my Counselor, and my Mom' not in the room so I'll talk to my Counselor about this, too but what if my Mom asks? What do I say? Please help!

Hey Briana,

Just be honest - but also be honest about your plans for the future. You're going to change, starting right now! You're right, if you get caught in this lie by your friends/teachers, no one will ever take your seriously again. Your friends will doubt you and your teachers won't trust you. Even your family might question you, which is horrible! So stop the lying NOW. If people ask you how the trip was, shrug and say something like, "Eh, ok. Let's not talk about it - what did YOU do this weekend?!" Turn the convo the best you can until people stop talking about it. And if you stop talking about it too, and instead replace it with other activities - REAL activities - you'll be able to turn this around.  
Lauren C.

by JBfan97 on 10/14/2011 10:05:20 PM


Mod Mod..
I want to have a birthday party this year but i dont know what to do. i live in like a very small town and there isnt much to do. and what ever i have to do is for girls only and has to be fun and cheap.. I did a sleepover last year didnt turn out so well.. but might do it again.. Any Suggestions?

Hey girlie,

I personally loove sleepovers - they can be great with a little planning! Try a themed sleepover, like "costume" if your bday is around Halloween or "movie," where everyone brings their own fave DVD and you watch them all night long with movie snacks, a cardboard cut out of your fave actor, movie trivia games, videos of your besties throughout the night, etc. Just make sure you keep it small (any more than 6-8 friends makes things kinda crazy), have plenty of snacks and activities for the night, and make sure you avoid any major fights/arguments as they begin by distracting everyone with something fun. Sleepovers really are memorable bday events!
Lauren C.

by abbygirl12 on 10/14/2011 9:30:54 PM


This guy is giving me major mixed signals. We've only met once but everyone said that it was so obvious how "into me" he was. So a couple days later, we texted for awhile and he was kinda flirty. But then, he wouldn't answer for 2 weeks & it was kinda a boring convo. Any ideas why? We live 6 hours away from each other so it sucks..

Hey girlie,

It could be that he was trying to get to know you and didn't feel like you two "clicked" that well, or he met another girl that he has a crush on, or just that he decided the distance between you two would never have worked. And it's true, it might've been hard to date if you live so far away and can never see each other! Since you've tried to get back in touch and it kinda flopped, I would probably stop trying. But you can use this as motivation to meet new guys who are easier to chat with/see every day/date!! 
Lauren C.

by wehkamp96 on 10/13/2011 8:59:50 PM


Heyy girls, need advice? We can help u asap!! Check out my club, Ask Naomi, where you can ask anything!

P.S. Think your great at giving out advice and want to be the VP of my club? Leave me a comment about it on my club!

by naomi<3 on 10/13/2011 7:43:49 PM


mod mod mod today after school a boy who likes me was trying to throw his half full water bottle in the trash but he missed so i picked it up n he followed me n he was like whatr u doing what what so i opened the bottle n turned around n i threw a lil water at him. he got rly mad n started cursing at me but the water was like the size of a golf ball n he was far away so half of it landed on the floor. and it only landed just below the collar of his short and it dried in two minutes after i cleaned the floor! i dont get why he was so mad and im going to try to apologize tom but i still dont get why he's so mad! MOD MOD MOD MOD!

Hey girlie,

People don't like being disrespected, and other people find all sorts of things to be offensive when we think they're ok! I think he was upset A) because you saw him miss the shot (it's a pride thing) and B) because you threw the water at him, which he didn't find funny but, instead, found embarrassing. It might seem irrational, but this gives ya a clue about what his sense of humor is like! Now you know for next time. But yes, definitely apologize so you can get things back on track Smile
Lauren C.

by musicqt4753 on 10/13/2011 6:39:54 PM

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